How to handle an airline seatmate who refuses to comply with mask rules | USA TODAY 1

How to handle an airline seatmate who refuses to comply with mask rules | USA TODAY


Holiday travel: What to do if your seatmate refuses to wear a mask.
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Some etiquette experts recommend letting the flight staff deal with a person refusing to wear a mask.

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    1. No, it says “free country! I dont have to do what the government says just because they say it!”

  1. Breathing is that noses automatically sideline. Mouth breathers are adenoid virus infected already needs helping so dodge eye contacts closing eyes finds no mask. Never noticed which is which.

  2. If you can’t deal with people in the plane not wearing a mask then don’t fly because it’s going to happen.

    1. It shd be mandatory. If you cannot be bothered wearing a mask out of respect for others, then don’t fly.

  3. OMG please this ridiculous music such utter mind control..what is going on ..fear mongering..shaming people for all this I say…it’s too ridiculous for words…what a phone bunch of crap

  4. The GOP is tearing it self apart over a one term president who got impeached and lost the popular vote twice… that just proves you can’t fix stupid.

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