How Minneapolis became the epicenter for the BLM movement 1

How Minneapolis became the epicenter for the BLM movement


In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison found himself at the heart of a nation-wide conversation on the future of policing and public safety. Watch to see how the artist turned politician became a voice in the Black Lives Matter movement.
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    2. @Iskald the Communist
      But BLM leaders have stated that they are “trained Marxists.”

      So yes, this is Marxism and yes, it’s a rotten, garbage ideology.

    1. Lucky you. Where I’m from it means Burn Loot Murder. And guess what!?! That’s what happened. Literally.

    2. @Delling Conley uk y this happens also just burn and loot blm never killed anyone however blue lives matter and all lives matter has.

  1. I live a mile from where George Floyd was killed. This piece is so inaccurate. Crime has increased to unheard of levels since the ‘defund the police’ stunt. Carjackings are up >300%. Ellison is incompetent and will be voted out in November along with most of the other council members. They are clueless and have no concept of unintended consequences of words and actions. Ellison has four challengers in this election so he clearly doesn’t speak for his constituents. He is nothing like his father.

    1. @Pam Pam True he in fact died of an overdose of a speedball (combination of Methamphetamine and Fentanyl) he had more than enough in his system to kill him 10 times over. As per report of the Hennepin county autopsy. (Most probably never heard about the autopsy about the overdose because the initial was by an independent that I believe was hired by Floyd’s family.)

      At page 14 he had the reported amount of 11 nanograms of Fentanyl, 19 nanograms of Amphetamine, and and 5.6 nanograms of Norfentanyl. The reported limits of each drug respectively is 5.0 nanograms (Methamphetamine), 0.10 nanograms (Fentanyl), and 0.20 nanograms (Norefentanyl).

      Per this evidence, and a further examination of bodycam footage of Floyd taking fentanyl right before officer Thomas Lane approached him in the car. Its more than likely safe to say the drugs would have taken him even if the cops arrested him or not.
      New footage:

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Only now, all of New York has been talking about this for 6 months or more,GTFO with that bullsh-t

    2. mitchell olson – What are you talking about? They covered it extensively. That talking point about media refusing to do negative stories about Dems is BS. The media compete with each other for MONEY by way of SENSATIONALISM. If they don’t do it, their competition will. They aren’t beholden to a political party. Red or blue, their money is all green.

  2. The place of my birth, the place where Prince made his genius. Now it’s the world’s epicenter of bigotry and hatred. I’m so ashamed of this once “nice” city. You’ve gone down to the depths of depravity.

  3. well when ilhan marries her brother
    what do you expect
    if blacks obey police commands george would be alive today…. word bruh

  4. And they better stay up there too. They come down here endangering our homes, businesses, and families they may not make it back up there to the epicenter.

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