How Much Can The U.S. Spend On Americans Now That Afghan War Is Over? | Michael Moore On MSNBC

The war in Afghanistan cost the U.S. $300 million per day. Now that it’s over, filmmaker Michael Moore joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to tackle how America can adjust its priorities and spending, drawing on recent figures, Dwight Eisenhower's famous warning against the cost of war and the future of the Biden domestic agenda. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Steve F
      The U.S. spent $28 billion on weapons, vehicles and other military equipment given to the Afghan National Security Forces, which was all approved before Biden was ever the President! The Biden administration did not “gift” that equipment to the Taliban – the Taliban recovered some U.S. given equipment from the retreating Afghan forces, because they surrendered! How is Biden to blame for every bad decision made before he was even in office, which by the way hasn’t even been eight months yet! D.T. negotiated the release of 5000 Taliban prisoners and the Taliban leader, and D.T. signed America’s surrender with/to the Taliban, and he did so without bothering to include the Afghan President/government in his surrender deal!!! Come on!!-

    2. We struggle in akademyik rank and in so menny other catagories rank’d by who know what symboyl I just use on the word 2 lines up

    3. @Steve F Trump surrendered.. He had 11 months and did nothing to evacuate. Nice try.. Now shut your treasonous insurrectionist mouth.

    4. Just one single time payment to the less than 300 million adults of $1 million each. Less than a single days worth of war spending on only those above 18 in our country would change the lives of every single American, explode the economy and end homeless and hunger problems across the entire nation.

      Just one single days use of that kind of spending on where it really counts would change the entire world and make every single American financially safe for their entire lives. That is until those setting prices see that and raise the price of everything as expected from capitalism.

  1. But according to Republicans, spending money on Americans is “socialism.”
    And spending money on wars is good Ole fashion capitalism.

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot “Talking”? How about “Made a deal with on who would take eventual charge of the country while leaving the government I’m supposed to serve out in the cold completely”?

    2. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe, Biden negotiated and made deals with the Taliban just like Trump did. I don’t agree with the Trump deal, and I certainly don’t agree with the Biden deal either. Biden entrusted a terrorist group that chants “death to America” with the safety of American citizens. Now that’s a crappy deal.

    3. @Super Scary Russian Bot Biden would not have made the protection deal if the withdrawal agreement was not made by Trump in the first place. And if Biden reneged on that deal it’s a guarantee that he would be attacked for reneging as well as Continuing The Endless War.

    4. @TooBadThatDidn’tKillMe, Biden has made it clear that he agrees with Trump and supports withdrawing the soldiers from Afghanistan. He has stated over and over that the withdraw was his own decision. But regardless how many times he says it, it won’t get through to his own supporters because his own supporters never watches him speak.

      If you are in the group that you believe Biden acted against his own wishes, and executed the withdraw against his better judgment just because of the Trump deal, then Trump would be credited for ending the war while Biden would be responsible for the botched execution. That is why Biden keeps trying to get it in your head that he made the decision, not Trump. Because the alternative is far worse.

    5. @Dawn Oceanside The constituents are NOT staying silent. Elected Democrats betray their constituents who by and large WANT end to war, more money spent on healthcare and fixing social security. Elected Democrats turn them a blind eye and cave to rightwing interests time and time again. I am sick of their weakness. But they’re not outright traitors like Republicans.

  2. While this was being made, republican congressmen have already begun to request ask for a major in the defense budget. So pulling out means that they need more? We need at least a 20 year audit.

    1. Because defence money goes to their campaigns through cooperation that supply arms etc. No war now this cooperation are missing the government money and publicans dont get socialist lobby money for their campaign and pockets.vicious circle .and the citizens can eat cake!

    2. We now see the kind of lame fiasco a budget of $780+ Billion will buy you. They want an increase? I say, go collect the equipment and planes you left behind and sell them on craigslist for your salary increase!

  3. If all the world leaders opted to be constructive rather than destructive just imagine how much better our lives would be. Violence begets violence and the cost of violence is great.

    1. “If all the world leaders opted to be constructive…” Those who rise to the top are not usually humanitarians (regardless of their speeches). They are aggressive, egomaniacal power seekers glad to support the “military-industrial complex.” Biden seems like a decent man, these days, who will likely be ripped to shreds by the GOP opposition with their daily outright lies and half-truths bolstered by right-wing media.

