How The Supreme Court Handed Trump A Victory Bound For Defeat | MSNBC

How The Supreme Court Handed Trump A Victory Bound For Defeat | MSNBC 1


MSNBC’s host of “American Voices” Alicia Menendez takes a look at Friday’s decision by The Supreme Court that allows the president to carry on with his quest to exclude undocumented immigrants from his 2020 census report to Congress. And why this win for team trump is bound to be short-lived.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How The Supreme Court Handed Trump A Victory Bound For Defeat | MSNBC

79 Comments on "How The Supreme Court Handed Trump A Victory Bound For Defeat | MSNBC"

  1. I wish undocumented immigrants would stop working for a few weeks just to see what happens to our economy.

    • Edward Richard | December 20, 2020 at 8:42 PM | Reply

      @Isky Mate Except thats literally the case isnt it? Please tell me how why you think its ok for illegal immigrants to be getting jobs than LEGAL americans?

    • Edward Richard | December 20, 2020 at 8:45 PM | Reply

      @David Lopez I’m a mexican. Its not racist if its true.

    • @Edward Richard I’m Mexican as well and it’s not true I’ve seen plenty of American citizens work those jobs as a matter of fact most of those American citizens are Mexicans so to assume most Mexicans are immigrants is also pretty racist

    • Me too. Maybe you and your friends would be at work instead of on social media whining

    • @Edward Richard I’m sorry what? How is me making an observation about the similarity of a South Park episode and those comments me stating that illegal immigrants should have jobs over American citizens?

  2. Veronica Parker | December 20, 2020 at 12:31 PM | Reply

    Someone give this man “SOME MILK!!! HE NEEDS A NAP! AND AN ADSS WHOPPIN!!!!!!”

    • @Shawn Mendenall
      False, you are referring to the left wing right wing people can get along and have a civil conversation you disagree with a left winger and they behead you publicly

    • Shawn Mendenall | December 20, 2020 at 9:03 PM | Reply

      @Doodle Bob behead? Isn’t that what those right wing lunatics planned to do with Gretchen Whitmer? Or was it hanging?

      There is a sitting republican governor pleading with the president to tell his supporters to lay off the death threats. Same with every republican that acknowledges that Joe Biden won. To follow Trump, you have to deny reality. Why? What is in it for you?

    • Juanita Rodriguez | December 20, 2020 at 9:20 PM | Reply


    • @Shawn Mendenall
      Nobody who voted for Trump is sending death threats stop lying

    • Shawn Mendenall | December 20, 2020 at 9:28 PM | Reply

      @Doodle Bob this is a direct quote of Governor Brian Kemp (R)

      “There is so much misinformation out there.  Quite honestly, it has gotten ridiculous,” Gov. Kemp said. “Some of it, from death threats, you know, bribes from China, the social media posts that my children are getting and look, we have the ‘no crying in politics rule’ in the Kemp house, but it is stuff if I said that, I would be taken to the woodshed and would never see the light of day.  It is embarrassing that someone would send something like that to a 20-year-old child that just lost the love of her life, not to mention what the Deal family is having to deal with because of the conspiracy theories that are out there.”

      Gov. Kemp said he continues to answer questions from the public, but said his family and the families of other elected officials should be off-limits.
      “This needs to stop,” Kemp said.  “People need to deal with facts and we’ll give them to them.  And if anybody has an issue with something I’ve done, they need to come see me and I’ll talk to them about it.  They don’t need to bother my wife or my children or any other person that’s serving in elected office–their wife or children–because I can assure you, I can handle myself.”

  3. We better get used to never-ending rulings that end up 6-3 in favor of oppressing poor/brown people.

    • @ForumLight Your lack of self-awareness and inability to empathize with others is troubling. Perhaps they threw out the Texas case because the brief was nonsensical, antithetical to the very foundation of our democracy, and filled with typos?

    • @ForumLight the republican ‘s know all about fixing and stealing elections ! They’ve been doing it for years .

