How Obama’s Final Message To Putin Foreshadows Biden's Future 1

How Obama’s Final Message To Putin Foreshadows Biden’s Future


Former President Obama left Russian president Vladimir Putin with this message before the 2016 election: “Don't touch the voting machines. Don’t touch the data. Stay out of the systems”. American Voices host Alicia Menendez speaks with Edward-Isaac Dovere, staff writer for the Atlantic, about how his new book “Battle for the Soul: Inside The Democrats Campaign To Defeat Trump” sheds light on the potential obstacles facing President Biden ahead of his first meeting with Pres. Putin. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How Obama’s Final Message To Putin Foreshadows Biden's Future


    1. Obama and Biden are so weak, Putin invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea. Hunter Biden as busy amassing millions from Russia and a Billion from China.

    2. @SOMETHING BIG IS COMING! what another Qanon conspiracy theory? Get over it you and your Guy LOST!

    1. @Ryan lex Imagine what this nation could accomplish if the bottom 1/3 of it wasn’t tied to a meme from 2016.

    2. @Mohsen ? Erdogan brought it to the surface by behaving very badly.

      It’s complicated though. Turkey absorbed 4 million refugees from Syria and that caused internal issues in Turkey. Plus, Erdogan threatened to release millions of refugees into Europe if he didn’t get his way on things. That caused a rise in the far right wing populist political factions in Europe based on fears and racism.

      Hopefully things will get better. Ugh.

    3. @Deanna Maria So, you mean when Mueller spoke to the nation saying there’s no evidence, he was lying? Then why didn’t this channel (the official propaganda mouthpiece of the Dem establishment) and the Dems denounce Mueller? We all know why: Rachel Maddow and the other drones had spent over 2 yeas howling about Mueller being their white knight, they couldn’t find a graceful way to denounce him without getting egg on their faces. We all know that — so do you

    4. @Fred Freddy I guess we also have to refer to the facts that Turkey acted as a hub for every kind of freaks in the world entering Syria. Erdogan bought oil from ISIS, armed those freaks (then Turkey, Saudi, Qatar and UAE were allies). Later when Syrian ‘the most international civil war in the history’ started to backlash, EU asked Erdogan to end their bid as they couldn’t any longer take more refugees but he still wanted to topple Assad and displace the Kurds living in the regions bordering Turkey. He caused the loss of many innocent lives including Turkish citizens who later killed by series of bombing conducted by ISIS in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

    1. Obama can’t even outsmart Putin for 8years in Syria and Assad still in power as right now LMFAO

  1. I just love how fightin Irish Biden is by saying to Putin’s face, “I don’t think you have a soul.” While not strictly Christian in tone it is nonetheless throwing some pretty badass shade to said shirtless tough guy.

    1. Putin is not a happy camper. He isn’t popular anymore in Russia. Most Russians see Putin as responsible for rampant corruption inside Russia, which is true.

    2. I love how Putin replies with “I don’t think you have a brain”. SOOOO true! LOL

    3. Joe Biden is such a “pocket politician”, as far as I’m concerned, he’s just another Failure that the Democratic caucus has thrown in front of a miserably depressed party. I KNOW….. I USED TO BE A DEM. – And Now, I DON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE THEM AT ALL. (Too much Foreign interest/America Last) Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, (And the Muslim squad) Are the reason why I cannot “BACK” the Democratic Party anymore. (They are the only ones I blame). Maybe you should too.

    4. Outin loved it when he had a stooge in the White House. Now we have an American president. It’s driving the delusional trump cultists even crazier.

  2. Fox Entertainment: Biden needs to take a stronger stance on Russia.

    Ex Prez: I trust Russian intelligence more than Ours.

    Enough said!!

    1. @Don Draper Trump’s weak response was to track citizens returning from affected zones to fill out forms and fax in data. Lost control almost immediately. Meanwhile, S, Korea issued phones to their citizens. They learned how to deal with Biological threat because US trained them. But Trump knows more than our generals. He recommended Malaria treatment, Bright lights and Lysol. Your genius at work.

