How Schools Became The Latest Battleground In The GOP’s Culture Wars 1

How Schools Became The Latest Battleground In The GOP’s Culture Wars


Over two dozen states have proposed or passed bans on the discussion of systemic racism in the classroom. NBC News Senior Reporter Ben Collins and MSNBC Contributor and Democratic strategist Juanita Tolliver explain the conservative campaign against anti-racist education.  

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How Schools Became The Latest Battleground In The GOP’s Culture Wars


    1. @Bat Boy It wasn’t “the liberals” who decided to conflate The 1619 Project with critical race theory.

    2. @Constituent A – I guess I’m too old to this new race war to divide the country. You guys have it. Have a great time.

    3. @Constituent A Exactly. There’s nothing liberal about crt. It completely rejects the idea that there is any merit in competing ideas. It’s definitely not liberal

    4. @E E they can learn history without being singled out and told how bad they were in their country is stand for the anthem we’re going to go somewhere else

    1. White supremacy delusional and desperate for total power, helped by the foxy news murkdog propaganda machine

    2. Yep. You’re 100% correct. They’re no longer the party of “Family Values” because they’re actively butting heads with their children and with human rights activists advocating for equality and love. That’s not “fighting for family values”, that’s fighting AGAINST family values. They aren’t the party of big business, either! Every single toxic thing they say causes civil unrest, boycotts and cancelling, any horrible thing they say costs billions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of constituents. They’ve become the party of hate, fear and Trump. That’s all the Republicans are nowadays.

    1. @reality

      The police do need to reformed. I’m happy and proud that the Dems support BLM, trans-kids,and the LGBTQ community.

    1. @Chris Thomas I don’t recall any Molotov cocktails or other explosives. Not to mention looting, or fires.. That is domestic terrorism – your team!

    2. @Chris Thomas No state media? You are derpy AF. Who’s getting billions for “fiber infrastructure” under this worthless bill?

    3. @Howard you clearly have no concept of what state-run media means. But then again, from looking at a lot of your comments, you don’t have a clue about a lot of things. Why don’t you be quiet while the adults are talking now…

    4. @Howard bringing high speed internet to remote locations in the country is an important and necessary part of infrastructure. Saying it is state funded is disingenuous and has zero relevance when to discussing the control the government has over the media.

    1. @Matt O crt is teaching that skin color is more important then content of character bud democrats try to lie and twist it around to seem different msndc hee haw is filled with hate nor Republicans

    2. @Aedammair Ornóra Prices for WHAT are up 500%? Bring receipts for your b or go crawl back under your bridge. And I’ still go the same job & had before Chump.

    3. @Matt O Our children should be taught about race, and past struggles.
      But not from a blatant liar like you.

  1. Former VP Pence, Jan 6th 2021 was indeed a “DARK” day, but your political career is over. That’s what happens when you gamble with the “DEVIL.”

  2. The CRT isn’t being taught in any schools with grades 1 to 12 grades. It is funny how racist people call teaching about slavery and massacres as being racist teachings. I and my children were never taught about CRT during our school years. This is totally political tactics by the Republican members and it’s leaders.

    1. @Skar Scalp ,My daughter has a history degree from college and she in fact told me she never heard of CRT and never was taught it in Grade 1 until 12 Grade and in college. This a political tactics that the Republicans, its leadership and lawmakers are using to stop their children and other children from being taught about Slavery, Jim Crow laws and the massacres that happened in the United States. However, all they’re doing is going to make people teach their children the truth, especially Black people.

    2. So using your narrative then The violent Black Panthers Socialist BLM movement Lewis Farrakhan anti white bs should also be taught right.

  3. I’m a high school teacher in the country’s 3rd largest district and THIS IS A COLLEGE THING. IT ISN’T EVEN HAPPENING.

    1. Huh? you’re a “teacher” and you are unable to express yourself any better than that, no wonder this country is in trouble.

    2. @Guy North there is nothing whatsoever wrong with how they express themselves. This is not an essay. But you sure will nitpick at anything to try and argue since you have no evidential basis for any of your faulty conservative claims.

    3. @Chris Thomas; WOW! thanks for the belly laugh, wtf are you even talking about, are you sure you got the right guy? Conservative claims? Any idea of how gd ridiculous you sound?

