How Social Media Has Been An 'Engine For Radicalization' In The U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How Social Media Has Been An ‘Engine For Radicalization’ In The U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Writer Carole Cadwalladr discusses how the social media giant Facebook became a tool of far-right extremists. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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How Social Media Has Been An 'Engine For Radicalization' In The U.S. | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Shawn Corbin y, continues to be right on the nose. their response to anything tnat they dont 100 agree to is, fake news. like reasoning with a toddler.

    1. Trump is the Worst Dictator Ever!!! He couldn’t even pull off a Coup Correctly..
      Dumbest Strongman in the history of Mankind.

    2. I don’t trust flip floppy Lindsay. He’ll speak out and then walk it back. What is it they remind him of? Dirty pictures? Laundered money? Someday it will come out.

    1. Trump is the Worst Dictator Ever!!! He couldn’t even pull off a Coup Correctly..
      Dumbest Strongman in the history of Mankind.

    1. The reason Social Media (who have freakin’ codes of conduct to use their garbage, ffs…) simply made the mistake of thinking people are better than they are. And they were so, soooo wrong, and even slower to meaningfully react because they tried to thread a needle of free speech & public opinion with both hands tied behind their backs and a bullseye painted on their foreheads, AND trying to turn revenue out every quarter.
      This is why we can’t have nice things.

    1. Of course he was, same with Milo Yiannapoulos; He was Breitbart’s editor, and Bannon was Breitbart CEO. On top of that, the majority stakeholder, Robert Mercer, who owned 60% stake in Breitbart, was Trump’s biggest campaign donor who gave Trump $30 million. And Trump appointed Bannon to be his chief campaign strategist & press secretary to replace Scaramucci & Kellyanne Connway.

  1. It is not just Facebook and other social media. It is also his rallies. Trump’s rallies are frequent and full of lies and deception.

    1. @Rmy1 First of all, you can’t compose an intelligilble sentence. Secondly, I’m not a Trump supporter, so your accusation is just silly since it demonstrates you’re illiterate….as it also evinced by your knack for syntax, grammar, and spelling.

  2. Social media has been fuelling supremacism and fascism all over the world not only in the US&A. Glad you’re back into civilisation though.

    1. I look at pinball machines for sale. I quit posting 2.5 yrs ago.
      My girlfriend had a page with 3204 friends and she has a secret page of 300 friends.
      I am not allowed to join.

  3. Trump is just a symptom. People are so badly educated that they actually believe the nonsense. Reform education or the problem will not go away!

    1. In all due respect reform racist pathology and injustice and the healing MAY begin. I personally think that these violent, evil entities are terminal and beyond redemption!

    1. You could not be more correct. They need accountability. Fine them for lies and they lie about someone, people need to bring a lawsuit against them every time. Hit them in their pocketbook.

    1. @elroy the great all this hatred to each other it’s kind of sad.. the people that stormed the Capitol building.. I guess they wasn’t thinking about their innocent family members.. what this will do to their family.. I see violent crimes committed against the innocent family members..

    1. Fakebook subscribers need to evaluate the impact it has on their lives. Too many people are unaware of the damage.

    2. And yet you folks click on Mika and Joe, who were Trump’s biggest champions in non-Fox mainstream media in 2016.

    3. Me too. I deleted it a year and a half ago and never looked back. Now a few former friends base their belief systems on FB and it’s skewed. I have no time for people who get their news there. NONE!

  4. There is nothing in this report that wasn’t known in the 90’s. The monetization of social media has always been a stupid and dangerous idea.

  5. When trump and his enablers sends their people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you…They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing crime. They’re essential terrorist.

    1. Trump is the Worst Dictator Ever!!! He couldn’t even pull off a Coup Correctly..
      Dumbest Strongman in the history of Mankind.

    2. Joe and Mika were Trump enablers. #facts

      Don’t believe me? Google their track record on Trump. They supported and platformed Trump in 2016.

  6. …Zuckerberg is terrified of being grilled by a British Committee…he avoids England like the plague…why is that…?


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