How Nigeria's kidnapping 'industry' trades on fear 1

How Nigeria’s kidnapping ‘industry’ trades on fear


Kidnap for ransom is on the rise in Nigeria with mass kidnappings from schools increasingly seen as lucrative endeavors by criminal gangs. CNN's Stephanie Busari meets one teenage girl who was snatched from her school dorm and CNN's Zain Asher speaks to Jonathan Rosenthal, Africa Editor at The Economist about how to address the mass abductions. #CNN #News


  1. Nigeria is probably the only country that can go toe to toe with the US for the worst place to attend school.

    1. Wtf are you talking about? Nigeria is one of the most advanced countries in Africa… What about the rest of Africa? 70% of the Middle East and 50% of South/Central America… surely there are worse places to live if 2-3 billion people would murder to get into the US… not me though, I’ll be fine if I never set foot into the states… Europe is still lightyears ahead in safety…

  2. A small plane with heat-seeking equipment could find those kidnapped children right away. If the country owned just one of those and acted right away (victim school immediately calls where the plane is held, plane is kept ready to go at a moment’s notice) , the kids would surely be found within a few hours and the kidnappers could be captured. The fact that they don’t do this makes me think that someone important WANTS this to keep on happening.

  3. Imagine that you can’t even take a nap in peace without a crazy person grabbing you and taking you away that’s no way to live

  4. Nigeria’s government is weak. These kidnapper’s are barbaric. The should send the army to capture these kidnappers.

  5. Where are the police? Why do they blame those, who pay ransoms, when these kidnappers should not be allowed to operate with impunity?

  6. Fear is something CNN knows everything about.

    “Fear sells”
    Charles Chester, CNN Technical Director/Director

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