  4. Hopefully our bumpy messed up roads get fix. How about Tennessee get good water on some community.saw a video from this lady saying the town didnt have drinking water. I am sure McConnell is.not suffering for lack of water.

    1. The word on the “street” is that USA is now a 3rd world country. Corruption, fighting off authoritarian thugs, we even have homeless people living on the streets! Beam me up Scottie…

  5. Republicans OWN Afghanistan.
    In the 1980s Reagan gave US support to the Taliban versus the USSR, because Republicans believe all anti-communists are “good guys”. Regan/Bush built the Taliban bases in Pakistan that defeated the Soviets, then the US. There was no Taliban until US $$$ created them.

    1. And after 9/11 when terrorists from Saudi Arabia got together in Pakistan the Republicans decided to invade Irak and Afghanistan
      Nothing says incompetence as fighting wars in the wrong countries

    1. The people that run biden need another war. The swamp runs biden. More war is their imperative. Nominations for next war are.
      Somalia, yemen, myanmar gets much mention. Taiwan is the one that the swamp is most excited about. China holds strong sway with bidens handlers. China wants taiwan. North korea is a long shot now. China could go ahead annex a portion of agfhanistan.

  6. Jack MA said a few years ago: While most countries were spending their treasure on education, health, infrastructure and research, the USA spent their treasure on NEEDLESS WARS…Including Vietnam.

    1. And now it shows!. Look at China’s infrastructure. Saudi Arabia. UAE. Look at healthcare in any other country Least healthy people in the world (per covid death rates). USA is caught with no clothes, rendering itself completely irrelevant.

  7. Healthcare, elder care, education, housing, childcare, fair wages and benefits, and the political will to get rid of the evil liars in Washington

    1. Biden doesn’t have to if he can lower the standard of living through immigration.

      Also the inflation his administration has caused is another hidden tax he is placing on us.

  8. 1 out of 5 Americans have medical debt currently in the collections process
    7.4 million Americans are behind on their housing payments
    Nearly 1 million already homeless

    1. Don’t forget those on fringes – food insecure, rent insecure. Shootings in the streets. It’s become a 3rd world country for sure.

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  10. War hawks have already stated that “we need to concentrate on Yemen”.
    Soldiers that just returned home haven’t got over the jetlag yet and they are eyeing the next deployment.

    1. It’s all about military contractors. Follow the money. Tell your congressional reps vote NO on Defense Budget increases.

  11. I would like to explain what could have been theoretically accomplished with the 2.261 trillion dollars which were wasted in Afghanistan. “Elonroad” is an electric road system from Sweden and there are plenty of videos on Youtube which show how it works. It’s a simple & low-cost electric power rail for EVs which can be easily installed on existing roads and highways without greater construction works.
    It is robust, weather proof, not prone to dirt and because it’s so flat it causes no problems for lane switching, overtaking maneuvers and turnouts. The version currently tested in Sweden can deliver 300 kilowatts of power to an EV which is enough to power a fully loaded truck and recharge its battery at the same time. It is a direct contact method with sliding contacts similar to pentographs of electric trains. The real world tests in Sweden have shown a transmission efficiency of 97%!
    It costs around 1 million Euros per kilometer, this is way cheaper than even tramway tracks. The direct usage of grid-power has the advantage that the unavoidable conversion losses of batteries can be circumvented. With electrified highways and major roads EVs simply don’t need a large battery anymore. The battery can shrink by 80% which will in addition make the EV much cheaper, less heavy and therefore energy efficient.
    America’s highway system has a total length of 259.032 km. Let’s assume for simplicity that each highway has 3 lanes in each direction (that’s the standard in the US outside of cities, right?), then we have 1.554.192 km. To electrify each kilometer costs 1 million Euro which means a total cost of 1.554.192.000.000 Euros or 1.818.404.640.000 US Dollars. That’s less than 2 trillion US Dollars, 443 billion US Dollars would still be left for stationary charging stations. You guys could now cruise in much cheaper EVs all around America without recharging stops and without range anxiety.

  12. If our government had done even half of this, for the last 6+ decades, we’d be the strongest most advanced country ever.

    1. @jade devolving at a rapid pace. Funny how appropriate the parasite eliminator is. The survivors will thrive tho, job and housing markets will open up. Dead people can’t vote no matter what baby cheezus says.

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