How Texas Democrats Thwarted Voter Restrictions With A Walkout 1

How Texas Democrats Thwarted Voter Restrictions With A Walkout


This weekend, Democrats walked off the state House floor to keep a sweeping voting restrictions bill from passing. Two of those lawmakers, Rep. Jessica Gonzalez and Rep. Rafael Anchia, join Chris Hayes. 
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    1. @Dr Stuart Jacobsen no you are? Really? Weak. Stay down, son. You’re punching above your weight class.

    2. @YouTube Censorship ive got no doubt you are fatter than me , seriously doubt you have ever thrown a punch though …stay behind your computer in your moms basement hiding from all the scary black people trying to convince youtube you are rich!!! LMAO

    3. I’m more confused on how the number of Dems walking out changes the number of Dems voting “no”

  1. Ever look at what countries require an ID to vote? Most of the civilized world does…it’s strange how it’s not racist in those places.

    1. All you Democrats are such sleeve balls and evil irresponsible adults that don’t even ascertain veracity of History before spreading it like a virus that there is no cure.

    2. Its political theatre.
      Luckily the people trying to ruin the country are lazy and stupid.

  2. Imagine not showing up to a very important meeting at your corporate office, how often do you think highly paid paper pushers would opt out on showing up if they could lose their job more easily?

    1. Isn’t it funny how so many leftists say dumb things and never respond back, I remember looking at one of their profiles and he was from China, maybe so many Americans aren’t dumb after all but foreigners payed to pretend to support the leftist nonsense.

    2. @schwig44 You know what else is a right in the US? The right to bear arms. By your logic, we should also get rid of the need for an ID when buying a gun.

    3. @schwig44 And what the heck do you think the fee that you have to pay to have a NICS check run is. It is legal to force someone to have ID to vote. Florida has done so for decades. And even Biden’s State of Record requires it. 36 states have enacted some form of voter ID requirement and the US SCOTUS said it was legal in 2008 to require Photo ID. Crawford v. Marion County Election Board, 553 U.S. 181 So take your poll tax lie to your safe space and have a good cry.

  3. Lmao, Governor has threatened to hold pay until they return! Hilarious they really think they did something.

    1. I mean they can fight it of course but he can make it take longer for them to get paid, which would come with its own set of issues.

    2. Im curious if you know how much they get paid as legislators? Also, Im curious if you think the governor can compel the legislature to do anything?

    3. @rick rockr Funny, you think that Pelosi has the same power over those in the House. Clue, she doesn’t legally.

    4. @rick rockr they are paid by a budget that is passed and has to be signed into law by the governor. He can also veto it. Meaning they have to go back into session to pass another.

  4. The game is afoot and they are serious. Running out of time, from the git-go it’s to blame the opposition and carry on doing the very things they accuse them of…United we stand, divided we will fall.

    1. When they have no logical or reasonable discourse or debate to be had, so they throw a tantrum and refuse to participate as a last concession.

    2. @Giuseppe Sabatelli that’s not what happened. maybe you should listen to the report before you post lies?

    3. @Giuseppe Sabatelli Did you even watch the video? Republicans have done the same thing several times, walking out. Smh…

    1. ~MSNBC is Satan’s propaganda machine. The Peacock is Satan’s symbol.
      Satan is known as the Peacock Angel Melek Taus/Shamash/Utu.
      The castrated Crown Prince of Allah/Nanna Sin.

    1. @samplexample The only reason Republicans think the election was a ‘”fiasco” is becase Trump keeps saying it was and for some reason they’re dumb enough to follow what he says. When it came time to put up or shut up in court they had nothing.

    2. Because they themselves don’t have the intelligence to comprehend so how can they elaborate. !

    3. @alex nifong exactly the point dude. No one does any research for themselves. They rely solely on the news and they omit everything.

    4. @Pizza Rat there was plenty of momentum happening in the lead up to the counting of the electoral votes. Plenty of evidence of fraud. Plenty of bipartisan concerns.
      Be honest and just admit you never looked into it at all. Anyone that’s done their research knows there’s too much to ignore.

