How the rest of the world is covering the Derek Chauvin trial 1

How the rest of the world is covering the Derek Chauvin trial


France24 reporter Kethevane Gorjestani joins CNN's Brian Stelter to discuss how media outlets from around the world have covered George Floyd's death and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin's trial.
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  1. I thought this CNN clip was gonna show how the rest of the world was covering the Derek Chauvin trial.

    1. The outcome is a foregone conclusion. Have to avoid riots, so he will be found guilty in honor of BLM.

    2. As a foreigner I read this thread and all the other threads here and I have the impression that emotions are so heated up that no one asks the really important question: What to do to prevent this in the future?
      In Germany the training and education of police officers takes 3 years, in some states even 4. They do not only teach tactics, but also law, psychology fundamentals, sociology fundamentals and criminalistics. It is in fact comparable to a college degree.
      The result is this: In 2018 the german police killed 11 people in total and used 54 rounds of ammo in total and we are a population of 82 million.
      I have no idea whether “Defund the Police” is smart or stupid, but if you want to improve you certainly have to fund the police academies.

    3. @Haͥppͣyͫ UK ๖ۣۜƤaͥτrͣiͫoτ agreed 100%. I’m a firm believer that the police are the problem regarding security in America, but I think pretending the corruption stops at Derek Chauvin is a perfect scapegoat to obfuscate the broader issue. It’s typical really. They won’t reevaluate their corruption, but rather sigh a sigh of relief after smearing their collective blood on him and sending him into the desert. Because this short sighted drama show is our short sighted answer, the same thing will happen in a year and politicians and media will jump to collect style points.

  2. After all this, trial case, covid, ect, I think we would all be in need of.. a good Woodstock festival 2.0 for Peace on Earth lol

    1. @This freaking Guy yes Sir. And Canada did that what, two years ago ?, and they now have the control on quality, and there’s not really more smokers compare to before that. War on soft drugs is a waste of money and ressources. It always been here, and will always be. So why not go for a better understanding and collect the money to help those with more severe addictions. Anything with moderation is not that bad. As long as people respect each others

    2. Here we go again Fentanyl Gorge Floyd, who was a a total lightweight & a Hardcore Criminal ” died from Hardcore Fentanyl “ Is Chinese News Network Hero !!! Wow

    3. @Canada the beautiful Lumber yes they should. And you’re a Canadian ?, so is it going well for legalizing weed since a couple of years ?

    1. are!  Allegations are allegations. I did see one photo of Clinton With Epstein. Epstein gave a campaign donation. But I do remember seeing numerous photos of Trump with him. But if Trump had Esptein killed? I would shed no tears. Do you know how the trial of Epstein’s girlfriend went?

    2. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 And down the conspiracy rabbit hole you have gone. Be careful you don’t trip over your huge amount of paranoia as you may well fall off the edge of your flat earth! #grabthembythepussy #gaetzgate

    3. @Elena Williams You can keep pretending like facts don’t matter sweetheart, doesn’t bother me haha. So keep deflecting, it’s what you kids do best 🙂

    4. @Jaime Garcia You mean Ghislaine Maxwell? lmao she’s in lockup and don’t worry fruitcake, once her story becomes public, expect half the democrats and hollywood execs to move out of the country. LOL. flight logs are already public 🙂

  3. Please don’t interrupt the second guest! She was giving her answer, after having first sat through many minutes of the other lady talking.

    1. @briasativa stop being racist towards Russians. Wonder what would happen if someone wrote “she’s an African bot”

    2. @pakpala1 Why in the fook would anyone want to do that, if l want sell inflicted pain, I’ll just ram a sharp stick in my eye. All MSM blows, and why would l want opinions from “journalist” and “experts”, they are all just paid actors. Watch the long version, l mean damn

    3. @pakpala1 Damn girl, don’t get your hair hat all bunched up, l watch a little CNN just to read comments made by idiots. Mockingbird parrots

  4. If he was a member of the Royal Family, or a relation to some high up person, it wouldn’t be happening

    1. The royal family or ‘high up persons’ grow up being taught by their parents not to fight with the police. George Floyd’s momma didn’t bring him up right. We have to stop defending criminal behavior. You don’t fight with police. You do what you are asked, and if you disagree, you get your day in court, and can sue for false arrest; people have won many cases and got paid a lot of money when they successfully win a case of false arrest. Floyd died because he did dumb things. Darwin award winner. We have to stop coddling criminals who break the law, and fight with the police. He didn’t die because he passed a counterfeit bill; he died because he fought with the police, and wouldn’t stop.