    2. @Don Draper Trump didn’t close the borders to China & Europe. He only claimed that he did. Just another lie from the Murderer-in-Chief. Check his tapes on YouTube on C19. One lie after another. 600,000 dead Americans with the blood of most of them on Trump’s hands.

    3. @BP they can get it from us rather than the middle east or Russia,oh wait since joey bribes won’t allow us to get the oil that’s actually here, we went from energy independence to back dependence on foreign imports.
      Typical democrats

    1. That would be the happiest day of my life!!! I freaking love Snowden and, well, to say I do not love trump is an understatement!!!

    2. Russia’s ransomeware money just got hacked by the FBI! The Russian hackers shut down a refinery in the US and drove fuel prices up, but we hadn’t figured out their game yet.

      It looks like the FBI has the Russian hackers somewhat figured out now.

    1. @I PUT MY BALLS ON YOUR DRUM SET HE stood next to him and undermined his own intelligence apparatus just to please this dictator….then a reporter asked Putin if he helped Trump and he said yeah…like twice…then he said he ordered all his people to help Trump….a billion people watched all of this. What planet are you from because it’s not Earth.

    2. @I PUT MY BALLS ON YOUR DRUM SET so he’s weak for capitulating to the Dems….plus you’re saying he sanctioned them for no reason…SMDH….not to mention I think it might violate Geneva Convention standards if he did it for nothing… you hear yourself?

    3. Obama can’t even outsmart Putin for 8years in Syria and Assad still hold power as right now LMFAO

  3. Bush: “I looked in his (Putin’s) eyes and saw his
    soul.” You people forget, this RWE gullibility, stupidity,
    tyrannical fascist loving runs in the family.

    1. @Equality For All No, “Proven” and “Get off Faux News” aren’t arguments. The onus is on you to back your claim up with evidence, and not misdirection. And the only time I “watch” FOX is if Glenn Greenwald appears on it, and that’s only after the fact when I find out Glenn Greenwald was on FOX. It’s not like I tune in

    2. @BidenHarris: MAD Magazine’s Person Of The Year
      Must be all those criminal cases and lawsuits piling up on Trump that has you all worked up, huh?
      It shows:)
      The fact that you choose to remain clueless is on you….not me 🙂
      I didn’t vote for a man who claimed injecting disinfectants as the cure for Covid…you did.
      Trump lost….get over it.

    3. @Equality For All Just show everyone your “evidence”, DNCbot. Or stop boring the sht out of everyone with your broken record drivel

  4. The world is still amazed that a coup by the former occupant of the White House goes unpunished and the criminal is at large, giving speeches to undermine democracy even further.

    1. Obama can’t even outsmart Putin for 8years in Syria and Assad still hold power as right now LMFAO

    2. @Ryan lex well they don’t, the world generally operates under various democracies where as America is seen as a banana republic due to the GOP. But the fascist right in America really wish they did rule all in America.

    3. @Chandla Bing lmao liberal Democracy is declining world wide and I love it. I don’t see how china, turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.. will become democracy country anytime soon lmao

    4. @Ryan lex so you want to be like China, ok, now I see just how stupid a Trumpist is by using those countries as your example about why you consider democracy is declining. Now give me examples of where and when fascism has worked, after all, that’s where he GOP has us heading. Tough choice, mostly successful democracy or a historically demonstrated failure fascist rule. You just keep your uneducated head hurried in the sand.

  5. And the gaslighting continues, “it’s much easier to fool people than convince them they’ve been fooled”, — M. Twain

    1. Yep. Trumpy and his fluffers are still pushing The Big Lie, looking for SAoy Sauce on ballots in the fraudit of the audit of the recount of the count in AZ. The cult cannot accept the truth and the crazy has to get bigger or reality will set in.

  6. Every other president has already had
    “Peace Talks “ with other Freedom loving Nations???
    How about a Peace Talk on our own Nation??

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