1. Republicans are the reason why we have warning labels that say things like,
    “Not to be taken internally” and “Remove wrapper before eating.”

    1. @J C, the irony that you, the dumbest person on this thread, mocked people with a public school education, is obviously above your IQ level…🤦‍♂️

    2. @Geff Joldblum Interestingly in Scotland they lowered the voting age to 16 for their independence referendum and found that 16 & 17 year olds actually took the time to research the issues and inform themselves before voting. But then again Scotland has an education system that works

    1. I’m a republican and agree with the lady in the middle. I think DeSantis is completely miscalculating; especially when it comes to children. Many more republicans are anti-mask and anti-vaccine than democrats, which for me as a republican is embarrassing, but the majority of republicans are fully vaccinated and find it ignorant that DeSantis and other republicans are making masks and therapeutics as their focus; instead of the vaccines. I’m all for therapeutics, but if everyone simply got vaccinated, we would have a chance to eliminate covid; before a mutation comes along that beats the vaccines

    2. @g0679 so because ppl only graduated high school that makes them stupid ? That’s interesting I only graduated from high school and yet here I sit in the Caribbean on my sail boat retired a 57 . You should look up the word racist ,” a class or group of ppl who think there better than another . I do believe you fit that bill .

    3. @Dave Seekings don’t be that guy, the whole world has suffered from the covid ,per Capita some worse than us ,was trump president of those countries to ?

    4. @888strummer you do understand that it very well maybe the vaccinated that’s creating the variants ,and it’ it’s looking like the vaccinated might we’ll be the super spreaders , look up Super Immunity and vaccines

    1. @JOYA MAHAN – Red states fall below the national average for high school completion rates and below the national average for college degree attainment. That is the reality.

    2. @JOYA MAHAN I guess you didn’t put much thought in your comment lol. Blue states dominate red states for child education Texas and Florida is way behind lol 😂 it was so Bad George Bush passed the no child left behind act lol

  2. Last year I asked you to sacrifice your elderly…………TODAY I’M COMING FOR YOUR KIDS 😨

    1. @Don Blosser he’s been replaced or haven’t you noticed? He paid for what he did. Why is DeMentis still in office? Politicizing a health crisis should be against the law. I believe a lot of laws will come out of this. It’s going to be a self- fulfilling prophecy and you have no one to blame but yourselves. Crying, “too many laws, it socialism I tell ya” and then causing more laws to be enacted to keep people safe from stupid people, now that’s irony.

    2. @VIDA SIN RISA you are whistling in the dark and spitting in the wind. All they hear is that noisy bug, cicada, called Nazi-trump.

  3. What is the future of the GOP ? Hopefully they have no future other than jail for the worst offenders.

  4. I thought a judge ruled against DeSantis, saying he didn’t have the power to do it and he had overstepped his authority🤔?

    1. @Val Syaranamual than why are all of Europe Ireland and the UK not requiring there kids to wear masks going back to school . ????

    2. @Easternsun I’m in Spain. Everyone wears masks here. No one complains. People are mature! Even the kids.
      The Irish Republic has vaccinated almost everybody over 12 years old already.

    3. @Manderson I’m originally from Alachua (ah-LAH-chu-AH, not ah-lah-CHU-ah) county and my sister works for the city school board in Gainesville. DeSantis is ignoring court orders and says he’s docking their pay.

    1. All of Europe the UK AND IRELAND ARE NOT requiring children to wear masks when they go back to school , . So there all wrong ?

    1. @Chief EarthHealer well than ,why is all of Europe Ireland and the UK not requiring there children to wear masks going back to school ? Are they like desantis to ?

    1. @evan doe long term damage is a lot more common than death and there’s been a few hundred of those. There will be more with delta once schools start everywhere. How many children need to die for it to be worth simply wearing masks?

  5. The law needs to step in here. An enormous class action suit against Desantis. Should act as a deterrent to other like- minded Trump left-overs.

    1. He’s already being sued. The court ruled he couldn’t ban mask mandates, yet he’s still withholding funds

  6. DeSantis had message-morphed anti-masking into a Florida cult. Hey, Floridians: You and he are playing COVID roulette with your kids. Wake up!

  7. Why would anybody withhold funding to schools for wearing masks during the most deadly pandemic since 1918? Dude’s straight mental.

  8. He’s a Republican using whatever he can to benefit himself no matter what happens to others…so what’s new?

  9. We are literally watching a certifiable crazy man not being held accountable for murder AGAIN!

  10. I’m in Iowa & appalled by this. However, I notice kids at the elementary school I drive by each morning are still wearing masks when teachers line them up to go inside. Hopefully, more schools in Iowa are ignoring them as much as the one in my area.

    1. So Iowans are opening schools during a plague too? Let me ask. Are ur airports, roads, stores, restaurants, still open too?

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