1. @Ebrake Ramires
      Yes, that made you laugh because you’re a sociopath brainwashed to support your dictator and not give a damn about the people’s will.
      You keep on proving my point !
      But I understand that you’re being coerced in saying these absurdities, Igor, you’re not really an uncivilized animal, you’re just playing one.
      Must be quite stressful to know that a mistake in your post could get you 3 to 15, right ?
      Also, the victors in the end will be NATO, and nobody can read Russian …

    2. @Ebrake Ramires
      Objective morality is the ability to assess the solution that causes the least harm …
      And there’s no such things as gods ! 🤣😂🤣

    3. @XVI I’ll take that bet on the winner.. I live in Phoenix. 29th and t bird
      And aw thank you for your civility of calling me civil.
      Now it’s you that didn’t answer the question.. can we agree that history has been and will be wrote by the victor.
      Alas, where did you get that definition of objective mortality?


  1. They don’t know that “Z” is at the end of our list of characters… Let it be a symbol of the end they brought to themselves.

    1. If you’d use your brain, Ukraine is marking theirs with a “V”, so it’s not smart but it’s a must do

    2. @Smart Gaming Networks Hm? You can see V vehicles driving towards Ukraine in Russian propaganda videos.
      I’m not sure the Ukrainians have a mark. I guess everything without one is considered Ukrainian.

    3. And now foreigners like us who don’t speak Ukrainian can help Ukraine! Just hit everything with a Z! I just hope Ukraine doesn’t have businesses that have a big Z.

    4. Unfortunately your javelins are not so helpful to them, russian and DNR armies loot them as trophies.

    5. They already knew where to shoot, just shoot at any vehicles that move, since Ukraine has none that works

  2. To anybody who’s reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the darks thoughts, the overthinking, the doubt exit your mind right now. May clarity replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill your life🌹❤️

    1. Thanks some of us need expressions like this every once in a while in order to keep sailing thru the choppy waters of this troubled world. THANKS!

    2. Doesn’t work on Americans my friend…..We are to far gone! The end of a once great empire is near! History isn’t the media, it doesn’t lie!

    1. @rbrtck it has been a while since they made one of those movies, and we all know how short of attention spans Americans have…

      Actually it’s kinda surprising they haven’t revamped it, considering how many other movies and shows they’ve redone in the past few years. I’d check out a Zorro show, could be good.

    2. @Outis Shoosh! If you don’t keep it down they will make a CGI Zorro film. We live in the CGI age now.

      No one deserves such an abomination to be unleashed upon them.

    3. @Synathidy It will be CGI, and Zorro is now a woman fighting the patriarchy. She uses a sword to kill for social justice, but considers guns evil, and blames them for every bad thing people do to each other. She is a single mother raising a non-binary, pansexual child who takes antidepressants to cope with the stress of constantly being extremely offended by microaggressions. Today’s Hollywood at its politically correct finest!

      OK, that’s enough of that modern nonsense. Let’s go back to talking about Putler’s old-school nostalgia for wars of conquest in Europe and the Russian Empire, and all the people he’s murdering for the “glory” of Russia. 🙄

  3. “if you attack us, you will see our faces, not our backs.”
    -Volodymyr Zelensky.


    2. @Conny Westlund If Putin really wanted WW3 he would’ve started this war many years ago.
      He took Crimea when Obama was President because he knew Obama was weak. He did not dare to do anything when Trump was President because Trump is impulsive and unpredictable.
      But Biden is weak, clueless and spineless, and so it’s the perfect time for Putin to strike.
      Putin knows Biden is a pushover and won’t stand up to him. That’s why he’s making all these threats. Putin has kids and loads of money. He has a great life. He doesn’t want WW3. He doesn’t want to lose all that.
      Putin is bluffing and everyone is buying into it.

