How President Donald Trump Captured The Republican Party | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Trump gave the GOP and their wealthiest friends one of the largest tax cuts in u.s. history. $1.6 trillion

    1. Trump shifted the tax burden from corporations and our most wealthy, onto the shoulders of the middle class.

  2. “There’s …there’s two people, I think, Putin pays: [California Representative Dana] Rohrabacher and Trump …… swear to God.”- Kevin McCarthy

    As vile a liar this guy is, at least on occasion he speaks the truth.

  3. Paul Ryan as House Speaker was a failure. The only accomplishments he has is increasing the National Debt and lowering taxes for the rich (like he and his family), and lowering corporate taxes!

    1. “Paul Ryan was correct when he did the tax code. What’s the first thing he decided to go after? Social Security and Medicare.” -Joe Biden

      BERNIE WAVE 2020 #VoteProgressiveNoMatterWhichParty Pull the Democratic party to the left, where it’s supposed to be.

    2. Yeah, Paulie was *really* disappointed that he didn’t get to gut Social Security and Medicare, like he used to fantasize about while we paid for his college education.


    3. Lyin’ Ryan, supposed Republican wonder-boy–actual water boy–was always a fraud. Labeled as a budgetary genius, but known for producing wildly unrealistic budgets with huge cuts to social programs. In other words, typical Republican. As with other recent Republican Speakers, Ryan in practice not the promise, getting very little accomplished other than pursuing partisan interests. Not an effective leader, presiding over a chaotic, disjointed, and dysfunctional majority. Even worse than Republican predecessors, as he had the distinction of being Traitor Trump’s lap dog and protector. Another cowardly Republican, one who only speaks out now against Trump, when it no longer requires real courage.

  4. Trump(CHUMP) owns them because he has dirt on the republicans in office and the puppy dogs shut up. Let’s just be honest about how politicians work. Why is America so naive??

  5. All these career GOP politicians and government officials (the so-called adults in the room), who thought they could contain the man child, were played by Trump. They are all gone, while he is still in the White House, getting worse. This ends badly.

    1. Im seriously thinking of taking me and my 2 children and moving to Denmark. My son’s Grandparents are from there and they have a nice summer house on the beach there they said i could always use no problem. Ill live there with my kids until the US becomes semi normal again. This country lost its collective mind after 9/11.

  6. Kevin McCarthy….waiting for the return of McCarthyism at this point. This author has pointed out the biggest problem with both parties, politicians do what is best for re-election, not was best for their constituents and that’s why they hate the squad. Stop playing politics with American lives, stand up and fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all.

    1. Neo-McCarthyism is the norm. Fake News and demonizing socialists and calling opponents communists while claiming criticism is anti-American. Calling nationalism patriotism is a co-opting and is dangerous.

    2. the squad lol. you must be some sort of “influencer.” lol. you people are way too emo for me. lol.

  7. I can answer that last question with another: The box has been tipped over, look what spilled out. How are we going to put all that back in the box?

    America is at its ideological core, a decent place but paradoxically, it is indelibly stained with fear, anger, resentments mistrust and a xenophobic nature.

    1. America first….not hard to understand. If you’re not for America first then you should be nervous, fearful, angry, mistrustful, and scared.

  8. At least the 4 Republicans have moral and conscience and voted to comdemn Trump, unlike the other gutless and spineless Republicans !

    1. Samuel Yeo, nothing Trump said was racist.
      We’re letting idiots define what is considered to be racist.

    2. @jared teer Only a racist would say trump’s comments was not racist Period so you are obviously a racist or so dumb not to understand the words he said to the four colored people or your a russian bot.

  9. Conservative plutocrats and the GOP created the beast over decades with round-the-clock propaganda, but were swallowed whole by their own mutated creations of daily outrage and phony populism; first by the Tea Party, then by Trump. Unable to go back, and clearly having no way forward, they remain planted in their own muck and mire, trapped by the cult of their own making. The pundits and conservatives rejecting Trump are trying to salvage their party, but any person of principle and sense ought to know enough to defect the rotten machine.

  10. Say what you will about B.S. Barr, he’s an amazingly quick worker–in no time, he’s transformed DOJ into the Department of Jokes!

  11. White Evangelicals made deal with the devil, crucified their plastic Jesus on their used popsicle stick. Because family values?!

  12. The f***ing Evangelicals will either turn on Trump in 2020 or will confess their allegiance to the Antichrist.
    I expect the best they can so is stay home and not vote, while praying for someone decent to replace the deplorable Donald Trump.

  13. They embraced an racist, ignorant ,tyrant who is morally corrupt. He is their face and symbol . History will not be kind ….

  14. The GOP has been full of Grand Old Perverts for a long time. It’s just now they feel its ok to display their racism. #VOTEBLUE2020!

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