How one Republican-leaning county is welcoming Biden's Covid-19 relief 1

How one Republican-leaning county is welcoming Biden’s Covid-19 relief


CNN's Gary Tuchman talks to residents in Williamson, a Republican-leaning town in West Virginia, about their feelings on President Biden's $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill recently passed by Congress with no Republican votes.

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    1. Only stupid people believe that the GOP is looking out for the middle when the actions of their GOP representatives prove otherwise.

    2. @Captain America really you the insurrectionist who stormed the capitol and tried to disrupt democracy?! What a crazy comment from “Captain America”!

    3. @Soncearee F Hudson , no not crazy at all. The Capitol protest was used by Antifa and the DOJ /FBI / CIA / Swamp to make Trump look bad enough for another phony Impeachment. Democracy was already disrupted by the rigged elections.

  1. The act the same way when ObamaCare came out, needed the coverage, but didn’t want it because the Democratic party

    1. I understand some people disagree with some things in the ObamaCare bill, therefore , want these negative things removed. The Republicans used this to attempt to abolish the whole thing. What did they have to replace it?

    2. @Rosemary Carlyle we all ready had health care for low income where i live. Obama care just screwed every thing up. The problem with Obama is he never thought to look at the ripple in the pond si to speak! Like when he made a law employers must give health coverage to full time employee’s. Employer’s stopped hiring full time and only hired part time employee’s! Tell me that’s ok?

    3. Myron Smith yawn Making everything about race is a typical response from a Democrat and CNN loving sheep, and its getting boring now.

  2. They have been voting Republican for decades and they are one of the poorest states in the country. Sounds like they need to put more money into education.

    1. Not about education, it’s intentional moron because of racism! There hate is the reason there county is in shambles!

    2. Texas is Republican 3rd largest economy and Florida Republican 2 nd largest economy in America and is not financially broke like California New York Michigan Chicago so I’m not sure which red state of equal size your referring to

  3. Every single one of these checks needs to say “Not a single Republican voted yes to help you get this money”

    1. @G Bird It will take a minute to untangle the mess created by the Trump administration at our borders. The US had always taken a multi pronged approach to the immigration problem.

      1. Deterrents: like border security and the threat of family speration(but then not actually doing it, because that is crazy)
      2. Deportation to those that can’t show a reason that they need to or are allowed to stay.
      3. Forgien aid, in order to keep people in their home country.

      Trump just tried to the first 2, which means we (the US) were needing to do a lot more of those, especially when Trump started deporting everyone that entered illegally and effectively stopped the legal method for immigration. People do not actually want to leave were they live for no reason. It is typically done because of fear or necessity. It is cheaper and easier to provide forgien aid in the areas where people are immigrating from, instead of spending all the money once they are at our borders.

    2. @Chris Jones I don’t even know what you’re talking about. Trump had the border under full control . Immigrants seeking asylum got a courtdate and were kept in Mexico until they Could be processed. Trump also had “operation Talon” task force. They kept known felons out of America and deported known felons and sex traffickers. Biden, on Jan 20 immediately disbanded that task force and put nothing in its place. He told ICE to stand down…no deportations , no arrests , no charges for ANY crime ..only for national security reasons , whatever that means cuz America is far from safe right now. 6000-9000 illegals have entered daily the past 2 months. with no disease test and no covid test . Even though we are in a “pandemic” and WE are FORCED to wear masks and lockdown. They have in past few days started testing some of them before they’re released and fully half of them have covid. Which means out of the 100,000 that were released and dropped off across our nation in past 2 months at least 50,000 have covid.
      Anonymous…just a number and a court date. They are flown or bussed throughout our nation , but especially into red states. Drug cartels are bringing in 10 times as many drugs and od deaths have risen dramatically. Human trafficking and sex trafficking and other crimes have increased 10 fold. But Biden says no arrests. SF was just forced to release 224 criminal lillegals. Catch and releases is Biden’s motto no matter what the crime. Makes sense if you don’t want Americans to know what’s happening . No one in jail = no crime right?? Right now Biden has a decree there are no journalists allowed at the border and no photos can be released….unless he says ok. Search YT for posts straight from the border. Biden and the media lie to you on tv and set up perfect pictures for tv.

