How Pelosi Went From No Way To Full Speed Ahead On Trump Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

How Pelosi Went From No Way To Full Speed Ahead On Trump Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Once a firm now, we look back at how Nancy Pelosi got to a yes when it comes to articles of impeachment against Trump. Jill Colvin reacts. Aired on 12/5/19.
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How Pelosi Went From No Way To Full Speed Ahead On Trump Impeachment | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Candula Girl for what being a great president improving the economy. Moving the Israeli embassy? Building the wall? Lowest black & brown unemployment in history? Prison reform? Tax cuts? What what is he going to prison for? I know getting sh*t done and making America great. No luck Trump 2020 KAG!!!

    2. @Justino Nilo Perez
      Fact checker here: OBAMA already established the highest growth economy when the moron slipped in!
      1. tRUMP court ordered
      to repay $25 MILLION to unsuspecting
      students @ defunct tRUMP U!
      2. Court ordered to pay $2.5 million to
      VETERANS (unlike himself who dodged service due to bone spurs). Initially, pocketed the funds to go into his own
      3. Ripped innocent babies/children from their immigrant families and placed them in
      subhuman quarters!
      Outcome: According to pediatricians, a
      lifetime of PTSD!!!
      4. FYI: his tax cuts benefit the wealthy!
      5. Continues rhetoric with his “I’m sorry” to
      parents of babies/youngsters who have
      been massacred. No change in gun
      6. FYI: 30 mass shootings in 2019 thanks
      to the corrupt leader and his cohort
      massacre Mitch McConnell!

      tRUMP 2020 PRISON! Way to go USA!

    3. @Candula Girl Obama so nice of you to bring him in was food stamp president the liberal socialist created a record of restrictions thus crippling the economy witch made it easy for Trump being business savvy to remove. As for your kids detained and held away from their parents. When you break the law there are consequences. it all stated under Obama the deported in chief. Face the facts Trump has been 10 X better than Hussein. More freedom. More justice. Less restrictions. No more agenda 21. Trump 2020 KAG!!!!!!

    4. @Justino Nilo Perez Business savvy??? Filed for bankruptcy at least FOUR (4) times! O-h-h such a business tycoon!

      tRUMP 2020 JAIL!!!!!

    1. ​@john scimeca Yes I specifically mentioned a Constitutional Convention, that however, would require not only calling one, but getting 3/4s of the states to ratify it. That’s pretty unlikely for something like term limits, probably even less likely than a Congressional action. So voting is still your best option if you want to replace your Congressman.

    2. @Captain 0bvi0us Yes, idiots are willing to vote for other idiots like Nancy Pelosi because of ingrained ideological ties in districts so blue that a sandwich with a (D) next to its name would win. That’s not a term limit, that’s democracy.

    3. I can hardly agree with this. The only ones left to run the government will be the bureauc”rats”. Your thinking that will clean government? It will be more corrupt than ever. We know what is needed here & that’s to start putting away those politician who are selling out America behinds bars. We, the People are far to tolerant of political corruption. Look at the Media & the Democrats using their position to bring down a duly elected president. How are you going to stop the DNC with term limits?

    4. Polesi is a mental case, along with Nadler & “Shifty” Schitt & Biden. They are FAR too protective of Ukraine & it’s corruption.

  1. Complete exposure and collapse of the US news media. That’s the story of our times. Reported by very few, but known by all.

    1. R. Michael Moore game fake news is propaganda period ….
      Brainwashing people to think a certain way…..
      I read about all the propaganda used in WW2 against America….
      Never in my life would I have thought I would see propaganda used in America’s boarders

    2. Yup, Fox News sucks and Rupert Murdoch hates the USA. Breitbart is for dribbling moron conspiracy theory followers, just like our lying president.

    3. @Rod Steel Religion is for the weak, I know I’m going to die one day, when that day comes I will face it like a man.

    1. I was reading the Mueller report earlier, specifically about the Russian IRA group that was doing the “professional” trolling. They created tons of protests and rallies for black lives matters and various liberal causes. I don’t get how democrats ignore all the ways they were helped. They did push for Trump and Bernie sanders but the main goal was creating animosity between Americans. The democrats have gone beyond hypocrisy, they’re irredeemable at this point.

  2. Gotta get impeachment done before Durham’s report comes out to make the braindead think it’s a response to impeachment. God knows Democrats will never take into consideration that the report was months in the making.

    1. @Ronnie Baker They can’t read, Ronnie, just like our president. Most are just too mean and lazy to read. They like being led down dark paths.

    2. @Ronnie Baker
      I guess we found the one viewer CNN has left. I love how you guys ignore ACTUAL actions taken by people you like while condemning IMAGINED actions that never took place by people you hate.

      I have one word for you. EVIDENCE! Provide a single peice of evidence then you’ll have my attention until then I’ll continue to irredeemably vote for Trump along with my deplorable friends.

      I will commend you for one thing though. Most of your kind simply accuse me of being a Russian bot.

    1. @Ben scott I see you in all of these comments saying the exact same thing. Maybe you should look up the definition of commie. Your ignorance is really showing.

    2. Well you can turn on any Republican media, follow Republicans in congress and Donald Trump to get a dose of the conspiracy theory which is actually Russian propaganda and Liberal hate they are spreading. Cause they aren’t biased or anything.

    3. @Marnie Grohs Russia, Russia ,Russia. You guys are Russian bots making conspiracy theories. Can you say anything else other then russia? You guys are russian, you are pravda

    1. emilio kowalski Trump supporters are just normal people with jobs, not some blue haired zombies who want to tax people for climate change.

