How The Queen Said More Than Trump In A Few Short Minutes | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How The Queen Said More Than Trump In A Few Short Minutes | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday delivered a historic broadcast to Britain amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The panel discusses how the Queen in a short address was able to say more than President Trump in his press briefing. Aired on 4/6/2020.
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How The Queen Said More Than Trump In A Few Short Minutes | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Paola Z O-L It honestly ticks me off that majority of the people I know chose him just for a joke.
      Your words couldn’t be more true.

    2. Everyone who voted for Chump are co- conspiritors in these crimes against humanity. Lock them all up. Especially Russian Mitch

  1. The Queen also served in military when her country was at war where as trump faked disability to avoid sevice the useless coward

    1. the Queen used her labia as a defense weapon against the sharp rocks that warfare was fought upon in 1325BC. How is she still so old, goshies. Seriously tho, she looks about 305 years old human year but but might be able to cook us dinner.

    2. @Po Tatowhat a stupid response but what can you expect from a country a couple of hundred years old and on the verge of collapse

    3. momento mori when a royal “serves” they aren’t put in danger like everyone else. They get looked after. It’s a PR stunt they do. The fact that so many people are impressed by it is comical.

    1. @Linda Thomas Trump’s supporters are a waste of time because they willingly embrace ignorance!

    2. @john abbot hopefully the intelligent part of america will get this nut job out of the WH.

    1. She’s the British Head of State but we are governed by Parliament, led by our Prime Minister. The PM is a Tory who values money over lives. Literally no-one in the UK followed his “herd immunity” bollocks.

  2. This president should be brought up on charges against humanity, for Derelicts of his DUTIES, TO KEEP US SAFE

    1. Nah, he will soon shift all blames to everyone. The hospitals, doctors, Fauci, Governors, Democrats, liberals, CNN, MSNBC , you , he will never take responsibility. The people that follows him will never blame him, only those that lost friends and family will start to blame him but that’s only if they wake up. Otherwise they will still defend him.

    2. He shouldn’t have been president had the Senate done their sworn duty to uphold the constitution. But that’s another story.

    1. @Craig P why do you people always retort to whataboutizim every time? Defend trump? What can you say he’s done?

  3. Trump changed the definition of what a “federal stockpile” means?
    America do you have any idea what that the implications of that are?
    This is beyond sad….

    1. If the federal government is not part of the united states, perhaps the states should stop remitting taxes to them.

    2. Im so relieved there are people out there in this world that see Trump as the joke. I’m an American, but God forbid I speak out against trump. I’ll get shot down so quick by the few who like him that it’s not worth fighting the internet over.

    3. @Heidi Thomas almost every non-American online knows President Chump’s notoriety tbh. We can only send prayers and sincere wishes for the American people, and for the Trump supporters to finally see and think more clearly and with more sanity, for everyone’s sakes.

    1. @Hello Me yep that is 100% true… stems back at least 500 years and that’s only because I stopped searching but I can bet its been a constant re-occurrence throughout x

  4. The Queen: Exemplary leadership and grace under pressure, setting out to inform her nation honestly about the perils, but offering comfort and reassurance.

    Donald Trump: Willfully ignorant, incompetent reality show host in waaay over his head, blatantly lying to and misleading the public, snapping at reporters like a cornered badger and looking for someone, anyone to blame.

    1. I have yet to see Trump actually answering to a reporters question, he always diverts the subject or uses 9 year old children level style to inquire irrevelant details about data source persons that has no relevance to the subject matter.. He thinks the child psycology trick would work but all adults see it immediately who have any brains..

    2. @Joe Paleface Try to get your facts straight. It wasn’t CNN, it was TRUMP who said up to 2 million people could die, referring to an Imperial College study he read.

      As for judging people by what they do, we ARE. Just his handling of this crisis is incompetent and deadly and he has lied, lied, lied about it from Day 1. Trump is a disaster. Google it and see for yourself.

  5. I’ve heard of the blind leading the blind but with Trump it is the mindless leading the brainless.

    1. @Heidi Thomas i do, he’s like that fly you wanna swat but keeps dodging you, so dam ugly and annoying….. appologies to flies

    2. John Dwyer no kidding embarrassing for those like myself who can’t stand Trump and voted against him. It must be watching a sideshow and train wreck happening all at the same time for other countries.

    3. @Allison Burke Any other time in our (US) history, if some other country elected someone like they did in the Philippines, Brazil, etc our President would have come out talking, very strongly, about human rights but not Trump. He congratulates them and openly wishes he could get away with the same human rights abuses.


    1. @Leanne Griffith only because he can’t follow a script. He makes it up as he goes along, I think that’s what you mean by ‘off the cuff’

    2. @Smarter Black Bear I think you miss-wrote there. Yrump [sic] doesn’t spend hours a week answering questions, he does exactly the opposite!

    3. @Leanne Griffith “We have one soon there will be none” That was 60,000 body bags ago and here we still sit dicking the dog.

    1. Why not move to Great Britain?

      Seriously, the weather is a wee bit crappy, but other than that, it is a lovely place. (I’m English and currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland).

    2. @Richard Pierpoint Define “crappy”. Down south we get long spells of clear sunny days and warm temperatures. The myth of it always being rainy doesn’t really hold up when you compare weather patterns from this part of UK.

  7. Coronavirus : ” Im Going To Attack Your People ”

    Trump : ” Im Going To Attack The Governors “

    1. @Nhung Ngo read between the lines and its easy to start piecing together the hidden message he really meant which was aimed at the Evils who are trying to bring him down… cx

    1. @Erika Welindt
      Get a life of your own it becomes so boring Trump did this Trump did that.
      Get used to him for next five years that’s the way it is
      If people took more interest in their own miserable life it may improve.

    2. @Martin Doyle well even if he had ‘a sheet of notes’ to read from he probably wouldn’t use them. He makes things up as he goes along, saying what ever pops into his head. The ‘injection of disinfectant’ comment proves that. He is completely inarticulate, un professional, rude, arrogant and narcissistic.

  8. He calls himself a wartime President, I guess those heal spurs have healed.
    The man is a laughing stock.

    1. @Jim P Britain’s health care for ALL or Americas healthcare for those who can afford it… Mmmm let me see now…. Nah I’m for the N.H.S!!!

  9. The Queen’s speeches have all been about uplifting her people, calling out the best in all of them. Too many of Trump’s speeches are about kicking down, creating targets and making Trump look good.

    1. Well you know Trump is getting free campaign exposure with these briefings we get every day. I don’t think the Democrats are giving campaign plugs right now but Trump is getting all this free publicity

    1. Yes she’s a leader but she’s just as rich as Donald Trump she should put her money valuables and better use and just have them up on the mantelpiece dusting them off.Her country needs her put your money to do the most good get your country moving again

    2. @George Plagianos She has billions probably and I am sure some of that went to the CoronaVirus Fund. What about the Kartrashians? I wonder if they will donate anything towards this or any other wealthy person?

  10. “United States of America” cannot be a theory, again, at this time. It is a necessity to be “United”, but citizens must help lead this charge if leadership is unable.

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