39 Comments on "How Netanyahu may win reelection despite corruption charges"

  1. Darkhorseman82 | February 28, 2020 at 4:32 AM | Reply

    Conservatives happily vote for the corrupt because they, themselves, are also corrupt.

    And we are close to a genetic basis for it.

  2. Just like trump.

  3. Jasper Dale Samaniego | February 28, 2020 at 4:36 AM | Reply

    5th time being president? Theres something really wrong here…

  4. ma,ma gee's gospel | February 28, 2020 at 4:41 AM | Reply


  5. A corrupt politician? NO WAY!

  6. Because lying, racism, fearmongoring are very effective tools.

  7. ParadigmParadox | February 28, 2020 at 4:48 AM | Reply

    A history of corruption doesn’t mean anything anymore…🙄

  8. It wouldn’t be any different from our own president (tRump)

    • From what I’ve read of Israeli politics, the parallels are almost identical. A crazed left wing opposition drumming up false charges and a leftist media stoking the fires. And both failing. Sound familiar?

    • soylentdean your right,they have to Continually point your finger away from the fact , literally every single thing they have touched is now in a state of ruin and decay. Here in San Francisco where I live, kids can’t go out and play anymore. Between the human waste and dirty needles floating in the streets and the junkies passed out on the sidewalks, moms can’t risk letting the kids out. San Francisco isn’t the only city here on the West Coast Los Angeles, Seattle too many to list. Democrats have to constantly accuse President Trump because if they stop people will notice what’s really going on. It will give satisfaction when Trump wins by the largest landslide in US history. What will also go down in history is the behavior of Democrats during the 8 years of his administration.It is mob mentality times 100 .it is truly scary.Main street media have brainwashed the weak and gullible.

    • @John Carter what has Trump done in the last 3 years to help resolve this issue?

    • @Hazel McCloy Local issues are the responsibility of local politicians. The President can’t be expected to micromanage every American city.

  9. No wonder he gets on so well with trump

  10. The Evangelical obsession (of) the apocalypse will doom us all

    • In SK the evangelical have spread the Coronavirus and it wasn’t an accident. Research it, it is true!

    • @Dieter Kieltsch You are insane! You really believe all that BS?

    • Idiot Deiter should research why the Vatican is the location of St. Peter’s Cathedral. He should then learn about Martin Luther (not ‘King’ this time), THEN he can ‘share’.

    • … or do you ACTUALLY say “DIETer”, do you fatty?

    • Dieter Kieltsch | February 29, 2020 at 3:58 AM | Reply

      @Grim Reefer yes and I am not insane it is just so that I saw feet of God but one pixel is bigger than universes. ( I didnt knew He exists, because I always screamed to people there is no God, but when I got taken in a billisecond to judgement seat I had the chance to repent and I thought I will stay forever there because I was so happy but I gt thrown back to earth( In that days I was in Scientology(they dont beleive in God) and knew and ate because of my jpob as a Model with many billioneers each day which gave me money, but after I was back on earth I throwed all money on street. (I wished everyone would had see what I saw, because the stars and children and females looks like dirt compared to a pixel of feet of God. ( so if there is someone who understands you, than it is me.)

  11. Netanshitsack.

  12. “Election”

    More like selection.

  13. Isaiah 1.23:
    Thy leaders are rebels and friends of thieves; they are always accepting gifts and bribes. They never defend orphans in court or listen when widows present their case.

    Unfortunately this is true today for USA, Russia, China, India, Israel, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Poland, Iran, Syria, Philippines, and other places around the world.

    • Anointed Elijah the Prophet Surnamed Cyrus aka Levi | February 28, 2020 at 10:59 AM | Reply

      Behold! A wise one of Daniel 12 whom shall easy understand all what shortly comes! Child, even my brother, do not let your heart wax cold because of all the same wicked lawlesness of Psalm 92 that should exist around all us before their own sudden perdition/destruction, ok? Dont worry, our LORD my GOD shall not be robbed nor mocked much longer, consider Isaiah 29 at their sudden visitation there soon, this same foolish cursed deceiver of Malachi and all his friends of late, in Isaiah 29, shall be like they all had a former nice dream with much food and drink, but, lo and behold!