  4. Finland: ‘I favor joining NATO’
    Russia: ‘there will be military and political consequences’
    Finland: ‘I’m even more in favor of joining NATO’

    1. China, which supports Russia, smiles at heart Russia will invade Poland in the future🇷🇺🇨🇳

    2. Finland: You have no right to decide my fate Russia.
      Sweden: Finland’s right! You have no right to decide mine either.
      Russia: You’ll end up like Ukraine. I’m warning you!
      Finland: If you don’t back off, then I will back separatists in your Karelia and Leningrad regions shall they now become independent and democratic sovereign states respectively called the ‘Republic of East Karelia’ and the ‘Republic of Ingria’. The latter breakaway has one of your cities (St. Petersburg).
      Russia: Not St. Petersburg!
      UN and Switzerland: We need a word with u folks. So I’d rather come to the negotiation table if I were you rather than go to a countless war nobody can afford to take part in.

    3. @Poul Gin China may no longer support Russia for some reasons.
      * China is a rising yet menacing superpower
      * China may no longer play second fiddle to Russia

  5. With Putin taking similar steps as Hitler, I would say the “Z” looks awfully resembling of a swastika

    1. No, the Z represents blotting out the wolfsangel, which is the swastika used by the Azov Battalion and far right white supremacist militias forming part of ukraines military. You can search them up.

    2. stop with the conspiracy theories it has nothing to do with nazis if it was an O you would probably not associate it with nazis

  6. Errrrt…….I’d be more inclined to think it stands for “Zelensky”. That’s just about how smart Putin has been in this whole thing.

    1. Don’t be a PUPPET for the USA stand with Russia and China 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇨🇳🇨🇳 ZERO bravery by Ukrainians just NWO slaves and lip service. President of Ukraine and parliament blonde female haven’t shot at anyone and just propaganda for the civilians to kill themselves by standing up to Russia with arms. To support their other lie of genocide on “innocent civilians” Zelensky is an actor who sacrifice civilians to stay in power. 🧠

    2. Putin was smart enough to only send Soviet-Type Vehicles as of now, he literally almost didn’t waste any Military Equipment that’d be relevant for Russias power, at the end, no matter what he will do, what he does or what he has done, he’s smart

    3. @Smart Gaming Networks – yes, but I think if he were that smart he wouldn’t have done any of it. So what if he won already? Trillions of dollars spent, tons more greenhouse gas emissions and less resources to try to save the life of the planet. His long term view isn’t very smart except from his personal point of view and that isn’t really what the world needs now

  7. “When we’re interested in something ,everything around us appears to refer to it ((the mystics call the phenomenon’ signs’, sceptics ‘ coincidence and psychologists ‘ concentrated focus’, although I’ve yet to find out what the historians would use)”
    Paulo Coelho

    Whatever signs may be the mind is always both trapped and fascinated by them

    “ in all things there are signatures or signs “
    Jacob Boehme

  8. It would be strange if this escalates into WW3 and the letter Z becomes the new Swastika. Would we try to change the spelling of words to exclude Z, to avoid the memory of the war? Or would people start writing with a line (Ƶ) to avoid association with the symbol?

    I know it sounds ridiculous now that a letter could become controversial, but if the conflict is deadly enough outlooks can change. Remember, the Swastika was once uncontroversial as well, but that is far from the case now.

    1. @MXB2001 It was also a symbol uaee by the Vikings (Norse) as well. Giving Adolf even more reason to hijack it, being able to tie it to his mythology of imaginary glorious proto-germanic Scandinavian supermen.

    1. That’s why Trump was right we should have left NATO… Know we are stuck with a paper tiger that can’t pull its weight

  9. The curious thing about symbols is that they can both show support among friends, and serve as target identifiers for your enemies.

    1. Humans are pretty funny. Part of us gets angry whenever we get grouped in with others because that’s judging a book by its cover. The other part loves to be part of a family unit and will happily wear a pink hat or red cap to not only identify with the chosen family but also blend into it.

