How One Woman’s ‘Taliban Nightmare Came True’ 1

How One Woman’s ‘Taliban Nightmare Came True’


Graduate student Nasrin Nawa was able to flee Kabul days before it fell to the Taliban. But her parents and sister remain trapped.
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  1. The only thing sadder than images from Kabul is watching FOX reporters try and take some moral high ground while protesting the possible arrival of Afghani refugees.

  2. Is Nasrin able to get asylum from US if she only had a temporary visa for her presence here? Having a secure foothold in the USA is the first step in being able to help family join you or get to another safe place.

    1. Fighting mindlessly is the whole human problem. They’d rather fight aimlessly in boredom and hatred than fight for an actual sound principle. Evolution stalled on that one a long long time ago. History snitches that truth.

    2. @Aaron Helvig You have a very flowed understanding of History. The Arabs controlled most of the Mediterranean, and all the Science, literature, philosophy of the known world was protected, studied, translated, and propagated under muslim governments. The crusaders who started by massacring other christians attacked and destroyed all form of culture. The great christian accomplishment: The Inquisition, the dark age, governed by the worst savages. The Vicking, the Franks, the Burgond, the Wisigoths… People in Spain in the 20th century were still living like in the Middle Age. The French were save by the atheist enlightenment.

  3. Her fault? Trusting Asraf Ghani and Hamid Karsai under the “watchful eye” of the US.
    This is where they’ve been led.

    1. @free2express08 – i hate 2 break this 2U, but that would be almost NOBODY in Congress or Scotus, or, POTUS! this kountry opertates on Profits over People, always has! Now, most, or atleast many, democrats atleast believe that the wealth that the 1% has akkumulated over time, does need to start trickling back down to those of us who actually created it! But not the repugs. But when it comes to wars, they will almost ALL line up their support behind it. They think we aren’t smart enuf to realize that these wars are for the SAME dam things they do to us here – to super exploit their labor and to take kontrol over any resources that are found. I mean, how many times have they kicked the Indigenous back off the lands they had finally handed over to them, cuz they found more oil and/or wanted to build some Pipelines…. The 1% never sends their own selves to go fight THEIR wars, they send the working class poor, as their canon fodder!

    2. @Paul Wright Thanks to Trump dealing with ONLY the Taliban, he legitimized terrorists foreign while fomenting domestic terrorism. Biden’s misunderstanding is a D minus, but sociopath Fuhrer Trump?
      You can keep your orange freak.

  4. The previous Afghan government vanished away so softly and suddenly that it’s as if it was never there.

    1. Yo 100%! Everyone is given the Biden Administration *ALL* of the blame, but who knew the Afghan military was going to crumble immediately?!

    2. @free2express08 you are exactly correct. Our military trained 300,000 Afghans to fight for their country. And they gave up. I don’t think that Biden and Military team could have foreseen that.

  5. She has more dignity after losing her country than many westerners have after getting a wrong order at Starbucks ..

    1. agreed
      and here people become violent bc they can’t bother to temporarily wear a small mask to protect others

    2. Let’s be honest, she is pandering to certain Western eyes, though, from that flimsy top to her over-exaggeration.

  6. She’s right. An entire generation suffered and fought for rights and freedom. Now her generation has to do the same again. It’s incredibly frustrating

    1. @xavier Magnate and I agree with that. Not blaming any side. I’m just saying it’s frustrating that nothing was achieved these 20 years except money wasted and deaths

    1. @Dfw Fqdefqw
      My point is that I wish there was something that I could do & that anything I try & say will NEVER be enough.

  7. News crew: ok so one second ma’am we are working on getting our interpreter here.
    Afghani Woman: …. press record.

  8. Reminder – President Biden’s incoming administration was left in the dark during the transition process for about 2 and a half months.

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