    3. @G Bird don’t be scared, immigration will go way up in the next few decades as climate change forces hundreds of millions to leave their homes.

    4. @Chris Jones Drug cartels , gangs , SA guerillas , human traffickers, sex trafficker, murderers, terrorists , diseases, covid , felons … all being ushered into our nation . 9000 daily. And all you can think about is climate change.

    5. @Chris Jones I am sharing this post with you because you’re a fellow American. Not necessarily as a political thorn. It’s directly from the border yesterday..YT: “GOP Senator describes horrid conditions at the border…” The Hill

    1. @Meghan dems controlled cities have implemented green new deal . They are banning gas cars . Fracking. They are banning airport expansion . Shutting down coal gas plants .
      Net zero emissions will de industrialize USA and ship jobs to China.

    2. @Anshuman Jaiswal gasoline cars haven’t been banned yet. CA in the US, as well as multiple countries around the world (in. UK and Norway, etc.) are trying to implement a ban on future manufacturing of gasoline powered vehicles by 2030-2035. You won’t actually see a decline in the usage of gas vehicles for around 50-60 years after they stop making them. You just won’t have new ones being made and sold anymore.

    3. @Frankie Alika stupid it’s our money their giving away the government has no money our services and products we make are what bring value to the dollar, they take our money through taxes,then they give our money away like its theirs, $5600 of our money, after they locked us down, made they were doing us a favor giving only $1400 of our money they took from us, then taking our other $4200 for their foreign friends.
      And if you stupid enough to say they taxed the rich, you pay taxes for the rich, they either layoff workers or raise prices that we pay
      So it our money they continue to waste

    1. They’re not just tax cuts for the rich These same old lies the Democrats keep spewing are really getting old now

    2. Bobby Webber he didn’t lose that big, Biden only just won. The Senate was lost due to McConnell and other Republicans not supporting the $2K checks. And Harris will only become President if Biden steps down or if she gets elected, which may not happen anyway when Dems start making a mess of the country. You may have got the outcomes you wanted this time, but that luck won’t last forever

    3. south sider96 tax breaks actually helps businesses thrive and encourages even more businesses to come and invest in the country, creating jobs and growing the economy. Giving out free hand outs to people will only give the economy a little boost in the short term, you can’t keep it up forever. So yes, the Democrats do waste money too, and nearly all of their other policies show that

    4. Norman the economy was doing good under Trump before Covid. The economic policies worked very well when Reagan was President as well. The US was rich, strong, and actually great back in the 1980s, which just tells you everything you need to know. Obviously you don’t know the real answer like you think

  4. This is all fine and dandy, but you just know that these republicans will continue voting against their best interests regardless.

    1. @Ello Owu thats right but the demand should drive change moving to other energy sources, artificially forcing to unreliable sources is foolish, technology is not to the point we can go green with batteries solar or wind, coal plants are extremely clean in the United states and much more reliable. Closing coal is because coal plants are being forced off line in favor of a unreliable source not because the green energy sources out preformed coal, other countries still use the coal energy which companies need reliable power and if we can’t supply that they will also be forced to move in order to stay competitive. The only reliable power source to replace coal in nuclear. France is the only European country that kept their nuclear power plant, and have the most reliable power in Europe.
      United states has not built any new nuclear power plants in 50 years or more.

    2. @Calvin Lowe green energy, renewable energy is very efficient and the technology is only getting better everyday. Coal is just not in demand around the world as it once was and what’s left of coal plants are turning to automotive processing. Machines dont get black lung and maximize profits. Its just not a stabilizing career anymore. From 2016 onward, the writing on the wall for coal was made loud and clear. Either the us stays in the past with a dying market or we adapt and join the rest of the world in new energy sources. We’re in a new “industrial age” and are being outpaced by China. Don’t hold onto your VHS tapes, refusing change because your father and grandfather made a killing working for blockbuster. Instead eye that next step and apply their hard work into what comes next.

