How To Escape The Bitter Political Impasse | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

How To Escape The Bitter Political Impasse | Morning Joe | MSNBC


How can we as a country step outside of the bitter political impasse? The Washington Post's David Ignatius offers that we 'Turn off the television, go to a ballgame, listen to some music, and the din from Washington fades.' The panel discusses. Aired on 12/26/19
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How To Escape The Bitter Political Impasse | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Where to begin Joe? Let’s start by stop callin the GOP the party of Lincoln, that was over 160 yrs ago! Today the GOP is not conservative or becoming more conservative, they are extreme right wing reactionary Fascists. Call them what they are!

    1. @Your Worst Nightmare – Facts Why did you change the Subject? Socialism let’s you survive, Individualism let’s you thrive. Greatness or Average. Which do you prefer?

    2. You really are demonstrating you don’t know what a communist is or a socialist is. Take a seat and go look up both terms.

    3. @Matthew Gula
      I know exactly what they are.
      Not even Bernie is even close to a communist.
      You really need to look up the definition.

    1. @The Angkor Watt Well I don’t support trump and I believe you’re the enemy. Your gibberish is like when trump tells America anything, unless you love flushing toilets and running dishwashers

  2. I DON’T THINK SO. Now is the time to fight. There is an election coming we are not interested in reconciliation with anyone that supports this criminal President.

  3. I think it is a lot worse than a bitter impasse. I personally wish trump and his supporters would go to Russian were they belong.

    1. ****MEDIA FAIL**** — David Ignatius, Germany, 1939:  “If we only turn off the radio, Nazis will go away, and everything will return back to normal, however dysfunctional.  After all, there’s fine people on both sides.  And it isn’t as if there’s a Nazi cult or anything.  Non-Aryans should not be alarmed, no reason to panic!  Jesus will protect Jews!”  Media constantly engaging in false moral and political equivalencies; can’t tell the difference between right and left–and right from wrong!  Media BE better WE be better.

    2. ****MEDIA FAIL**** — “The sinning haters will magically stop sinning and hating if we can somehow just stop loving and praying for the sinners, stop hating their sins!” ‘Cause we’re completely clueless here in the media, think common sense talks about pennies. Any why not mix religion and politics, combine church and state, while we’re at it? Naturally, that’s just what the Nazis use to hide those sins…

    3. @Rod Allen I am more surprised about the morons that don’t believe it, confirmed by virtually all our intelligence agencies who are currently under attack by the Trump administration and his brain dead cronies like you.

    4. @Rod Allen Yeah they probably got it from the NSA, CIA and FBI who all investigated it and produced reports confirming it.

      Weird that people believe their own nation’s career intelligence professionals who are experienced in clandestine activities, on issues related to intelligence professionals involved in clandestine operations against USA. You god damned numpty moron fool.

    1. @Facts trump prejudice You can’t blame the Creator for what His created beings do. Every man will be judged for the motivations and intentions of his heart.

    2. @Pam Tebelman oh dear, I’m afraid your invisible friend doesn’t help. Science makes aeroplanes fly, religion makes aeroplanes fly into buildings. Your fantasy comfort blanket is merely a cover for a system of control. There are some 3,000 known gods, i just don’t believe in one more god than you.

  4. When Obama was president, the WT racists at least had the decency to keep their views quiet. They still hated but they did it quietly and in their own small minded way! This POS in office has given a voice to these people and now they all feel empowered. I just wish these same people could come to realize that the 1% of this country despises them as much as people of color! If you don’t have money and can’t do anything for them, the wealthy 1% of this country couldn’t care less! Wake up America!!

    1. the corporate media sells the story of the race war.
      it’s an economic class war.
      who is going to pay for the $23,000,000,000,000 national debt, born of tax exemptions for the 400 families that own 98% of America?
      not the investors, but the wage earners.

    2. The reason they kept their mouths shut was cowardice, and they will soon all be denying they supported Trump.

  5. It’s not about partisanship. It’s about TRUTH vs LIES, it’s about treachery and greed and corruption. It’s frightening. And they WANT you to give up, to turn away, to say ‘both sides bad’. The right will then work away at destroying America.

    1. @Amen Knowtech No. You are wrong. This is about right vs. wrong. Truth vs. lies. Of course there are Dems that lie. But that is NOT the point.


    1. Planned Parenthood is doing more to stop the spread of the hate-mongering socialist left then any other organization

  6. Republicans and Trumpers have damned themselves. Whether they see it or not, they are done. It’s the independent party that concerns me, because they are more so the Trumpers, than anything. So at least they’re acknowledging the failed Republican party. But they need to fix their own, not interfere with ours.

  7. dont you think this is the reason why in the average american knows more about bikinis than legislation and politics, knows more about kanye and beyonce or jayz than they know about the constitution, this is the reason why average american speak only one language. because even in the “news” they try to keep you distracted. they want you talking about oprah and reality tv and taylor swift rather than talk about our duty as citizens. they want you talking about sports rather talking about police brutality and police corruption they want you talking about the next iphone rather talking about civil rights !

  8. Until there is justice there will be no peace. Stop talking in generalities. That only gives social cover to people who are willfully sadistic, destructive and exploitative. And that behavior must not be tolerated because it will – it HAS – spread like a cancer that will destroy everything around it. THIS is why there is division. Some people are advocating sadism while others are advocating justice and cooperation. There is no middle ground there. Pretending that there is or even can be shows a deep misunderstanding of humanity and human society.