    4. Where is this “3rd largest district” and what isn’t happening – a fight over teaching children and teenagers the ACTUAL HISTORY of our country, or the teaching itself?

    5. @J Annibal most teachers are teaching the accurate history of our country. CRT is not taking place in any public schools, period.

    1. @Progressive Humanist Ywt they have a point.
      If we continue this “progress”, millions of people in this country will die from starvation.

    2. @William Springer so long as we serve money. Think of how dogs should be motivated by food and serve the hand, humans should be like this too.

  4. Since the GOP can’t come up with ideas they initiate wars on everything that is insignificant, their motives are designed to take America back in time.

    1. And you’re thinking is that we should punish people now for things that happened 250 years ago get over it

    2. @B Taylor Google critical race theory in the classroom in grade school watch some of those videos

  5. When it comes to educating our younger generation, the parents and the adults in these communities are really dropping the ball.

    1. Critical Race theory is a ‘Critical Thought Race’ that liberals are losing- and they’re incensed by it!

    2. Public education shouldn’t even exit. Defund the teachers unions and make school vouchers universal!

    3. Ask yourself a question, are we more United as Americans because of Critical Race Theory? Or are we the most divided in certainly my lifetime but since the 1960s? This is dividing us not uniting us.

  6. so i guess undoing indoctrination is considered indoctrination by those who indoctrinated in the first place

  7. Learned about CRT 10 years ago in university. It’s insane how mischaracterized it is in the media.

    1. @David Eby And minorities get taught in school currently that they have no choice but to fail. What world do you live in?

    2. @Hobo Ryan Brains aren’t fully developed until about age 25. There is a reason ppl say college kids.”College kids” are easily influenced and many universities teach what to think,not how to think. What college kids lack in real world experience makes them easy targets for left wing propaganda.

    3. @David Eby But they’re “College Kids,” so they don’t deserve real world experience. Remember: “College Kids don’t deserve $15/hr. Bachelor’s Graduates don’t deserve $15/hr.” So not only is the Capitalist system designed to NOT give them real world experience until their late-30’s, all of our education institutions prevent them from real world experience. I mean ALL of them. This goes for Catholic and Christian Private Schools, too.
      You have such a bad faith argument.

    4. @David Eby So you think that 25 year olds are incapable of making their own choices and are too impressionable to be exposed to adult concepts? Are you also pro raising the drinking age to 25? If you aren’t developed enough to learn about systemic racism, then you SURE aren’t adult enough to handle a gun.

      Honestly, as someone that was 25 at one point, this is insulting. Maybe when you were 25, you were too poorly developed to understand race relations, but that isn’t normal or close to average.

      And also, not sure were you are getting that “25 age” thing but the brain never stops developing. Its why people are promoted to later learning. It slows down but never stops. Just not how a brain works. LMAO

  8. wow…..another topic the right wing feels they can talk about despite not knowing a thing about it….education

    1. Irony is democrats calling a republican uneducated. Where’s your degree from genius?

    2. @Scientific Methodologist What I’m really saying is that it’s obvious most republicans don’t…

  9. Mike Pence is so insincere he doesn’t even believe in his own sentences enough to be arsed to finish them.

    1. Critical Race theory is a ‘Critical Thought Race’ that liberals are losing- and they’re incensed by it!

  10. You should welcome The truth in this country, we’ve had to live with the Lies and cover ups Long enough

  11. Children deserve to learn the entire truth of America’s history. That some parts are shameful, doesn’t make history “unhappen”. Submerging our wrongful deeds and structures simply endorses them.

    1. So using your narrative then The violent Black Panthers Socialist BLM movement Lewis Farrakhan anti white bs should also be taught right.

    2. Then why tear down statues that represent what you want to teach? CRT is racist and I will personally stop any teacher who tries to push this on my kids. Believe, they won’t want to teach after I educate them.

    3. @Harris You mean relocare statues to museums? So that we aren’t proping it up in public, and can teach about it, both good and bad, in the appropriate place, a museum.

  12. One person says something and they all start repeating the same thing, this is really scary like what occurs in dictatorships. If you don’t understand something educate yourself about it before taking a position simply because everyone else is doing it. We tell kids not to bend to peer pressure yet we see these adults do much worse.

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