How Republicans Trade Dignity To Stay In Party Of Trump | All In | MSNBC 1

How Republicans Trade Dignity To Stay In Party Of Trump | All In | MSNBC


“The binding glue of the Republican Party under Donald Trump is the performance of self-debasement and humiliation. That is what you do to be part of the Trump cult,” says Chris Hayes.
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    1. Dems are Owned
      by China. And
      Mitch– he’s in partnership
      With China too–him and his wife.

    2. GOP the Greedy Obstructing Polluters Party has been exposed for what they’ve been for a long time now by Spanky and his gang just one of the very few positive things that he’s gotten done MAGA Make Authoritarianism Go Away

  1. “Child enthusiast” Roy Moore: Thank you for endorsing me, Donald.

    Donald Trump: Don’t mention it. I’m all about human dignity and decency.

    1. The title is so relevant about the toxic gop goons trading dignity to be trumps complicit.
      A bunch of traitors is what they really are.

    1. He’s the real life version of that slimmy business man named Mr. Hanley from the Green Acres.

    2. نويون زهزاو يونيو حائط أَبْرآُر براق وك ذيحجه جيتا says:


    3. @Robert Hoeller all those billions wasted and we couldnt keep you from climbing the wall

    4. The place they want to build a wall and he left that poor dog in the cold house how was he not accused of animal abuse ?

  2. Ted Cruz: Where’s my family?

    Donald Trump: Under the bus. That’s where you threw them to prove your loyalty to me, remember Teddy boy?

  3. And just WHAT does McConnell think Biden is “trying to do to this country”, besides HELPING US FOR A CHANGE?!

    1. @johnabuick No. This isn’t “survival of the fittest”, it’s just plain evil. It’s what dictators do.

    2. He is a useless old man who thinks that the same old tricks from 2009/2010 will help him in 2021/2022.

  4. Daily Reminder: On January 6, 2021, Impeached former President Trump attacked America during a joint session of Congress

    1. Andy Hutchinson I don’t recall money for foreign abortions, can you give me specifics? The bombing was done because of mercenaries attacking U.S. interests. I guess you think it’s okay for foreign mercenaries to attack U.S. contractors?

    2. @Sophie Robinson .. you know that antifa and BLM members were caught on camera and were there too as well right?

    3. @Andy Hutchinson When trump first took office he dropped the Mother of All Bombs on Syria. He tripled drone strikes and doubled civilian casualties across the map. He increased sanctions to near genocidal levels & nearly got us into war w/ Iran. Launched 3 failed coup attempts- 2 in Venezuela and one in the US. So there’s that….

  5. It figures it takes a woman to stand up to T***p. I’m no fan of Liz Cheney but I’d never call her weak.

    1. She has more cajones than all the men in her party put together. But it’s too little too late after she voted 90% of the time for Trumps policies

  6. Time to eliminate Congressional secret ballots. How can constituents know how to vote if they don’t know how their Congressman/Congresswoman vote? What kind of representation is that?

    1. What’s with the “secret” ballots? Doesn’t anyone have the “balls” to vote for the TRUTH? For the RIGHT THING? For DEMOCRACY??????????????? How can anyone in their right mind vote for Donal Trump?

    1. EXACTLY! The repukes have NO ethic or moral compass and for the most part all of them lie like their cheeto leader trump

    2. I was about to say the same thing. They have no concept of dignity or morals because they don’t consider themselves a part of the lowly garbage that is the public.

    1. @Jason M mccarthy was a young handsome sandwich maker in oildale ca when Bill Thomas fell in love with him and bought and groomed him. He got a spanking for verbalizing his disgust of trumps insurrection. Pity him he has no real personality of his own.

  7. We have to start just accepting the fact that this is their choice. We must move on and get the work done before it’s too late. The world is not stopping for them.

    1. It may be their choice, but this malignant cancer is destroying our democracy.

      How do you think it is going to play out if a state goes for the democrats in an upset next cycle? I bet some of the gop will demand to change the electors. There is a decent possibility they will do it.

      The “audit” in Arizona is just the tip of the iceberg. Expect them to cast doubt on every loss they suffer and continue to oppose basically everything that they see as a potential win for Biden.

      After several election cycles like that you can expect that most elections will be considered illegitimate by a distinct minority of people in this country. Those folks will include some who will organize and take action. Jan 6th will become the norm, and not the exception. Kind of like how mass shootings are the norm these days.

      So yes we should try to get as much done as possible without them, but we also need to address this issue. Otherwise we are heading towards some really ugly times.

  8. Mitch: „no comment. I’m too busy destroying the attempt to help the country and American people.“

  9. It’s like they’re playing truth or dare & everyone keeps pickin dare…just humiliating themselves like they’re trying to outdo each other!

  10. This shows how important our local elections are. We need to pay attention to our local leaders who are playing these games with our futures.

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