    3. @Ello Owu no I done the studies for my hub sites, it’s not reliable enough, cost of land for the panels or wind mill is a joke, and that they will require replacement every 5 to 10 years. The backup generator which requires fossil fuel is the most efficient and reliable backup power source, coal is the most efficient source it being artificially pushed out, and as I said before coal plants in the United states are externally clean and efficient
      The only power close in nuclear the most cleanest and efficient of all, but we have not built any new ones in 50 years

    4. @Ello Owu no Afirca China India and Russia still have coal plants and expanding they have no plans to stop for the next 25 to 50 years as the Paris climate accord gives them
      And you know how will they do what they say they will do

    5. @Calvin Lowe renewable energy is still in its infancy but is growing and developing fast. Computers were once huge, slow and costed an arm and leg. They were regarded as a passing fad, impractical for the average citizen. Now, computers are small, fast and in our pockets, crucial for everyday tasks. The future market and demand for renewable energy is already here and its not slowing down. Less reliance on dwindling resources, no more forever wars for control of oil and the race to not completely destroy our planet by bleeding it dry and pumping chemicals into the air, is the best plan forward. The technology will, is evolving to prefect renewables and make them amazingly efficient. Hence why America should get in the game now and have a good stake in the game instead of clinging onto something that no country will want to buy in the next 10 to 20 years. The only ones against renewable energy are the ones making hand over fist off the raping of our earths natural resources.

    1. Jo M,
      The USA should do what’s in our country’s best interest, we have more coal than any country in the world by far, coal isn’t clean but with new technological methods it’s greatly improved, the same could be said for diesel.
      We need to look at new and previous emissions data, compare and make reasonable decisions with ALL things considered.

    2. @Graymont to Los Angeles a lot of it is generational 4,5, sometime 6 generations back of coal miners and that’s what they know

    3. @Moon Boy well, it’s still not their birthright to work in a mine because their grandfather did.

  5. I have a lot of empathy for this county. Remember the Republicans voted “No” for this bill and “No” for minimum wage.

    1. @Chase Austin , no. We, the customers will end up paying more for goods. The companies are already putting in more self checkouts-that’s not going to change- and I’ll be paying less taxes to subsidize their healthcare and food stamps. And actually, if this country set up apprentice programs, we could re-educate these people into careers where skilled workers such as electricians and plumbers are needed. Yes, I do understand the magnitude of the problem. It’s not so simple as raising their pay or not. But right now, it’s humane. Also, I don’t believe the government should subsidize big businesses.

    2. @Ro Hoff we had programs like this in the past. They were called opportunities. Now you say it’s a moral obligation, like you or anyone else owes something to someone. All America is supposed to be about is the OPPORTUNITY. as soon as you start claiming it’s humane or the right thing to do your already lost. People like you are why there’s a class out there who just thinks they’re owed money.

    3. @Chase Austin , Arent you special! im only concerned about continuing to subsidize big business by paying for their employee’s health care and food. Why should I have to pay higher taxes so people can get cheap stuff and companies can maximize profits? I want lower taxes. That’s it. If its humane also, great. I DONT want government subsidizing lower wages which is what is happening. Now you have a good night.

    4. They did that because they are giving more money to other countries for gender studies, and anything but COVID .

    5. The bill is just a waste of money overall, and raising the minimum wage will ruin small businesses and the economy even more. Voting against this was a good thing

  6. The UK CONSERVATIVE government has been paying 80% of people’s wages for about a year now so that they won’t get laid off just saying

    1. @NunyVanstta135 red states DON’T pay their fair share of taxes liar. BLUE STATES have been floating freeloading red states for decades.
      Wake the F up.

    2. @NunyVanstta135 that’s not true. Not at all. The blue states pay more in tax per person than they get back in tax benefits. The red states are poorer and they receive more in tax benefits than they pay in. Even Texas, which is a huge state draws more money in taxes than it pays in because of the amount of money that they have received from the S&L bailouts, and more recently with the amount we spent on FEMA aid because of mismanagement in that state. Red states talk about “socialism” until they actually need it, which is actually quite often.

