How Riots Show Trump Supporters Not Just White, Disaffected Americans | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How Riots Show Trump Supporters Not Just White, Disaffected Americans | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Last week's insurrection at the U.S. Capitol shatters a myth that support for Donald Trump was largely white, disaffected working class Americans. Nikole Hannah-Jones joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 1/12/2021.
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How Riots Show Trump Supporters Not Just White, Disaffected Americans | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @goodtasteification I’ve got pardoning guilty people because he can, watching a city destroy itself because he can, cheat people out of money to make himself look rich, and promising people things results that can’t be met. That’s your “hero”. Just because I hate Trump doesn’t mean I automatically like Biden.

    1. To overcome ones innate common sense and make them believe absurdities and commit atrocities they must first be receptive. A door to door salesman can’t sell anything unless the homeowner willfully opens the door and listens with interest.

    2. @Spartacus Forlife: It isn’t that simplistic…there are plenty of people considered ELITE that are good, principled people. I’ve seen plenty of elites, for over a decade, begging for the system to change because they believe this inequality is poison to our society. These same people create charitable programs and education and do what they can to right the wrong. You just can’t correctly say all elites are bad.

    3. @Maggie in a revolution the fact that you may be a sympathetic member of the elite makes no difference to the mob. Just read about the French and Russian revolutions. A revolution is about getting rid of one elite and putting another in place. My argument is that whilst the elites live in their bubbles the fail to see the hordes coming over the hill and when you see violence from those on the left and right it’s a sure sign that unless the elite do something to alleviate the growing tensions they will get washed away

  1. The White rich elite also had financial motive. They came out like bandits with the Trump tax cuts, deregulations, and pandemic relief funds.

    1. @art anderson what are you talking about, Socialism is undermining the stock exchange to live in a communist state. What you’re actually trying to define is the difference between socialism and capitalism, as in the west is capitalist not socialist because it owns a stock exchange, Socialism is the erosion of the stock exchange, communism is the final stage of socialism, where capitalism no longer provides incentive.

    2. @james s USA army is a socialized instrument…it is the biggest welfare recipient of the USA nation politicians and corrupt cops

    3. @Marty Methuselaws So why are they employing pr companies to issue anti white narrative and other such psychological operations, that have been banned since 1945.

    4. @james s USA lost the great race war to Japan (called WW2)..
      read the treaty of San Francisco.

      and Missouri?.
      truly loves company
      do not believe everything you see on TV..
      always read the Laws. .that is the only narrative…

      you got rights for blacks’ now..they use to be a second class..UN rights made them free (like me..i am first nation ..i honor the German axis and Japanese red son)..not USA…
      USA is a shameless white court of jesters (based on yellow and black doctrines of the rewritten bibles )

    5. @james s Office of War Time information is the media of the USA now…
      that was reformed in war time in 1948 with the dept of Defense (USA LOST WAR DEPT)
      CIA made..Airforce created …they gave up planes and started building underground bases and missile instead..

      INFORMATION is the new medium of war now ..the chips and motherboards are made in Asia or Taiwan and Japan specifically..

      Jet stream was why USA lost to Japan. .that goes only one way in war time if they were to use biological disease..

      now back to aoc…
      the Germans soldiers crossed her line..hurrah..hurrah…

  2. If it wasn’t for Democrats you wouldn’t have Social security, Disability, Health insurance? I guess the White militia are fighting to be homeless and living under a bridge???

    1. @Isidra Lopez Ortiz They think they will do well in the dictatorship, some actually do well on the inside track. With a dictatorship those who have the inside track tend to keep it without competition.
      You will find a central hatred of a level playing field that puts their privilege at risk (affirmative action, affordable healthcare etc).
      Racial hatred is a tool to them. As bad as abuse of black people is, the poor whites who are mobilised against black people are abused at the same time.
      Divide and conquer to maintain often unearned privilege.
      The privileged do get into the fray when they see no downside, like now or Tulsa 1919. Poor people didn’t have aircraft to bomb Black Wall Street.

  3. Do not give them the upper hand by saying “they are the most economically, most powerful citizens”, THEY are the “lousiest, most thumbsucking, wannabes because they have been entitled their entire lives citizens” that are going DOWN.

  4. Exactly what the Confederates did -they used the racism of the South for their own interests to maintain their plantation way of life using slavery to do it!

    1. Rugr82day AIM activist John Trudell referred to that idea as confederate, nazi drippings.
      Same as the racism used to segregate & control prison populations.

  5. Y’all realize that sending in the loonies (After a rally called “Stop the Steal”) to literally steal paper electoral ballot votes would be the plot to a 60s Batman episode, right? Thank Roger Stone. That’s how criminally insane Trumpers are now

    The tree of tyranny is watered with the blood of idiots

    Fahrenheit 1941



    1. @Caramelo Bella What makes you think he’s a hater? You don’t think he just bought the Republican’s Big Lie that the election was “stolen”? That’s what motivated most of them

  7. Rich conservatives have always been what hurts poor conservatives. They just blame everyone else and the rubes fall for it.

    1. @David salo ,for one thing there no such people as white,it’s an ideal not a fact, For they changed there name to white in 1681 in Virginia, to take ownership of slaves and land and to be able to marry women of color. It’s irrefutable evidence that’s proven.

    2. @Mainely Really I see you have no clear understanding of your Ancestor past,it’s goes well beyond the civil war, the planter’s want o maintain Christian caucasian Supremacism system,forever. The great compromise of 1871, that’s when the so-called white people got rich in the south and the north. Vangabond.

    3. @Mainely The plantation owners was never there land to begin with,it was stolen and taken, many by the great land act ,in turn invented the 5 dollar Indian,just 5 dollars could get you 40.acres and a mule. And Mainely be a so-called white man your in.

    1. @Jake I’m well aware, but comparing them to Bolsheviks seems way more effective because of how much they hate “communism”.

  8. He’s a successful con man doing what every other politician does: serving himself and the rich while fooling the poor.

    1. No, not all the politicians are the same. Any way politicians come from the people and are voted by the people. So all the people are dishonest, self serving individuals. Is that it? I don’t believe it.

    1. Illinois had a CEO who is no longer a CEO after attending the terrorist rally. He’ll have plenty of time as a defendant to keep him busy while unemployed.

    2. @delritmo la clave I was at a party in March of 2018 and met two IRS agents who support Trump. Scary! They voted for him and loved him!

  9. Black Americans been telling everyone in this country for centuries ….everything is infiltrated by White supremacy hate …now People wanna admit it…please

    1. This is about politics not race.
      Ted Cruz – Mexican
      Marko Rubio – Cuban
      Elain Chao – Chinese
      Ben Carson and Herman Caine – Black
      Jared Kushner – Jewish
      Sure YOU arent the racist?
      Cuz your BS only works if you falsely stereotype all republicans as White, and all Democrats as minorities.

    2. Same race soldiers running around this country for 400 years.
      They just call themselves police now, but they’ve had many names.

  10. Having education doesn’t mean you have intelligence, education can be bought but not intelligence

  11. What riots?

    Did anyone see riots?

    I didn’t. I saw a violent attempted coup d’etat by right wing fascist terrorists.

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