      And if I were you, I’d start listening to people like me more. Have you watched any normie news lately? Lol they’re apoplectic. First Hunter Biden, now the lab leak/fall of Fauci… next up, 2020 election fraud. Is Biden returning America to normalcy? No. So what have you been correct about?
      When will you libs learn that you’re being led by the nose?

  5. I just love how they have a problem with the bill but the “news channel” doesn’t mention what’s so problematic about it.

    1. i just love how trolls get their talking points coordinated and still can only come up with pathetic and empty criticisms. Hey, in other news, Chris has talked about this bill for months. If you dont know whats in it at this point then you’re stupid and not a part of the conversation.

    2. @EL300B Cheating was already impossible in Texas. Texas is ranked the hardest state to vote in with Kansas coming in second. The real reason behind this law was to mitigate the demographic shift Texas is seeing. Trump only won Texas by 600k votes, that’s very scary for Republicans. Ken Paxton tried to find fraud in Harris County and couldnt find anything. Texas just saw a huge turnout especially in big dem cities. GA looks lost with the demographic shift it has seen in the past 10 years. NC and AZ look more purple by the day. And Texas is close to be flipped by 24/26 because of demographics. Republicans have no other states they could possibly flip outside from Michigan. Pennsylvania is dominated by Pittsburgh and Philly now. Wisconsin is trending blue with the rise in Milwaukee and Madison. Popular vote was bound to cross paths with the electoral vote.

    3. It’s an unconstitutional poll tax, and as such, will be fought in court for years if rammed through. All on the taxpayer dime too, so how about you shut up about democrats wasting time and money and focus on the republicans that are trying to pass things through that are unconstitutional on their face, see Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections. It does not matter that the state ID is ‘only’ $25, that’s still more than $0.00, and is unconstitutional.

      Maybe once you read the findings in that case you’ll see the ones really wasting Texas time and tax dollars are the republicans

      And please notice that with the exception of this final line, I did not mention the term “race” or allude to it in any other manner.

    4. @schwig44 my bet is 50% of these are paid trolls, the other 50% are mouthbreathers who just want to say “Democrats BAD!!!” Everyone knows whats in this and other coordinated attempts to overthrow our republic. Ignore the cries of “racism” and other off-topic insults. This is a poll tax. It is unconstitutional. There is no fraud to speak of. Texas GQP for 20 years has not acted within the norms of American politics and as such they should be seen as traitors and conspirators along with their national paymasters who engineered the coup.

    5. @Tom Roberts Take some deep breath, calm down, and try to do something helpful for once in your life instead of writing an essay in a youtube comment section that nobody even reads! Just a sugestion

  6. Alternate title: How lawmakers decided to stop doing their job.
    I wish I could just walk out on my job if I don’t like how something is going AND still get paid by the employer AND keep the job.

    1. @Brett Have you read the bill before spewing your garbage?!? If I have to have a ID for day to day activities then YES you should be required to have PROOF your a citizen! Oh my Republicans are so terrible to want fair elections! Further more there IS proof that over a million votes were counted from people who are dead and that’s a fact! The whole mail in was a joke as well. Not to mention the Dominion system that was proven in court that can be controlled! Don’t you find it funny when they demanded the vote count to be stopped Trump was blowing Biden out then somehow Trump and the independent candidate didn’t receive another vote while Biden sky rocketed in votes hmmmmmmm If that’s not fishy to you then you need to come back from Never Never Land. Both parties have there issues but this New Democrat socialist/woke style who care more about feeling than facts is a joke. Not to mention they don’t care what so ever about Americans! All the relief bills that have been passed have benefited other countries or ILLEGALS more than us Americans. Although I don’t expect you to understand since your a sheepish Snowflake! Biden has done nothing but hurt America in every way just to get votes by opening the border for ILLEGALS then shipping them to Republican states (I wonder why)because they lost the black vote! Trump received more black votes than any Republican candidate in history. Funny how it’s supposedly the worst pandemic ever but the Northern border is shut done to everyone but essential workers but the Northern border is wide open to come in with Biden T-Shirts and Democratic pamphlets! Stop being told how to think and think for yourself it’s a great feeling you should try it! Have a blessed day

