How social media has impacted COVID-19 vaccine misinformation 1

How social media has impacted COVID-19 vaccine misinformation


Infectious diseases professor Dr. Aileen Marty discusses how social media plays a role with vaccine misinformation.

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  1. Well don’t you worry your messed up way of think’n brain about this ole girl here🤯 I’ve lived long enough and the Hospital stay wont happen 💙🙏💙 I DON’T TRUST A DR I go n see one maybe once a year 💙🙏💙

    1. Sounds like you trust a doctor if you go see one at all. I think you are a confused person.

  2. Grey Bruce currently labeled a hot spot; the area is also a hot spot for care & retirement homes- where most all residents have been inoculated.

    1. You are correct in every way. Dr. Malone who was one of the inventors of the MRNA doesn’t support it due to lack of trials. Do your research as I have and don’t believe everything the one eyed monster tells you.

  3. A Dr. That changes there view due to the political leaning of government (And receives higher shift premiums, and other incentives to remain compliant and subservient. Simply is a Dr. That should be ignored.

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