How The Justice Department Could Fight Texas Abortion Law 1

How The Justice Department Could Fight Texas Abortion Law


MSNBC's Geoff Bennett talks with NBC's Julia Ainsley, Kim Wehle, and Melanie Rousell Newman about the Justice Department's interest in the Texas abortion law and the potential arguments the department could make against it. 

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  1. Republicans care enough about 6 week old heartbeats to pass sweeping legal reforms, but not enough to stop 6 year olds being shot in schools. Got it

    1. Yeah and lefty’s love letting criminals out of prison causing crime to increase. Defunding the police. Murders going up in all lefty holes. Like lefty’s give a about anyone else.

    2. And the left wants to profit from it,that’s why they don’t want it banned,they don’t care about your individual rights and needs.

    3. I think a man should be able to make a woman get an abortion , if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion, the man gets out of child support, your body you choice, my wallet my choice….

    4. @Dittzx alex jones is a limited hangout. but you keep believing what the tv news says, until the commies take over, then you will beg the republicans you hate so bad for help. its going to be hilarious.

    1. I think a man should be able to make a woman get an abortion , if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion, the man gets out of child support, your body you choice, my wallet my choice….

  2. Pro-Life Evangelicals should start paying taxes since they are now political… We need to remind them of the difference between church and state and we could wipe out the national debt in few years if we taxed the churches.

    1. they are “now” political? Well, they have been since (at least) Jerry Falwell & the “moral majority”………… so depressing..

    2. @Melissa H How many 1 dose vaxed crossover cases are there vs fully vaxed and fully unvaxed? And what about boostered crossover cases? Does anyone actually know the data or is literally every media outlet conflating figures?

    3. What about the freedom of religion?? Why should anyone who’s religious beliefs that doesn’t agree with abortion have to be forced to pay for them?

    1. @fpskiller 123 I don’t think a man should ever be able to decide what a woman does with her body….. But I get your point, if a man doesn’t want to be part of something he had no choice in, he shouldn’t have to be, and he certainly shouldn’t be held financially responsible for 18 years….. I think that’s fair….

    2. A woman who has her gynecologist flush a zygote barely visible to the naked eye off of her uterine wall is guilty of MURDER, according to the extremist element in conservative America.

    3. @Kevin Santich If a unmarried man gets a woman pregnant, and don’t want to pay for child support….then he should be sterilized then….sounds fair.

    4. So its ok for the government to take away my job and force me to wear a mask and a get a vaccination but not allowed any say on abortion?

  3. I’m working on a law where the citizens of blue states can sue any resident in their community who owns guns. Thanks.

  4. Such popcorn time as the fetus fetish cult members bark at the moon because the majority of the population won’t be slaves under them…

    1. @David J you do know that the democrat party was formed in 1829 by slave traders to expand slavery- don’t you? Oh, you don’t? fascinating

    2. @Scientific Methodologist You do know that the parties switched platforms after the Civil War, right? Oh you don’t? Fascinating

  5. Texas Taliban: “Your body, my choice. It says so right there in the Bible, in the book of hypocriticus, if you’re holding it upside down.”

    1. Forget of the BS.
      Abortion is nothing more than wiggle eyes murder of the unborn. If it takes an act to end a pregnancy and it is murder. Yes liberal cupcakes that child has rights to.
      It is a child no matter the age because it takes a act to end its life.

    2. @Casey Creason Texass is the butt of all the jokes. I’m sure Floriduh and Death Sentence are working overtime to out dumb Texass.

    3. Its all about the body inside the mother. Forget all the other b*******. If you’re the one that actually believes abortion it’s okay then you are the Taliban Putin and Hitler all rolled into one.

  6. They can’t fight it and they shouldn’t. Yeah, they’re raging lunatics, but we can’t be just cuz they are. Freedom and Justice FOR ALL, even that little ankle biter growing in you. Abortion is murder, plain and simple, and I’m tired of people pretending it’s not.

    1. How many babies have you saved? Do you foster? Adopt? Donate? Do ANYTHING to help these babies after their born?… Didn’t think so….. STFU

    2. No. It isn’t murder. Every month women menstruate out both unfertilized and fertilized eggs. There’s even an abortion mixture mentioned in the Bible. In many countries, they don’t even count children in the population until age 5 due to high infant mortality rate. You want to end murder of children, stop unfettered gun access, get vaccine, and wear a mask.

    3. @Elizabeth Ayres what is the infant mortality rate in the USA? are we a backwards 3rd world nation that needs to adhere to rules and practices set in the bible because we are too dumb to come up with something better? killing something that grows into a human is murdering a human any way you want to try and justify it. just because lots of kids die in africa because the people there are stupid doesnt mean we should emulate anything they do. try making sense at some point in your life.

    1. I think a man should be able to make a woman get an abortion , if the woman doesn’t want to get an abortion, the man gets out of child support, your body you choice, my wallet my choice….

  7. So *_that’s_* what Garland looks like when he objects to something.
    Glad to see it, but I wish he also objected to white-supremacist terrorism, anti-American sedition, and the _(rampant)_ abuse of office to subvert American democracy.

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