      Then, shall they all suddenly wake up unto a pure nightmare called reality, where, they shall all starve and thirst much, or, dont you know yourself, that, the same laodicean/nicolaitan legion/horde down here, as they all judge to be in peace and safety lately, very rich and with need of nothing, that still, they are all indeed wretched, blind, naked and in great ruin despite it?

      Now, as to the same orphans and widows along with the poorest and needy, even the homeless, dont you know and understand Psalm 72? Even at the opening of the 1st seal of Revelation and unveiling of that same rider of the white horse, even Elijah the same anointed one of Psalm 2 totally cut off, whom shall be transfigured into the man of GOD in Psalm 18 at that very point, the same temple of flesh of the same strong angel of Daniel 12 of his LORD whom promised to send him ahead and to also stand for all these same right after?

      Did not his LORD the very KING, promise already that the 1st shall be last, and, the last and least shall be 1st and upmost? Are you persoanlly limping in your own faith and hope beloved brother of mine in Psalm 149?

      But, as to the world telling you and letting you know that he is here already, your LORD my GOD at His own passover table in John 14 to John 16, already promised you that the same world cannot see or recognize His same Holy Spirit of truth already sent ahead, (just as promised you in Daniel 12), even because of the same great turn away and rebellion beforehand, that, the same Holy Spirit of truth shall come ahead to condemn them altogether of, even in the same laws of Moses and testimony of the Prophets whom our LORD promised us beforehand to have come down and fulfill unto pure perfection and completion way beforehand, remember?

      Only the same leaders of Psalm 2 know whom anointed Elijah is and all his same report/preaching already given way beforehand, along with the same false prophets of Ezekiel 13 and of 2 Peter2, plus, all the same greedy fat shepherds of Ezekiel 34, but, you have to understand child and beloved brother of mine, that, they all love riches and to easily sell our LORD for 30 pieces of silver still, and, also because they are all proud and arrogant as they come inside out, they dont want to be condemned nor corrected in anything, rather, still justified and to quickly cover much, thus, in Psalm 12, they should all quickly praise and exalt the most vile of men existing down here before all the same perdition and great tribulations, understand now?

      So beloved, dont judge these same wicked can come unto the same healing LIGHT of our LORD GOD, the very KING of all truth and righteouness, even because, in Daniel 12, it is promised you already there, that, these same shall not understand nor come into the same healing LIGHT, rather, quickly flee and avoid it altogether unto their own sudden and swift mutual perdition and destruction right after, even because, our LORD whom sees and knows them well naked inside out, He alone hold the same Key of David to lock or unlock all under His same almighty footstool, even from the same Alpha unto all Omega, amen and amen!

      Now, as promised you in Isaiah 55, even for your own wisdom and righteous lips as I have seen in your comment here above, come to my page/channel to judge freely for yourself still, and, if you are well worthy, find much drink and food of our LORD totally for free, for no price at all, even in the same mercy and grace promised you all from of old to be showered from above down, ok?

      Shalom beloved! 😉

  14. Netanyahu is the weirdest way ive seen trump spelled.

  15. Remember: This is the same person who every candidate except Bernie is letting him get away with so much😑. The same person he was condemning in the last debate, while the moderators were trying to make it seem like it was a bad thing🙄.

  16. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia | February 28, 2020 at 8:23 AM | Reply

    THE hardcore BIGOTED, CORRUPT AND WICKED always WIN in JESUS birthplace, the Irony.

    • Israel is a light to the world but not for jihadists and their liberal friends

    • Why is that “light” killing and starving children? Did that “light” learn nothing when imprisoned together with resistance fighters, gays and also Jews during the Holocaust?

  17. People who elect corrupt politicians into office only try to distract from their own baseness.

  18. The very fact that Netanyahu is corrupt, and has been all his life…. the fix is in!

  19. #Bernie2020

  20. Israel is even more corrupt than the U.S.

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