How QAnon Supporters Work To Spread Ideas Via School Boards | MSNBC 1

How QAnon Supporters Work To Spread Ideas Via School Boards | MSNBC

NBC News reporter Ben Collins details how many people who spout QAnon’s false claims have hatched a new plan to run for school board or local office, spread the gospel of Q.

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How QAnon Supporters Work To Spread Ideas Via School Boards | MSNBC


  1. At the moment QAnus are in the back yard, pushing Cheerios into the ground and waiting for donuts to grow.

    1. @Just Say’n What if the ‘plan’ is real? What if you just don’t know what to look for?

    2. @Guacamole Kid W is Ron Watkins and his pig farmer dad. He tricked the most gullible people in our society. Republicans.

  2. Cultists and Evangelicals are trained to believe in things with no proof, of course they fall for all kinds of stupidity.

    1. @Matt O burbles, “too many of them pushing to impose their beliefs and idealogy on the masses through religious based laws and policies.”

      One person one vote. Don’t like it? Get out.

    2. @Freewheelin’ Franklin Almost. All evangelicals are cultists, but not all cultists are evangelicals.

    3. @tori2dles ” There have been various individuals in the past century who did approach the Bible with more of an academic approach. ”

      That’s essentially irrelevant to the discussion.
      Religion generally and the more extreme christian evangelicalism in particular are all grounded in faith. Faith by definition does not require evidence. Nor is it a reliable path nor guide to truth and explanations of reality.
      Hence the original comment.

  3. Something must be done about people being so susceptible to belief in such utter nonsense. Is it education or lack of? Is it the generations of gaslighting and fear mongering the “conservatives” have experienced? Is it misplaced grievance? WTF is wrong with these people?

    1. @eclectrickery one more thing though, we all know the CIA has taken part in drug smuggling, traffick of illegal arms to hostile nations, and has overthrown foreign governments. Why not human trafficking? I’m not a Trump supporter, I also can’t stand Biden. However, where there is smoke, there are shady intelligence operations. Also why wasn’t Trump talking about this specifically in regards to the Finders? Why was the mainstream media not covering this? You would think if it was for Trump to win the election, wouldn’t Tucker Carlson be talking about the Finders reports?

    2. @Katherine Raven sounds like Nazi things exiting your mouth. I thought you were good liberals. I can’t stand the concept of eugenics but sounds like you’re on board.

    1. @Judith Chambers we’re not the ones who rioted last summer causing 2 billion in damages and 40 deaths.

    1. @G C well I’ve never seen any photos like that nor want to but you sure seem to know a lot don’t you?

    2. @G C you mean the forest that you invent like the supposed “frazzledrip” video? You qturds tried to pass off a death metal album cover from 1993 as a real “still” from said so called video. You’re full of crap

    3. @James Russell stuck on MSM smear campaign talking points I see. You seem to be a part of the 4% that we’ll lose forever. Hopefully not, for your sake. Just try to be open to new ideas, okay?

    4. @G C I’m going to explain algorithms of search engines for you so you can stop being used by the grifters: THEY ARE THE CONNECTING DOTS. Literally. First search it comes up somewhere on page 2; Second search: it’s in the bottom third of page 1; Third time: BAM! Page 1 covered in links and forever more you will see “evidence.”

    5. @G C you cannot just keeping say “MSM”. And think that gets you out of you being proven wrong. You have been proven wrong so many times here it’s not even funny. I really think you need to get help. If you really believe the things you have said here, you need help.

    1. @Insignificant360 It is amazing how stupid some of these trolls are.

      “Let’s do stuff and tell everyone the dog did it”

      Well done, GQP.

    2. @Kev McCarthy They’re following one of Baby Cheesus’s Commandments: Thou Shalt Project Onto Thy Enemies- Translated from “Just Say Everyone Does It! MAGA!”

    3. @Insignificant360 The Mango Mussolini has a lot to answer for, but these people were stupid long before 2016. I mean, your IQ can’t halve in a few years without a lobotomy … can it?

    4. @Kev McCarthy Cerebral atrophy from a daily dose of The Three Stooges: FOX, NewsMax and OAN.

    1. @Ken Albertsen Good things take time- like waking the people up to the massive voter fraud- wait until the truth comes out about what happened in Haiti- other revelations to come. Right now we are waiting for AZ results- That’s going to prove the massive election fraud.

    2. @Thomas Lucas you do realize that the Russian collusion narrative has been de-bunked, right?

    3. @Mutton Chops Well DC is occupied by the military right now- there’s a barbed wired fence around the Capitol Bldg. and the general in charge told good morning America that there would be “a smooth transition into military power” look it up on you tube- that’s a start- want me to go on?

    1. If this keeps up, half of American adults will be manning looney bins housing the other half of the adults.

    1. @mike briganti: Because, Michael Flynn is domestic traitor who specializes in propaganda. This is probably the most insidious type of terrorist, as they may or may not have guns clinging to every orifice; but, even if they do, you’re not necessarily going to see them due to the fact that the freaks in question aren’t necessarily walking around with them so often, showing them off, threatening people, etc. Michael Flynn should, based on all that is moral and ethical, still be rotting in a prison cell for being a Russian asset, to which he plead guilty to lying about and for which he was fired from the Trump Administration for lying to Mike Pence about.

      That’s why!


  4. Qanoners: Please polish your tinfoil hats, put on your purple shrouds and drink the Kool Aid please.

    1. @Insignificant360 Cult- you say that word about us when it you guys who act like a cult- none of you have an original thought. Plus the election was a sting- what do you think the Q plan is?

    2. @Ugly German Truths The election was a sting- you guys are so clueless as to what’s about to happen- AZ audit is coming out soon- so much more- It had to be this way to expose the machines and the corruption.

  5. This is why it is so important to vote in EVERY election no matter how small it seems consistently. It doesn’t do any good to vote one year skip a few years and then vote again.

    1. When the results of the audits come out, it’s going to make all these people that are saying the there wasn’t any election fraud look pretty silly.

  6. If it walks like a “Q”uack and talks like a “Q”uack, it definitely is a “Q”uack. When it comes to “Q”uacks anonymous, the first of twelve steps is the self admission…”Hi, I’m Dumold and I’m a “Q”uack.”

  7. Q-nuts heard school board officials discussing “how to best serve the children” and freaked out!

  8. We already busted some people trying to do that locally. It was the largest turn out a voters in our school boards history and they overwhelmingly sent them packing. Awareness is your best friend people.

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