    1. It’s kind of like the “generality when Trump, talked about the march in Charlottesville, that just happened to be on August 12th, Hitler’s mother’s birthday, saying “there are good people on both sides”?

  9. Wishful thinking, now that Frankenstein is off the leash. For years, you “traditionalist Republicans” poisoned the well with spin and punditry, paving the way for Trump and his flock of angry & stupid. As long as your GOP was free to borrow $-trillions to line your pockets with tax cuts, democracy was working. Buyers remorse?

  10. No I don’t hate my neighbors. I have a family of Africans on one side and Mexicans on the other side. We are a very diverse group but we seem to get along. Of course I have no idea who they support but even if I did it wouldn’t make a difference to me.

    1. Roberta Hubert How do you describe yourself…French?! Your point of getting along is lost if by commenting upon your fellow Americans as anything other than American. By leading with race, without first qualifying yours — suggests racism, and is most definitely dismissive – making a fellow American ‘other’ by your practice of stating so. If you haven’t noticed, the violence against these ethnic groups have increased exponentially since Trump’s election and with it the rise and acceptance of white nationalism. A comment describing citizens, like yours, perpetuate and give it breath. Don’t do it. Then you wouldn’t feel defensive and post so, here.

    2. Roberta Hubert I do have friends and family in both. In Africa they just got a new president in Gambia. Happy for them

    3. Exactly Roberta. There should be only one fundamental question that matters: Are they good people? That’s all that matters. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Are you a good person? Do you treat people, even strangers, with respect? That’s what matters.

    4. Roberta Hubert … right on, Roberta! We’ve been doing it in Canada, openly, for generations now. Nothing wrong with caring for others and accepting them. It’s actually contagiously pleasant.

  11. Although extremely bad, D.Trump is not the cause of this evil – he was elected BECAUSE of it. He continues it, but it has been developing since Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s term in office. Even if D.T. is ousted, America needs to come together and heal, restore financial balance between the poor and the ultra-rich, and resume it’s position of setting the democratic standard for the world.

    1. After Reconstruction failed, the GOP moved into the role of being the party of big business, and concerned itself with people keeping the money they had gained. When the country had a thriving middle class, they could count on the votes of middle class people wanting to keep what they’d earned. But, as Reagan’s policies (especially restructuring income tax brackets) has led to greater wealth disparity, they can’t count on the upper middle class keeping them in power, and have to rely on identity politics, whites who feel they are losing something, christians who want to force their morality on others. Unless we reverse the wealth disparity, the GOP must continue to muck rake and cheat to stay in power. And since it was their policies that created the problem, I doubt it will go away soon. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Democratic politicians, addressing income inequality, gave rise to a revitalized Republican Party?

    2. Alas, I don’t think that traditional allies of the US will soon or easily forget how America behaved towards them during the Trump disaster. So much for the “beacon on the hill” fantasy.

  12. Its not two political convictions. The trumplicans and the evangelicals know very well what Trump is, but they are turning a blind eye and playing the game for what they are getting out of it. They are not standing up for their convictions, they are being transactional. That is what is so loathsome about it. They are turning their backs on their convictions, knowingly, transactionally. And that is repulsive.

  13. But this is the last thing that Trump wants – it’s been siege mode since day 1, and the only way out is to get rid of the instigator in chief. To carry it a bit further, saw a French documentary on the rise of Hitler the other day, unintended parallels came up again and again between the two. Disturbing.

    1. Tim Boeh You are absolutely correct. I have long been extremely interested in all aspects of WW2 and the comparisons are inescapable. Red Caps with hate messages blazoned across the front are the new brown shirts and Hitler Youth. Hate is being stoked daily. Happy Christmas

  14. Mist lier Most unhappy most Angry most Disrespectful Prisident of USA who ready to sell everything to Russia for money Trump bye!

  15. Stop dreaming. The message of Christ is never going to reform pro-Trump people. They are cruel in their hearts. They are vicious. They are sadistic animals. They will never change. There’s only one way to deal with them. You will never cause them to be good people. But you can cause them to stop being evil people. You can cause them to stop doing evil things. There IS a way to do THAT.

  16. Trump’s “election” was not an anomaly; it was LARCENY! Nobody has even TRIED to establish whether the 2016 narrow Rust Belt margins for Trump were actual or the result of voter suppression. Maybe THAT is why I am still bitter: I have spent my adult life believing that reality must be defined by the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth! And yet Trump wants us to accept his lies about caravans of marauding refugees, cancer-causing wind turbines, and the good intentions of Vladimir Putin. When people like you, Mister Scarborough, who have amassed more money and a higher political position than I ever will, want us to think kindly of the lies and bigotry of Donald Trump and his enablers, how can I be anything but bitter? If we cannot count on you to stand up for Truth, we cannot trust you to stand up for ANYTHING! In “A Christmas Carol”, the Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge two demons: Poverty and Ignorance, and warns that the worse of the two is Ignorance.

  17. I’m 70, and believe me, things were a lot worse in the 60’s. The problem is Trump, and the psychological and ethical damage he did to the GOP. They were headed that way anyway, Trump,just hastened the process.

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