    • Tamara Brennan | December 20, 2020 at 1:37 PM | Reply

      Yes it’s what is coming – but – we can get more organized, get more people out to vote, get more vocal, get on the phone to our reps.

    • FYI…..”Isasc”..IF it was that SIMPLE….WE ALL would NOT be having this argument.

    • @Paul Bolland
      You mean the democrats

  4. “Counted undocumented immigrants”
    This doesn’t even make sense, if you are counted, and the count has been documented, you are not undocumented.
    It’s shorthand in the current political climate for an “illegal immigrant”, equally dubious.

    Semantics aside, how many “undocumented immigrants” are willing to expose themselves for a census count? Many are living in fear day to day of what might happen to them if the government were made aware of their residency.

    Immigrants need assistance, illegal or otherwise. Most people living in the country need assistance. The problem is that there isn’t a lot of faith that the government is going to be a RELIABLE source of that assistance. (Because it isn’t). Particularly if you are an illegal immigrant.

    • The real question is what flavor cotton candy trump prefers for his hair

    • Why doesn’t donald teach Melanie Trump to speak English!!! Donald is always criticizing people for doing the same thing he does!!! Living with an immigrant bad, mouthing immigrants! 🤦‍♀️

  5. Explains his race/origin of race/ethnicity focused Census questions. Oh, and home ownership v renting.

    • @Trump Won :You have meddled with the primal forces Mr. Beale, AND YOU WILL ATONE!”
      Inhotep was, probably the first to get away from the magic based medical culture around 2600 bc the Smith papyrus might be Imhotep’s words, seems to be a medical field manual however, on the back are a few incantations and recipes. Just in case.
      Speaking of “just in case” Pfizer makes the EpiPen. (the cure for vaccine side effect)

    • @Sheri Willhite please tell us exactly what Trump did for people of color —— I’m waiting

    • @Trump Won man you are so full of baloney that is not worth the keystrokes nor my time to dispel ur idiocy

    • THE ANGRY QUAD | December 20, 2020 at 7:21 PM | Reply

      @Ria Love From your lack of any substantial argument, I’m not wrong! Dia…

    • @Sheri Willhite Specifically, what did Trump do for people of color?
      Since you said decades, I’m sure we’re not going back to Lyndon B Johnson’s Civil Rights act of 1968, so you are probably talking about much more recently. Under Obama, there were criminal justice reforms, they started the HBCU funding that Trump extended, and the economic trends that Trump gets credit for began in Obama’s term and stem from policies established then. I’m curious what Trump did specifically.

  6. I can’t wait this year is over and part of january too ,

    • silverpairaducks | December 20, 2020 at 9:11 PM | Reply

      Wait till next when the genocide

    • KarmaDontForget | December 20, 2020 at 9:19 PM | Reply

      @Randy Tolin ok if u say so. good bye 🙂

      NEWS MAX TV👈
      BREITBART .com 👈
      NTD NEWS👈

    • MSNBC👈LIES ….

    • @Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん if you think this is going to end just because the dems are in office you are in for a surprise. it will be a sweet saccharine death.
      i used to lean left, but they have gone off the deep end with the race baiting and russiagating. one of the only things i actually liked about the dems iwas that they pretended they were agianst war, but more republicans are coming around to anti interventionism. it is just a show of good cop bad cop.
      the media and cia have been creating drama the last 4 years . trump is no worse than any of the other tyranical war criminals we have had in the past. no collusion with russia (that was actually hunter biden during the obomber administration). and biden has said racist things just like trump, but the media doesnt play the dumb stuff he says repeatedly between every false russia accusation.
      biden is the one with actual racist policy like the crime bill of 1994 which was responsible for increase incarceration rate of african americans. and they deported 100k more hispanics a year than the obomber admin.

  7. Firstname Lastname | December 20, 2020 at 1:08 PM | Reply

    Made by the president with an illegal immigrant wife, who chain-migrated her parents too.

