How The Hiring Shortage Could Impact Wages, Key Industries This Summer 1

How The Hiring Shortage Could Impact Wages, Key Industries This Summer


As the country recovers from the pandemic and businesses continue to reopen, employers are struggling to hire workers. Former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and University of Chicago Booth School of Business Professor, Austan Goolsbee, explains how the hiring shortage could impact wages and key industries this summer.
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  1. People are fed up to be used as slaves by their employers. Being told to work without the proper safety messages, not having sick days and being paid a minimum wage that has still not been increased if you count inflation rate

    1. Agreed. Wages have stagnated for far too long. Most businesses are struggling to hire workers because they don’t pay enough. Raise wages and they’ll have plenty of workers.

    2. My current long time employer is hiring young white kids right out of hs at 1.00 less per hour plus insurance, than I’ve worked years to ‘grow,’ to… it’s despicable that we’re getting the shaft as they’ve never kept up with inflation and as home based staff, we’ve been responsible for all overhead expenses including providing our own computer equipment… not a dime.

    3. @Jim River – He’s a long time, well known troll, that works under several identities and has to keep ‘recreating,’ accounts to escape his run ins with the tube you… saying nothing is likely best as he’s probably paid by hits.. I often do though so others realize he’s nonsensical.

    4. Progressives have gone to Rip Van Winkle land on this. No move on forgiving student loans either.

    1. Did you notice when that changed? Because that hasn’t been the case for thirty years. People support families with those jobs. And work is work whether you need the money or you don’t. This is an excuse to screw people.

    2. @BTM well I seen a flyer from Taco Bell they’re starting at 15 an hour so now what’s your excuse

  2. why isn’t anyone thinking of the poor business owner who can’t buy another summer home or the stockholders who do nothing to make their money???

  3. Until top compensation begins to share some of the pie with lower wage earners, our economy will falter. The problem is still trickle down economics creating a permanent underclass.

    1. Trickle down didn’t work in the 80’s and it’s not working now. Scalp the rich and let’s move on.

  4. Employers will fight to keep wages low, but I’m hoping people can hold out long enough to force wages to increase! (Workers should organize and fight for lasting change.)

    1. Most of us aren’t under contracts or labor or government protection , it’s an at will situation. Fight like … we form a large defiant group and all get fired together? You may have bank or a support system that sustains you—-many do not.

    2. @Joni M.L. Capitalism thrives on instability, because people like you are blinded by fear…so you do whatever they tell you and accept whatever pay they offer.

  5. Jim Morrison said it best – “Trade in your hours for a handful of dimes” and “You’re all a bunch of fkn slaves”.

  6. And to think, all of this could’ve been avoided if they kept the 15 dollar minimum wage…

  7. You can sell pictures of your feet on the internet and make a decent wage. You can sell a craft on etsy and make a decent wage. Heck Amazon is paying $17 an hour to delivery drivers. We only have 24 hours in a day why be a slave .

  8. At restaurants some people don’t give tips for whatever reason and all the hard work goes out the door

    1. actually those are simply also hospitality workers. but they aren’t stiffing anybody. they just can’t afford to tip…

  9. It is like certain people in America are trying to come up with what ever reason they can for employers to be having a problem finding employees while avoiding less than livable wages and employers treating employees like garbage.

  10. I own a small business and have no problem hiring people. But then again MY minimum wage I am willing to pay is also known as a livable wage. I don’t want my employees to need a second job just to live.

    1. You are the type of business owner that deserves the best employees. As a business man you need to do the best things for your company.
      One of the main things in determining a companies success is their employees.
      If you have unhappy employees your business will suffer.
      If a employer wishes to get 100% out of their employees they need to treat them with 100% dignity and respect.

  11. Apparently, the CEOs being “rewarded” millions of $$$ needs employees. We The People were forced to struggle to survive on horrible wages for decades. When the RepulsiveCons allowed the pandemic to take over this country, the 1% increased their wealth immensely. Now, they want us back to work, same as it ever was. NO WAY!

  12. Hiring shortage? People have been out of work or have had their hours cut for more than a year now. they have bills that have been piling up, Unemployment did very little to help but it did help. Wages today are far lower than they should be. Interest rates, the costs of goods and services have been going up of a long long time with very little wage increase. Wages should be 10% higher than the rate of inflation.

  13. The paying below minimum wage and forced tipping system at US restaurants has always been stupid. This is a good chance to change it

  14. Companies being able to call employees part time even if they been working for years . So they don’t have to give sick leave or vacation pay. It’s time for a change. Education and health services should not be a business.

  15. Despite all the economic crisis, this is still a good time to start up you’re investment

    1. He is obviously the best I invested $3,000 with him and made a profit of $10,200 on a short term trade it was a mind-blowing

    2. @stephen sliver Thank you for the info, I can comfortably buy the dip without the fear of losing.

  16. No, it’s a living issue. People are tired of being used. It’s sad that an Ice cream parlor is paying more than McDonald’s or Home Depot. If you can’t pay $15 then you shouldn’t be in business.

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