    2. Nikhil Newse Normal people, with jobs, don’t bow to billionaires who implement tax cuts for their wealthy friends. But you really believe a man born into massive wealth, with an ego like Trump, actually cares about you? That man will mold a future with the best interests of his children and grand children in mind before he gave two damns about you and the rest of the working class.

    3. @Christopher Rodriguez That is kinda shocking how one of the richest men on earth somehow tricked the poor into thinking he was one of them. Then they try to pull the “trump supporters are normal people”, no you are not. Trump split thousands of children from their families during the most critical stage of mental development. Those kids did nothing wrong, yet now they will probably never be able to have a proper relationship ever again. Not a fan of illegals, but those kids did nothing wrong. Trump calls minorities names like animals and criminals. He wants to build this moronic wall, even though people can easily climb it, sail around, bury underneath it. It’s a racist monument and it’s a shame, especially since we have homeless veterans with no help, begging for food. As a vet, this didn’t sit right with me, nor did the fact that Trump dodged the draft, and the poor soldier who took his place was killed. I don’t like that he empowers racist like white supremacist, confusing children like that Texas shooter. He tried to say in his letter that trump was not responsible, but anytime someone says that, they are basically admitting the opposite. Trump is a marionette for the rich, they will only keep him until he’s bad for business. He is very bad for business right now, possibly trying to start a war with China. Weapons contracts and war are one of the most lucrative forms of finance in the world. So the rich are done with him, it’s not that the little people matter at all. Trump went into office for one reason, to make money. You can’t just call it fake news, when these are very real issues.

    1. @C Faz great point, saying wrong totally nullfies my argument. Also, i was talking of hillary not bill.

    2. Exactly, I have already created three new cocktails from the Trump Impeachment. They are all great and deserve the Trump name: Trump Sour, the Trump Kamikaze, and the Trump Long Island Tea. They will make all Trumpers want a double impeachment…..

    1. @Candula Girl because she makes dumb moves and statements im conserative i have allways been republican i have turn on no one. if you cant understand my comment your the one with a reading problem. im not responsable for what you understand or dont

    2. @jamie turnage I’ll check on my so-called reading problem after you check your grammar, spelling,
      punctuation, capitalization, etc.?

    3. @Candula Girl sounds like a deal to me see were not so different. ill work on mine if you will work on your manners. sound good to you ok then i no my spelling sucks but i have a colledge reading level and a iq of 180.their is nothing i cant fix .i just never paid close attention to spelling .i thought growing up it was a waste of time if i new it was important on the internet i would have study harder on it.and not be so rusty at just never had to spell untill i got on the internet.where it seems its very frown upon to miss spell .

    1. Doggone right! Hiding behind Catholicism, yeah you don’t hate him,and you pray for him. Yeah. She prays he gets hurt in an accident, gets mortally I’ll, yeah she doesn’t hate him,but never seeing him again in this life would be nice is more like it. Some Catholics, right, no quid pro quo Joe is Catholic too, where do these characters stand on abortion?

    2. @Pay It Forward you are 100% correct, she should have said evangelical upbringing since, they definitely don’t care about morality!

  3. Just remember, Nancy Pelosi, was for taking James Madison statue down two years ago, now she is quoting him. To funny, can’t make this stuff up.

    1. @Ben scott you people and your ridiculous Russian delusions. Not only was that narrative debunked, he’s been harder on Russia than any president since the cold war.

    2. @Adam Kendall It’s all they got man. They bow down to Rachel Maddow. “Trump is an Agent of Russia” Democrats – OMG Trump is an Agent of Russia.

  4. You’re looking at the death of the democrat party
    When they hit that senate floor
    It’s up they are trapped then it all comes out

    1. @Candula Girl ; Why we have the best President ever. Economy is off the charts good and Trump is also exposing the corrupt.

    1. @SICCC Studios you are right about history. History will look back at the attempted coup by overthrowing a legitimate presidential election with the big lies of collusion and obstruction hours after the election was over. Undeniable facts. Remembermaxine waters(impeach trump) the very next day? My words stand but i am not cruel. I truly hope you learn from all this. Maybe this will help. I don’t particularly like trump the m a n. But i lov e trump the president.

    2. @Gerald Colgrove he didn’t even win the popular vote Gerald… I know we will not see eye to eye on this. But we are both right when we say the future will look back at this. And honestly, neither of us can say with 100% what this will be. I do not know how old you are, but I’m 24. I hope we both live to see what all this becomes and how the future really looks back at it.

    3. @SICCC Studios oh and the military parade? My parents generation saved all of us from tyranny. We are the biggest dog in the yard and protector of all people whether we like it or not. A parade is a dual purpose event. It honors our heroes and warns our enemies the cost of trying to rule over us.

    4. @SICCC Studios And what were his Facts? “I asked the President, what do you want?” Trumps response, “I want Nothing, I want No Quid Pro Quo”

    1. Look at these fools. They still believe Trump works for Russia. The left has gone insane. I fear they might be to far gone. I hope we don’t have to rid that many mentally ill and challenged from our society.

    2. @Anonymous Person trump doesn’t work for democrats and that’s the real reason they call him traitor. Lol

  5. That interesting moment when the comment section speaks more fact than the new video they’re commenting on.

  6. Then “escariot” whent to the potters field, he put a knoose around his neck tied to a low hanging branch, and fell on his sword.

    History is Prophecy
    Treasonous Seditious Skeletor
    bag of dead mens bones seems to be in the process of repeating history….. The twisted/wicked Never learn, pigs get fed, Hogs get Slaughtered!

    Get a Q lou!

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