How Police Put George Floyd's Killer Behind Bars - But The 'Blue Wall' Holds 1

How Police Put George Floyd’s Killer Behind Bars – But The ‘Blue Wall’ Holds


It’s rare for a police officer to be convicted of murder on the job, so rare that zero officers were convicted of murder for shooting a person between the years 2005-2015. From 2016 on, there were about one or two such convictions. MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports key facts of what made this trial different and offers a warning based on criminal justice reporting through the years. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 04/21/2021.
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How Police Put George Floyd's Killer Behind Bars – But The 'Blue Wall' Holds


  1. *MY AMERICA,*
    Don’t you think that now, after the guilty verdict of a clearly open and shut case that was, nevertheless, not a forgone conclusion — that after glimpsing a latent goodness we are in fact capable of — that it’s time we started to embrace it and become Americans worthy of the name? Maybe we can start to do that. All it takes is wisdom.
    So the next step? A total overhaul of the criminal justice system in general, and the completely arbitrary “use of deadly force” prerogative (that only the police enjoy) in particular. To do that, we must empty Washington D.C. of this current crowd of Republican thugs and Trump-smacked wannabes who currently haunt the Senate! You get me?

    1. If a black person doesnt feel like getting arrested, the cops should let them go, call it black privilege

    2. If the criminal justice system was overhauled the way it should be you would need less cops, lawyers, judges an correctional institutions. No republican or Democrat would ever allow it to happen, cause there’s to much money in it.

    3. @Troy Stocker Did Breonna, Philando, Daunte “not want to get arrested”? Should people who don’t want to get arrested (who DOES?) be killed? Your post exposes your faulty logic, as well as your poor grammar (“a black person,” then, “they should let THEM go”). Not that I believe you’ll understand either point.

    1. They sided with him until their careers were at risk. Then they jumped ship like the rats they are.

    2. @Akitsu Maru Yeah.. probably so. Yet the right outcome came to fruition. And now the AG has started an investigation into the Mpls police departments.

  2. These are the police that people can respect….just because you have a badge doesn’t make you my brother

  3. Friendly reminder that these cops who testified against Chauvin are the same ones who issued the initial statement that Floyd died of “medical implications.”

    1. Thats the terrifying part. They did the right thing after they were caught. Thank god for video phones.

    2. Friendly reminder, they send a man to jail cause it’s easier to put 1 man behind bars than the thoussands of BLM supporters. He will sit for 3 months, probally less if the riots keep going.

    3. @Devo Friendly reminder, Chauvin had 19 complaints of excessive use of force in his 20 years career. Thats 19 cases of assault. Thats a far more extensive criminal record that George Floyd. Another friendly reminder, Derek Chauvin was conclusively proven to muder George Floyd and justice has been served by his conviction on all counts, guilty of murder. Another friendly reminder, the riots are over Adam Toledo and have nothing to do with the Floyd verdict, which is a correct verdict.

    4. @Andy Snadden OOh Proof that these 19 complaints are about excessive use of force?

      Cause so far i have only seen that it’s 19 and peopel where saying it cointans people complaining about being arrested or not agreeing with him.

  4. They need to teach police about death throes. It’s not “excited delirium”. The body thrashes as it dies. That’s what George was doing.

    1. There are only two medical organizations in the United States that recognize the existence of excited delirium.

      Coincidentally, they both work closely with the police.

  5. The other 3 officers that allowed this murderous, avoidable and unnecessary killing of Mr Floyd to happen are just as guilty, they could have stopped him at anytime and choose not to intervene it’s disgusting.

    1. what you should be saying is : The 3 other officers were the ONLY people there in any position to do anything . the public are not authoritive figures , the police ARE .

  6. Fearing a public record of sworn testimony that would incriminate “Policing” or their department, members of the police department instead threw Derek Chauvin under the bus.

    1. Foh ..Chauvin did this to himself ..he’s racist he’s going to PRISON..the bruthas are waiting to get their hands on him..I hope they do..give him a dose and then some what he did to George Floyd..BLM

    2. Chauvin murdered someone on camera with tens of witnesses around. Can’t really throw him under the bus for when he did it openly.

  7. The thin blue line will only end when officers realize that telling the truth protects themselves, their own reputation, and the reputation of the entire department.

  8. The MAIN reason he was found guilty was because people were SHUTIN from covid and actually were able to watch and hear a HUMAN BEING begging for his life. I’m sure the jury saw what the WHOLE WORLD saw.

  9. We live in a country where law enforcement cooperating with law enforcement for the benefit of black American citizens is something that still needs to be advocated for and protested for in 2021

  10. If there hadnt been a camera there they would have gotten away with it.
    The witnesses and vid saved justice in this case.
    Thats it.

  11. Thank you for being blunt Ari.
    It’s suspect it’s not easy asking the state to stop the police from murdering black men and women when nobody is being convicted of those murders. Let’s hope that if this was to happen again, we see this same result.

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