How NBA is keeping players and fans safe for All-Star Weekend 1

How NBA is keeping players and fans safe for All-Star Weekend


In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, NBA commissioner Adam Silver talks about the precautions the league is taking for the players and fans during All-Star Weekend when it comes to Covid-19.
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  1. funny thing…safest thing to do is just cancel this Weekend….it’s not like this will be the most exciting All Star weekend ever anyway!

  2. They’ve prepared by putting out a product that is so bad that nobody goes to games or watches the games.

    1. @Pixxie Stixx you are being used. It’s the other way around you are part of the devil’s legions, we are the ones stopping the evil and traitors. God will judge you and find you wanting.

    2. @Pixxie Stixx you are just so lost son, quit listening to who ever you are listening to. They are leading you to damnation. Much of what you are saying isn’t in the bible. Made up by 16th century preachers that wished things where that way, but nothing to do with Jesus. False profits- beware

  3. its all about the money revenue they dont really care about people catching covid they just act like they do

    1. @Pixxie Stixx – Don’t get confused about who is perpetuating the lies. Both D and R serve the same masters. Look up the Hegelian Dialectic. Covid, terrorism, the two party paradigm are classic execution of it.

    1. @T Electronix Sedition that is a good one considering who is burning and looting their own cities. Peaceful protest I guess. Chy NHA is looking for people just like you..pretty sure one extra commie won’t matter.

    2. @gin-N-aujus “Sedition that is -a good one- attacking the US government and, specifically, as it was ratifying election results”

      Yes, it is.

    3. @T Electronix over a 100 days of rioting and trying to burn down FEDERAL buildings in Portland ….sedition??? Isn’t the CHAZ in Seattle with 3 to 4 deaths ..sedition??

      Yes, it is.

  4. Ewwwwwwwe done with CNN. I’ve been bamboozled for way to long . I may be dumb but I’m not ignorant.

  5. The asymmetry in Adam silver’s face is astonishing. Needless to say he is hideous

    1. I agree – he can’t help how he looks, but I can’t wonder why he doesn’t grow a
      mustache or something.
      I will take his looks over David Stern giving the Seattle SuperSonics team to his buddy Clayton Bennett!

  6. The NBA has got the Communist Chinese Governments back. It’s that Chinese $ Money ”

    T-Shirt sales are far more important the the Genocide the NBA gives Communists a pass for.

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