    2. @Jeremiah Warner you do realize elections are not over on election day right. There not finished until all the votes are counted and certified. Trump was gaining just not as quickly as Biden later in the evening. this has to do with the laws in the various states requiring absentee ballots to be counted after election day ballots. Democrats tended to vote more by absentee which made them gain later in the evening while republicans tended to vote more during the day. Nothing nefarious occurred. The reason it was counted like this was due to republican legislatures in those states enacting laws stating that absentee ballots have to be counted after election day ballots so they can trick uneducated people like you into believing something nefarious had occurred. You fell for it completely.

      If there is this mountain of evidence that millions of people voted illegally than how come trump could not win any of his court cases even when trump appointed judges were presiding. Use your head for once isn’t it possible that the candidate who never lead in any of the polls prior to the election and had a low 40 approval rating actually lost the election. Or does that seem to logical to you that it must be false.

    3. @YteAmericansAreRacists Wrong party there. It is the Democrats that are the terrorists and always have been. As for voters, Dems are so stupid that they have to look up to see the IQs of GOP voters from below a snake’s belly.

    4. @Brett That is your party’s idea. Look at what they do on social media and did on college campuses. Why didn’t you lefties leave like you promised when Trump won. The US would be better off without you.

  7. The democrats hide to undermine the legislative process in the Great State of Texas. They did so on four occasions. The number of times members of the GOP have done the same: 0. The governor is justified withholding their pay. Our representatives do not get to boycott their jobs and expect Texas tax payers to pay them. I cannot boycott my job without being fired.

    1. @Oliver Hooshmand Thank you for ONCE AGAIN implying that us black folks aren’t capable enough to obtain identification like EVERYONE else. Thanks for being the people y’all claim conservatives are

    2. @Oliver Hooshmand
      Well, if someone for some reason can’t hand there vote in person they can always mail it. If they claim they need drop boxes all over the city to vote then I think they can drop it in a mail box instead. And there’s literally weeks to vote in person, unless you’re telling me people are so busy they can’t possibly find the time to VOTE.

    3. @Oliver Hooshmand what’s your address? I’ll make it easy and vote forya. Happy?

    4. @Oliver Hooshmand how is voting difficult? Anyone who can drive which is most of the voting age population has a state id, meaning they would be able to vote. Unless you’re illegally here you would have a government id.

  8. Don’t pay them or their staff! If they have to do their own work, they will be back in no time! The legislation protects elections from voter fraud. We need voter ID!

    1. Texas has had voter Id in their state elections for years now. So Oregon GOP doesn’t deserve to get paid either, because they came up with the idea.

    1. @Blarg Blarg Imagine being so stupid you think requiring ID is what this does when state ID or SS number is already a requirement in all 50 states.

    2. @John snow oh please. You’re free to point out the vote suppression bits in the actual language of the bill. I’ve yet to find anything that would deny a legal voter their opportunity to do so.

    3. @Blarg Blarg no one is forced to vote at gunpoint in those other countries. but they also intimidate and suppress the votes of those groups that dont bow down to their Dear Leader and so they can’t vote. Just like Texas is doing.

    4. @Blarg Blarg how about giving a state judge the power to overturn an election WITHOUT an audit of the vote being done? Thats in the bill. Might as well just not have the election and let the judges (appointed by the governor) choose who the legislators are. I mean, that’s how it’s done in a lot of banana “republics”

  9. “Voter restrictions”? Its called voter ID, we have it in Canada. Every other democratic country has it too. Stop lyng MSNBS, you make me sick. President Trump won 2020 and you know it.

  10. If these people “walked out” of their duties then they should be permanently terminated and replaced. That’s what would happen to me if me and my colleagues walked out and abandoned our responsibilities.

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