How The Supreme Court Made Buying Elections Easier—And Voting In Them Harder 1

How The Supreme Court Made Buying Elections Easier—And Voting In Them Harder

“That is really the slogan of the Roberts Court: making it easier to buy elections and harder to vote for them,” says Ari Berman on the recent Supreme Court decisions that undermine American democracy.
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  1. Without fair voting. Democracy is finished. The people will make up their own rules then. Street law shall prevail.

    1. @larreelarr If only the founders of antifa were still alive. JFK, Patton, Eisenhower, FDR.

    1. Love the 4th of July..I love pulling my ID out when I vote.. I love pulling out my VA to get discounts at certain businesses… ID is a good thing

    2. @Macgruber Democracy is what is wrong with America today. We need to get back to simply being a Constitutional Republic.

  2. Voting is easy, even with in person voting with id requirements and having to register again because you haven’t voted in ten years.

    1. This issue with voter ID isn’t that democrats don’t want people to be identified at the voting booth. Republicans like to pretend that, that’s the issue, but it’s not. It’s that *if ID’s aren’t free, then those who can’t afford them are faced with a monetary barrier,* which is basically a *poll tax,* that is the problem.

      Voter ID is fine and the solution would be simple, we need a free national ID card for every American as an alternate form of ID. States could already do this, they could have already solved the voter ID problem by distributing free identification to residents. This begs the question, why not do it? It’s because as it stands, *it gives politicians an avenue to stop low income people from voting, because they recognize they won’t benefit from their votes.* So the issue here isn’t Democrats abusing the system to vote illegally, it’s that *states are leveraging poverty to prevent certain factions of the electorate from voting at all.*

    2. @Ken Rimmer- Buying a handgun is a Constitutional right also, but I still need proof of who I am, same with voting.

    3. @Ken Rimmer are you saying that you should be able to vote however, whenever, unregulated? Couldn’t someone then vote more than once, by phone, mail, in person, etc.? You don’t see any issue with that?

  3. No ethical framework. No longer a political party it’s a corporation,,,Senate has become the House of Lords.

    1. @RalphNaintEASY Why all this rage about election security when there were no cases of fraud? Why is it so important to put in all these provisions when no fraudulent ballots were cast? What problem are you trying to solve?

    2. @Steven Lukowski i thought you served to protect ALL AMERICANS, i guess you were just fighting for the authoritarian elites, no doubt you have doubled down on tucker swanson carlson’s propaganda distraction also.
      I hope you enjoy an authoritarian dictatorship.

    3. @Scott Graham That Lukowski profile is one created by the proud boys or some other crap, look at the creation date. Also probably a case of stolen valor.

    1. Never gonna happen..but what will is the complete disruption and destruction of your future as a coward commie in hiding in this country

    1. Aren’t around 90% of corporate owners here in the United States democrat donors and supporters?.. seems odd somehow….

    2. @Paul Koehn Corporations, generally, pay bribes, I mean donate to campaigns for both parties. They may favor one over the other, but no smart company shuts out the side they oppose totally. They are buying access to those legislators, nothing more.

  4. This ruling may be a foreshadowing of the democrats “For the People Act” being dead in the water before it’s even passed. This ruling shows that the supreme court, or 6/9th of it, respects the rights of the states to make their own elections laws and that the “For the People Act” may be found unconstitutional if challenged.

    1. @Nobody_from Nowherethe Supreme Court will more than likely find the dems for the people act unconstitutional based on them regulating states election laws. Not any finance laws. They won’t let the federal government dictate hours, days or voting methods as well as the gerrymandering laws because they’ve indicated that these right sir with the state.

    2. @ScottCleve33 I understand this, that is why I made it a separate thread. The state laws are just as corrupt as the Supreme Court’s ruling. This is why we only have pseudo democracy.

    3. @Nobody_from Nowhere Democrats have no grounds in doing so ask Massachusetts Connecticut and Maryland to stop gerrymander first

  5. Acts 2:39
    [39]For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call..

  6. lol. youtube should have issued several hunred misinformation bans on msnbsars already, and the selective attention to political interference as opposed to expression and communication is that same ole clinton crew cowardice corruption dishonesty and disgrace. more cheatin’ is how they figure their ‘win’ can be ‘respected.

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