    3. Dr. Suchkind everybody pays their fair share of taxes. Red states tend to have less people and thats why theres less money. Its not rocket science

    4. Lou Phelan no, the blue states pay more tax because they have more people, simple as that. Not all red states are poor either, theres plenty of poor and horrible places in blue states as well. And no, they don’t need ‘socialism’ at all, they never have and never will

    5. @Lou Phelan then tell the president and the left to stop attacking republicans and our constitutional freedoms

    1. @Tutan Khamun stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, more money to replace the budget that was lost in ACA over the last 4 years. Need I say more?

    2. @Tutan Khamun regardless, biden doesnt have the audacity to say on the checks themselves his name or that ok Republicans voted for this like trump did with his name

    3. @Poro Poro democrats and Republicans all voted for Trump’s covid relief bills all of them, but partisan democrats refused to give Republicans any chance of putting input, it was a partisan bill for only democrats, that can not work in a democratic nation

    4. @Reuben Riojas why are people leaving democrat run states to republican ones? Why did Republican states do better on covid response?? Almost all democrat run states have deficit budgets, very incompetent leaders who killed covid patients #facts

    5. Problem is these people have the mentality that this is like a game and that they are the cheerleaders that will support their side no matter what harm the GOP does to them as long as they have bragging rights that they are on the winning team. Is it rational HELL NO!

    1. @Selfish Capitalist you couldn’t be more wrong that the Dems created taxes!!!!!!!! Republican lincoln created the IRS , to fund his civil war, and republican howard taft created the federal income tax for working americans and corporate tax that exists today!!!!!!!

    2. @Saiyan Seeds the hate your country Dems huh???, What party creates health insurance like
      Medicare,medaid, obamacare– that covers most of the country, what was trumps healthcare plan again??
      What party created unemployment for americans outta work during covid relief?? The Dems, what was the republican plan??? The Republicans don’t want to raise minimum wage, so what good paying jobs did they create? And the tax breaks and bailouts and PPP loans were passed onto the rich to in turn better pay their workers, people were making more on unemployment than at their jobs, and republicans blocked infrastructure jobs twice, if you raise minimum wage workers pay more in taxes

    3. Build Back Better?

      RECAP – of the Biden/Harris administration –

      – A loss of 70,000 jobs in oil.

      – Over 100,000 ‘secondary’ jobs lost in private sector jobs dependent on pipeline jobs

      – Ended American ‘energy independence’ that President Trump achieved for the first time in 65 years for the United States.

      – 21 states are now suing Biden.

      – Created the massive invasion the growing daily on our Southern Border now in crisis, with a 1000% increase in illegal migrants crossing, dismantling Trumps Border security & ‘Stay in Mexico’ Policies

      – China Joe is spending a whopping $86.9 MILLION of YOUR taxpayer money to house illegals in American hotels

      – 600 illegal migrant encounters per day & a staggering 15,000 + in US custody MANY RELEASED WITH COVID – 19 into USA

      – The invasion crisis so bad that China Joe Biden Just BANNED ALL REPORTING from the Mexico border. ZERO ACCESS!

      – Gas Prices skyrocketing up 40%
      (Experts predict OVER $3.50 by summer)

      – Russia’s Putin mocking Biden & threatening nuclear war & demanding a debate : Biden hides

      – China & North Korea threatening Biden seeing a weak frail man

      – Biden falling down steps multiple times on Air Force One

      – Continues to refer to Kamal Harris as “President Harris“

      – Repeatedly forgets the name of his own cabinet appointees

      – Unemployment Numbers RISING again

      – Antifa (just an idea right), continue to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

      – First President in history to go this long without holding a news conference

      – Sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there and one bathroom. But the WH made them cookies

      – Created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his “progressive” transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls.

      – Created a new federal property mask mandate, which he broke countless times already.

      – Is now allowing illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in congress.

      – A complete halt on student loan forgiveness that he promised.

      – A complete LIE on the $2000 stimulus check he promised.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of insulin.