  8. Would love to never again hear the word Trump.

    • The secret service will have to protect him and his family at your expense and mine.

    • Hallelujah

    • @Rodney adam Shortnacy
      No it stands for Puppet!

    • What rhymes with trump????? Sore rump!!! Nothing like a good laugh on a Sunday night! Trump, rump,dump, bump, stump, the mumps, man it’s getting hot 🥵

    • @Beijing Biden you would probably still hear Trump’s name in China, as he has a bank account with a Chinese Bank through his company Trump International Hotels Management. The company made an unusually high $17M in 2017 while he was president, of which Trump withdrew $15M. China’s largest state-run bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, for years had rented three floors at Trump Tower. Trump also sold a penthouse in one of his buildings for $15M after becoming president to Xiao Yan Chen, chair of the China Arts Foundation, run by high ranking Chinese Communist Party leaders. China awarded multiple trademarks to Trump after becoming president, along with trademarks awarded to Ivanka when she joined the white house. Trump partnered with the Chinese State Grid Corporation when he attempted developments in China through his company THC China Development, until it became the focus of a corruption investigation.

  9. Let’s not forget trump hired undocumented workers

    • @Kevin van Etten Just because your responsible that doesn’t mean you are going know 100% the time what lower management is up to . There are scandals all the time in Companies , where when Higher ups find out people get fired. It is literally impossible to know everything that is going on at all times . This why you hire people under you to manage and report to you . Do you think , Sundar Pichai knows 100% who is hired at google as janitors ?Probably not , HR and lower management will meet and interview them . He could choose to meet with every person his company hires , but highly unlikely .

    • who used stolen social security numbers. what’s your point?

    • Kevin van Etten | December 20, 2020 at 9:47 PM | Reply

      @takeoUup115 ceo’s take responsibility for what happens and resign from their position, if a scandal comes to light.

    • Stopbeingaghettoazz | December 20, 2020 at 9:53 PM | Reply

      @larr Larr yes obama did cage children, so did bush jr. & as well the architect of the bill that allows them to cage children’s slick Willy Clinton. lol, 1997 the bill was passed that allows children being smuggled into our country by the cartels to be separated from their adult captors & yes you guessed it allows the children to be detained in cages. You’re so stupid you don’t even know when or who started that practice.

    • Kevin van Etten | December 20, 2020 at 9:58 PM | Reply

      @b b oh, so saying you don’t know is the only defense you need? I guess I can’t be charged for murder if I shoot someone, because I didn’t know he would die from it.

  10. It’s going to be the longest month…

  11. Charles Canzater | December 20, 2020 at 4:02 PM | Reply


  12. 0:45 Not only does it affect the allotment of Congressional seats and federal money, it also potentially impacts the number of Electoral College electors allowed in a state, which number is dependent on the total number of Congressmen and Senators in that state. And since, as the clip notes, undocumented immigrants tend to flock to blue states, this would mean fewer blue electors in the Electoral College overall. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if this figured onto Trump’s calculations especially as he is said to be contemplating another run in 2024.

  13. Uphold the Constitution unless we disagree with portions of it.

  14. It’s simple, the republicans are gearing up for an amendment to the constitution on citizenship and voting, because the argument will be the writers of the constitution didn’t consider nor to include explicit wording on illegal immigrants due their signifance.

  15. its about time someone looks at the census and how it steals the poor vote

  16. Notice how they make sure to point out “it wasn’t ruled on the merits” but didn’t tell you that regarding the Texas election case against PA. Only that it was thrown out.

  17. House Majority | December 20, 2020 at 7:54 PM | Reply

    Courts love victims and losers.

  18. Joseph Michael | December 20, 2020 at 8:48 PM | Reply

    When you really love this country and our constitution, it’s easy to pick out the people who don’t.

  19. Yeah just like he is undocumented into the heavens of God

  20. American knows what is happening within the court! Democracy will prevail!😜

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