How RBG became the face of the Trump resistance 1

How RBG became the face of the Trump resistance


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is viewed by many as the face of the resistance against President Donald Trump and his administration. Chris Cillizza explains how RBG gained that titled and her influence on the current bench.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg continues to work out at Supreme Court private gym, her trainer says

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Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, No Fan of Donald Trump, Critiques Latest Term

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg calls Trump a 'faker,' he says she should resign

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who skipped Trump’s speech, bemoans partisan atmosphere in Washington

Ginsburg suggests she has at least five more years on the Supreme Court

10 things you didn't know about the 'Notorious RBG'

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      My response:
      Quoted from source:
      The nuclear agreement included China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, so Obama didn’t carry out any part of it on his own. The deal did lift some sanctions, which lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. And, to be clear, the money that was unfrozen belonged to Iran. It had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program.
      Please stop spreading lies- it sounds pathetic.

    2. @Steele InghamYou wrote: Question to Democ RATS what do you enjoy representing most in your party
      1. planned parenthood
      2. the Klan
      3. ISIS
      4. drag queen story time?

      My response: I cannot speak for others but I will give it a shot.

      1. Planned Parenthood
      Let us see, It provides things such as : STD testing and treatment, birth control, well-woman exams, cancer screening and prevention, abortion, hormone therapy, infertility services, and general health care.
      So it is very important to the women that need the services.
      2. The Klan
      Even if Democrats did support the KKK they already have a leader in Trump
      3. Isis
      see the answer above
      4. Drag queen story time
      How does a man wearing a wig, makeup and a dress change story time.
      They obviously love the person enough to read someone a story.
      How often do you read to your loved ones.
      So I would be stuck between #1 and #4…
      Seeing is how #2 and #3 could never work out with a Democrat.
      Hope that helps

    3. @Bob Dobalina You are concerned that Biden “has sex with women against their will” and why they are not reporting it.
      Good luck- I was wondering the same thing when Trump was accused of raping that 13 year old little girl.
      No media coverage on CNN.
      Even when Trump raped his wife- CNN did not report it.
      Bad CNN, Bad CNN

  1. “How a person is like in one part of their life is how they are in all parts of their life.” Zen saying.

    1. Joe Biden just quipped that the safest place in the world from Coronavirus is the City of Chernobyl. Maybe he isn’t senile, just has bad timing with comments like that since most Chinese citizens now derisively refer to the virus as China’s Chernobyl-virus??

    2. Listen I may disagree with criss but he’s a PAESAN AND I LOVE THE GUY IN A SITUATION LIKE THIS ALL WE GOT IS EACH OTHER

    1. Joe Biden just quipped that the safest place in the world from Coronavirus is the City of Chernobyl. Maybe he isn’t senile, just has bad timing with comments like that since most Chinese citizens now derisively refer to the virus as China’s Chernobyl-virus??

    1. If Trump is a Zionist stooge then. How come the old Oded Yinon plan ha gone tits up since he became president?
      Under saint Barry Libya went down and so too was Syria: but then it all ground to a halt, how come?…..

    2. @Urien Rheged Because Russia showed up…..who knows………..but what we do no is that trump is the biggest puppet that this country has ever seen.

      ……..and if you know about the oded yinon plan then you know that trump is said puppet…so, what time is it in Tel Aviv chopa lol.

    1. @Fred Rogers OK I’m surprised you are not out in the street, with tiki torches chanting “Flus will not replace us”. How about “good viruses on both sides” LOL No, Drumpf is pretending to be president because he was the spokesman for the “Obama born in Kenya” birther movement, but you’re right, his wall lie helped as well.

    2. @Rachel Ash there wasnt good people on both sides she deserved to get run over by the car but as far as i can tell jews will replace us they are doing a excellent job at it.It is not natural for a country to willingly undergo demographic change we are being sold out he got elected only because of this not because people wanted revenge on obama.

    1. It’s cause they r adrenochrome junkies and when these pedo’s have their fix cut off they turn into old wrinkled zombies … Look at the bizzare utube videos from these recent Hollywood elites… Panic mode… Soon they will feel the pain

  2. Laughable RBG looks like a breeze would knock her over …CNN has this minion SELLING YOU on RBG’s health !!!

  3. This sales pitch on RBG’s fantastic health .. reminds me of Hillary Clinton on Jimmy Kimmel opening a (preopened) jar of pickles.

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