      – He shot down a Trump admin order to lower the cost of epinephrine.

      – Rescinds Trump order banning Chinese Communist involvement in US power grid

      – $1.6 billion in gross wages now lost.

      And – 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter just breached Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone, crossing the Taiwan Strait

      But HEY, at least China Joe Biden hasn’t tweeted mean words.

      And, we have a woman Vice President.

    4. I’m an adult….I don’t care who “cares about me”. I want the party that stays out of my life

    1. @Dave Waldon most republican voters supported this bill. Hopefully the GOP remembers that the next time they wanna “disagree.”

  7. The title of this video should be “How one Republican leaning county voted against their own interest”

    1. @Wayne Palmer most reliable power cleanest is nuclear not wind not solar, toilet mouth use your brain look past your nose

    2. @Wayne Palmer was the purpose of using green reusable energy is the eliminate CO2 that’s the only reason
      Nuclear is the most reliable and cleanest power source

    3. @Calvin Lowe We’re making an argument against coal. Nobody excluded nuclear power as a source although it has it’s drawbacks too so what the phuck is your beef?

    4. @Wayne Palmer my beef is that coal in clean in the United states and the green energy being forced on us before its ready is crazy you let technology should be a natural progression not forced, and should be done on logic not fairly tail, with the filtering process we have coal is a clean reliable power source, requiring little land as compared to the solar and wind which that have questionable reliably, and will contribute to more harm to the planet in the future, so instead we should be building nuclear plants and upgrading the power grid to meet our future power demands instead of investing into sources that depend on the sun to shine or the wind to blow

    5. @Calvin Lowe Dude! Nobody is using coal! It doesn’t power motor vehicles, it doesn’t power trains, it doesn’t heat heat homes, look at the numbers it is not used enough to be a viable source of energy. Stop with the bullshit! And nuclear energy poses another risk! Nuclear waste can take 1000 years to go away. I don’t why you all insist on hanging onto to these old antiquated energy sources. You act like the stubborn fools who insist on hanging onto their horses after the invention of the car!

    1. @Calvin Lowe Democrats aren’t shutting down coal mining jobs, coal businesses are. It’s because they aren’t profitable. Same thing with manufacturing jobs. You guys keep blaming this or that politician; these jobs are going away because it’s cheaper to do them in other countries, and even cheaper to automate them. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the progression of technology and society. Republicans love that you blame it on the Democrats, it gives them a boogeyman to distract you with while they make new rules to make them and their hyper-elite friends even wealthier.

    2. @Calvin Lowe Did you get that “socialist ” check yet that all the Republicans voted against? I bet you didn’t send it back, did you?

    3. Geometer FPV and Democrats love it when you keep making excuses for them. Its means that you’re just being their useful idiot and letting them get away with all the mess they’re making

    1. @Sheila Lopez
      Sure just watch the video when only Republican pole watchers were removed from the room, the video of everyone lied to that a pipe broke and everyone but 4 people stayed and started pulling boxes from under a table and started running the ballots over and over while ignoring the other ballots on their desk they were doing just minutes before. Many more video to look at showing the fraud, all the courts would not look at the evidence kept saying they had procedural issues.Yes there was major voter fraud, now Pelosi yelling voter fraul which did go through the courts and the socialist Democrat still lost they just kept finding for months but still came up 6 short but now they are skipping the courts and Pelosi trying to overturn the election.
      What a hippocrates

    2. @Jude never said coal was being imported but gas and fuel is now thanks to Biden, so enjoy that $5 a gal you’ll be paying and the increase in plans train and taxis, food clothing TV coming to you soon

    3. @Jude again we will receive of our money 6 billion not million there was 1.9 trillion of our money in the bill in the bill which works out $ 5600. For each citizen if they gave it back to us but they are giving $1.3 trillion to their foriegn and domestic friends that $4200. That should have gone to citizens for China virus relief
      By your math we would get just $20

  8. You should also go to Idaho lol. I want to see the hypocrisy of those who “hate socialism” but gladly except the free money.

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