How to cope with grief after watching the death of Tyre Nichols | USA TODAY


  1. The barbaric nature of this heinous crime is utterly disturbing to watch. The senseless brutal beating of Tyre Nichols that lead to his death is beyond incomprehensible, reckless, disgusting, and most of all inhumane. The five x-officers, possessing criminal and gang mentality, who beat the victim to a pulp, deserve more than life in prison. These criminals knew no bounds, and these additional “accessories” or “accomplices” are as evil as these five thugs who were charged with murder. It is appalling, terrifying, and sickening that we have so many bullies behind badges hiding in police departments all over the country. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and suffering his family is enduring. My deepest condolences go to Tyre’s family and friends as they struggle to cope with their loss. May Tyre’s family seek full justice. Rest in Peace, Tyre Nichols.

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