    2. Just as one of those asides that no one asked for, in WWII the American M10 tank destroyer had white stars painted on the front and back and on the sides of the turret. They looked nice, but the German gunners found out pretty quick that the stars on the turret were painted exactly where the ready-use 76mm rounds were stored. Everybody started painting them over as soon as they hit France.

    3. A car driver who had put Z on his car was beaten by people in Saint-Petersburg, and I have seen a few photos of cars with Z mark damaged in different cities.

  10. For a war in which one of the combatants (maybe both?) are loathe to put national insignia on the their combat vehicles, placing a conspicuous “Z” on Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks etc. is like placing a “bullseye” for which the brave Ukrainians can aim! 🤨

  11. What’s ironic is that “Z” was on the flag flown by the Japanese general after his forces crushed the Russian Empire in the 1904-1905 war.

    1. Well…. many countries the west crushed in the past use red white and blue in their flags. “Can’t beat them join them”🤣

    2. Not quite. I think what you mean is the international maritime signal flag for the letter Z. Doesnt have a Z on it tho

  12. Seems to be a much simpler explanation, Z stands for “zapad” ( west) army group. “V” can equally be seen on Russian vehicles marking “vostok” , eastern army group. So why to not use Cyrillic letters? Unfortunately Cyrillic ‘z’ can be easily confused with a digit “3” (looks exactly the same) , and Cyrillic ‘v’ is too complicated for faster marking (“B”)

    1. Tf? I heard in the news in the first days of the war the “Z” stood for “East” or West, I dont remember, as in the troops are entering Eastern Ukraine.

    2. in best Barbie voice: “reality is HARD”
      there are no other letters on russian equipment. z doesn’t look like 3.
      “symbol that has been adopted by people as a general symbol of support for this invasion” = new swastika

    3. @Pruu whatever you heard is wrong. the z was to prevent friendly fire.
      now the z is “symbol that has been adopted by people as a general symbol of support for this invasion” = 2022 swastika

    4. China, which supports Russia, smiles at heart Russia will invade Poland in the future🙏📢📱

  13. The varied symbols make me think of the 101st airborne in WW2 using the suits from a card deck painted on their helmet, the 4 infantry regiments each had a spade, diamond, heart, or club and the artillery had a circle. A small dot was placed above, to the right, left, or bottom to denote which battalion (1,2, or 3rd) or headquarters. Quick unit identification.

    1. @The PiRhomancer idiots in germany and austria use the confederate flag (bc nazi flag is illegal … and confederate flag now means the same thing)

    2. @efs 1066 If you have any confederate flags lying around let me know, I can always use more toilet paper!

    3. @The PiRhomancer I don’t but …
      if you find any, they’re polyester and thus not flushable/degradable (including septic)

    4. China, which supports Russia, smiles at heart Russia will invade Poland in the future📩📱📢🙏🙏🙏

  14. The saddest thing about present conflict is knowing that both most Russian people and most people of Ukraine want nothing to do with this. It’s just the government systems 🙏🏽 😣 🙏🏽

    1. The majority of people in Russia support this war. However the young generation is against the war and Molotov cocktails are started to be used during protest and to attack police centers. Hope Ukraine liberates us of Putin.

  15. A buddy of mine in the military (not Russian) shared some insight into the markings which makes sense:

    Z=east military division or brigade

    Z, inside a square=south military division or brigade


    A=special forces

    O=Belarusian regiment

    C=Chechen regiment

    1. If that is so, why are they making terminally ill children line up in a “Z” In a school yard,? It is a lot like the “let’s go Brandon” thing. that means something only to the idiots who think it up.

    2. @bepositive If only there was a video on the topic explaining it… Because the symbol’s prevalence on so many Russia vehicles, it’s become associated with the Russian invasion and thus by making it, showing support for it. The original meaning isn’t really relevant as to why it’s gotten another meaning.

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