How Mitch McConnell Is Keeping His ‘Grim Reaper’ Brand Alive In 2021 | All In | MSNBC

How Mitch McConnell Is Keeping His ‘Grim Reaper’ Brand Alive In 2021 | All In | MSNBC 1


  1. And…Manchin said on CNN yesterday that despite this he still thinks they can achieve bipartisanship! Can someone check whether the GOP put him up as a Democratic candidate while he is truly Republican?

    1. I think he is so divorced from the PEOPLE, that he only cares about other millionaires and corporate donors. Foxx tells good lies.

    2. He probably was a minority in WV congress. He’s gun-shy of taking advantage of a majority. He doesn’t know how to handle it.

    1. He’s such a stinking liar. Same crap he pulled with corporations, after he actually engages his brain. Retire with all your millions u and your wife ripped off the American public for.

    2. He hates people called him Moscow Mitch. We should called him “Moscow Mitch over and over again.” I don’t think he finish with donors from russia. For an Independent voter like me, I will KICK OUT all ReTrumplican party (R) next to their names FULL STOP. RIH GQP.

    1. Mitch’s Demagoguery has kept the average Americans from advancement for nearly the last 40 years. The richest senator with the poorest state – imagine that-

    2. McConnell is the most obscene charaterizationof a human being both inside and out that I have ever come across. He doesnt care about the american people at all, it’s not going to hurt him in any way. Hes got all the money he will ever need. What i dont understand is, from what I’ve been told, the whole of Kentucky hates him, so how does he keep getting back in? I suppose it would have to be all his rich friends paying to keep him there , cause no-one else wants him. I hope hes not a religeous man because the devil has got him lined up for eternity

    1. They all must resign.
      They have brought much death and suffering to the United States.
      There is nothing they can say to change it. It’s done.

    2. @Power corrupts then go hide inside with your two masks on. We can’t stay in lockdowns forever. If you have underlying conditions or are obese, stay inside.

  2. Chris Hayes keeping things interesting tonight by talking about Lindsey AND Mitch

  3. Like Bill Maher said “…committing his crimes in full public view” Not savvy at all.

  4. The specialists of Grope Obstruct Pollute. It’s a movement. Like the one I had this morning.
    Coming to a theater near you.

  5. 100% exclude “depending”. Send Mitch back to school to refresh on his numbers lol!

  6. 100 percent focused on stopping Biden and 0 percent on doing his job to work on helping people who put him in office.

    1. @B Bhima So blocking bills that the majority of the country, INCLUDING REPUBLICANS, support is a good thing? Yeah sure. Keep believing that lie.

  7. This time for Moscow Mitch to go to jail as he should be investingated to accepting money from a foreign gov’t

  8. The first example of evidence of Mitchs statement being true is that he voted NO against the fixing of 50 year old bridges in HIS OWN STATE.

  9. I assume when MCdumb’s wife is indicted they plan on fleeing the country, so come on make it happen. I will pray for Grimace to achieve this goal.

  10. Warning to all: I live in Kentucky, never believe what Mitch says. Dems, don’t even waste your time dealing with this slime ball.

    Mitch is like a contraceptive, he gives you a reasonable feeling of security while you are being screwed.

  11. The geriatric mutant ninja turtle has said the quiet part out loud. I predict BLUE skies in the forecast for years to come.

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