How One Woman Helped To Vaccinate 94% Of Her Rural Alabama Community 1

How One Woman Helped To Vaccinate 94% Of Her Rural Alabama Community

Dorothy Oliver is a woman on a mission. She went door to door in her small Alabama town to convince the community to get vaccinated. Panola, AL now has a vaccination rate of 94%, and Oliver is the subject of a new documentary from the New Yorker, ‘The Panola Project,’ where you can watch her magic at work. The trick, she says? “Don’t demand –the best thing to do is let them know how serious it is.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How One Woman Helped To Vaccinate 94% Of Her Rural Alabama Community


  1. They should set up voter registration up beside covid vaccine sites…as you have to wait 15 minutes anyway..use this time to get your photo ID and show documents..since illegals are not required to get vax it’s perfect solution to a problem both sides say is an issue..get the vax and your voter ID card

  2. Thanks God people heed her call. Even if the vaccine is not perfect, at least it’s will help anyone overcome severe consequences if infected with COVID-19. Americans are fortunate to have all the vaccine they want when most of the people around the world can’t even get the first shot.

    1. California Democrat Governor Gavin Newson gave the Communist Chinese $$ 1 Billion Dollars of American Taxpayer money for Face Macks…California Democrat Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy driver, California Democrat Eric Stallwell’s girlfriend is a Communist Chinese spy, Pelosi ? .. I wonder about Newsom? YouTube is censoring everything to do with the election, news max are now very important indeed. I heard that Xi Jinping is buying Joe Bribem some incontinence pads for Christmas.

  3. X – I give a big trophy to this lady !!!! I have one in my basement, it’s very rusty but it doesn’t matter!

  4. New York state reports vaccination rates by county and by race. All the upstate Repubican counties have 90% or more whte vaccination while the black vaccinations in Democratic counties is abyssmal!

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