    2. @D.E.B. B Floyd wasn’t even fighting. When he got handcuffed he said he was claustrophobic chauvin should’ve helped him right then and there to help calm him down. Pointing a gun at a person who has an anxiety disorder makes it worse so George got more anxious I suppose. And he escalated the situation because of chauvin pointed a gun at him so George panicked.

    1. George Floyd had 5 televised funerals bigger than princess Diana and JFK no thanks to the media and he’s a thug not even Thug pretty. People who carrying on his death must think he’s little ol black jesus

    2. @Tobe thee Naija Player the truth is the truth, he was a criminal drug addict who died from a drug overdose

    1. @Piotr Trebisz Ours did well yet the vaccine rollout is really slow and we’re even manufacturing AstraZeneca here in Melbourne. We had 112 days of the worlds strictest lockdown, we had mass free testing(we have free health care for all as do you), tracing and genome sequence testing plus mandatory masks, curfew, only allowed out of your home for supermarket shopping (1 hr), medical, excercise (1 hr)or being an essential worker.Furloughed workers were paid $750au per wk(it wasn’t a salary but better than nothing), welfare payments doubled, business grants etc. We’re now 3 months Covid free. We do have positive cases in hotel quarantine with returning travellers.We had exactly the same numbers as the UK before lockdown, it’s tragic to see the vastly different outcomes. We even have our waste water treatment plants tested as they can detect it so the suburbs it came from can be extra vigilant and get tested. You were doing so well it’s sad to see a regression. This vaccine rollout needs to be widespread to our poorer neighbours too.

    2. @Elena Williams I can tell you exactly who’s fault it is: Ursula von der Leyen
      As the head of the european commision it was her job to organize vaccines for Europe but she failed. The american government had a close cooperation with the vaccine producers from the very beginning, a joint effort so to say. Ursula took the approach of waiting until the vaccines are ready and to buy them like a regular costumer, now we are in the position that our domestic producers pump out a lot of vaccines but other countries were faster in getting good deals with them.

    3. @Piotr Trebisz It appears so. I’m disgusted by the tit for tat garbage brexit point scoring has become. It’s costing lives. Boris is morally bankrupt and so disorganised too. Don’t worry, Australias PM has now got a well deserved 70% disapproval rating from Australian women as his handling and lies surrounding multiples of rape and other sexual assaults within his own conservative party have been disgraceful. In a country of 25 million he set the target of 4million vaccinations by end of March, we’re at 750,000. We don’t have the urgency of other countries but what a mess. At least your chancellor has morals and integrity.

    4. @Elena Williams We hit the 10 million mark last week, 72 million are still waiting. I had to skip my yearly northern lights trip. If I have to skip next year as well then the european commision will learn what an one-man-army is, Chuck Norris is nothing against this.

    1. I cried like a baby. It was on when I was having my coffee before work. I was emotionally distraught I was literally late for work , because I had to pull myself together. All the people who make their remarks in support of Chauvin behavior after watching this. I’m sorry they have no heart and very in humain.

    1. @American Bulldog …and democrats are a blessing to us all, whether we like it or not. Utopia, here we come!

    2. @My Pillow Guy typical liberal, deflecting from blm/antifa burning the country to Trump and Russia lmfao. Of course you won’t mention illegal investigations by barry. Pillow boy must be one of the kids with a shaved head screaming “nazi pig” to black cops.

    1. @turntableone
      I’m 15, but yeah sure I’m the one who’s so “old and dried up” that makes dumb comments about the president of the 30’s. Chile sit the hell down sweet heart.

    2. @Cole Parkhurst
      Trump had toilet paper on his shoe and couldn’t even walk down a ramp, drink water, close an umbrella, tweet or speak properly.

    3. So true, at least we get to see how high fentanyl boy really was while he was resisting and crying to his momma, who failed as a parent raising him. Facts matter, but hey, prosecution is relying on emotions instead.

    4. @Edwin M
      I rather be a “rude” Democrat, than a bigoted Republican. Go take your meds, or decipher some Q-tips.

  5. Honesty. Cameras arounds us has changed some things. While others are just displayed with no action.

  6. And Some countries authorities in Today’s modern world try ban Surveillance Camera’s technology, used against their law enforcement. Lol

  7. Dreadful Watching from EU. Visio cover was just unbelievable. Never wish to see this happen again

    1. Floyd had 5 televised funerals bigger than princess Diana and JFK .floyd is a Thug on drugs not even Thug pretty. The media is pushing this. They fail to mention Floyd pointed a gun at a pregnant woman belly.

    2. @Tobe thee Naija Player nope. Only a fascist leftist believes the sblm narrative. Fact is the cop didn’t kill him. So no.

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