How One State’s Vote Audit Is Fueling The Big Lie Across The Country | MSNBC

How One State’s Vote Audit Is Fueling The Big Lie Across The Country | MSNBC 1


    1. @Garrett Ludlow wow….I am convinced by the cogency of your argument. I don’t know why so was not seeing the darkness before this…

    2. @Garrett Ludlow you mean the alt-right side? No thanks friend. I will keep promoting the idea of representative democracy over dim strong man autocracy.
      Good luck with that though. It has always worked out for those who went down that path..until it didn’t.

    3. @Garrett Ludlow The Right side of history where you’ll find Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Kim and other Right Wingers.

    4. I think these “white nationalist” and Q wackers, need to just be deported back to their National heritage land!! OH YEA, I SAID IT!! Your want to live with all whites then go home to Russia, um…yeah, Russia about all White…right? Why not I’m sure Trumps fixing to run to his puppet master, Putin!! P.s. Send back Snowden, pls!

  1. I live in arizona and i just wanted to say these nut jobs are in the minority, there are sane people in this state.

    1. If theyare sane people, how come they still elect republicans. As ususl republicans are wasting tax payers money

    1. There’s been a canvas going on for months. People are signing affidavit shedding light on places with 200 votes registered to a parking lot. Democrats were invited to be part of the process. Get information from everywhere cause these media people only have their interest in Mind.

  2. How in god’s sweet name do we have FOUR recounts???????????? repubs are so corrupt the word corruption is meaningless to them

    1. I think the word ‘legitimate count’ doesn’t mean anything. I fear that while this so called audit is happening that they are changing every second vote of a democratic voter.

    2. They are determined to count and recount. Until the numbers come around, to what they want them to!

    3. Not just 4 recounts, but 60 court cases that were thrown out due to lack of evidence! When will this madness stop?!?
      Trumpers; “Stop the Steal!”
      Everyone else; “Stop the Stupid!”

    4. @Metal Mama3806 actually the evidence was never presented in ANY of the 60 court cases. And recounting ballots is completely different than auditing ballots.. it’s really not that difficult to understand. And I don’t know why everyone’s complaining, if there isnt any evidence of fraud then democrats win and republicans can shut up and move on.

  3. Hopefully people are starting to realize that you CANNOT reason with or live in harmony with a literal cult that dismisses reality whenever it becomes inconvenient

    1. @azure rogue Trump is gone. ANTI BIDEN. Not affiliated to a party. Veteran raised in the land of Lincoln. Kinda like those racist Wally and Beave.

    2. You’re right. But then have we ever seen Trump accept reality or even a small degree of sanity? LOL! He thinks still now in 2021 that he’s a “very stable genius” He’ll probably think that for the rest of the time he’s on planet earth!

    3. @Billy Pardew Crystal meth is bad. It will make you believe things like “extra-terrestrial pedophiles are coming…”. Good luck with your struggle man.

    4. @James Irwin I can see you have been blinded by hate. Do we NEED to see Trump accept reality? Who’s reality? One person or platform represent “conventional wisdom”

    1. @Noreb yeah so are the people that raised you. They cheated they got caught. Trump still our president. You should thank him for making our elections Fair !!!

  4. the voting equipment needs to be replaced before the next election. There is no telling if or how these so-called auditors are modifying it. The accuracy of the equipment cannot be trusted after this.

  5. Bamboo fibers is just the start. Then the ninja’s will look for panda dung and egg roll DNA.

    1. @PrimitiveSkater Go back and hibernate. Maybe your brain will develop enough to understand simple concepts.

    1. They can’t count that high. At first they wanted to do Alaska, but they realized it was too cold

    2. I live in Florida. It is very gerrymandered, crooked, voter suppression. From Ron Desantis down all Republicans are horrible and corrupt.

    3. Don’t forget Lindsey Graham. Remember how he was pleading and begging for money for his campaign.

    4. Yeah because that’s where the lies are. Trump probably lost there. But they don’t want anyone to know

  6. It sure looks like they’re going to tamper with the vote count… How can this even be legal?

    1. It’s not. No matter what comes out of this, it won’t change anything. It’s all fake. They’re just throwing a tantrum because they can’t accept that the whole country doesn’t buy into their nazi ideology.

  7. how does this just keep getting crazier?!?? Ima lose my mind soon, it’s like some freddy krueger meets peewee herman bad pcp trip

    1. Oh just wait. The more fraudits they have, the more violent and frothy mouthed the MAGA mouthbreathers will become.

      The 6th was just a Practice Run, and the GQP made that the case by letting the Fascist cheeto walk scot free.

  8. No pretense of a fair re-count. This is a clear attempt to “steal and subvert” the count. If you can’t find a problem, create one.

  9. Cyber ninjas. They run from one station to another, arms behind their backs so they don’t create extra shadows while they *track and assassinate your vote.* Trained by Naruto himself.

    1. they are going to transfer the ballots from ome location to another by cyber ninjas? this cant be for real. i need jackie chan and chris tucker to keep an eye on those sneaky devils

    2. All the Naruto running in the world won’t help them finish their fraudit before the gym gets taken over by high schoolers.

      I bet the seniors have a GQP themed prank ready, I know I would. Gonna be a fun night for them.

  10. It funny how people get arrested when not committing a crime. But nothing is being done about this.

  11. That’s what I’ve said a few times. I’m worried they will take names and information in order to harass them for how they voted.. Why use people that already believe it’s fraud, even though there isn’t, too count count ballots?

  12. If these cyber ninjas start knocking on doors, its only a matter of time before one of them gets a shotgun blast to the face.

  13. Cyber Ninjas are just getting a pay check on Arizonas dime. Send in the FBI and break up this illegal operation.

  14. In Arizona, looking for bamboo in the ballot paper caught my attention. Bamboo is a grass, it is used in a lot of paper products, and has been for years: it’s a very fast growing, very strong, very renewable resource. Finding some in a ballot doesn’t mean it came from Asia, It’s in my coffee filters, which are made in the USA.

    1. If only logic and reason Worked on these people.

      It won’t. Bamboo comes from China, so therefor, the ballot must also be from China.

      This is how MAGA Traitors think. Very simple, very linear.

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