How to help the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic | USA TODAY

How to help the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic | USA TODAY 1


Simple ways you can help seniors and the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Arizona Republic reporter John D'Anna shares specific actions you can take to ensure seniors and the elderly in your community are taken care of.

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10 Comments on "How to help the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic | USA TODAY"

  1. Thanks for your needful helps.

  2. I always order online. Stock is out with all hoarding. I always shopped online every two-three months.

    India should be ashamed of beating poor people for trying to buy food. Feed those people and pay the rents.

  3. Wonderful advice 😄

  4. Home Theaterguy | March 27, 2020 at 9:02 PM | Reply

    Calling mom, tonight.

  5. There is hardly any other way to see this but if you’re God is God, Satan, or yourself living in nature, there is suffering going on in the world. I am not talking about dying to a pandemic, death is part of living, what I am talking about is common sense to logic. It does not surprise me that nature took a hand in what is going on today. We cannot have all the stupid killings going on in the world without expecting logic to show up. In this case nature is logic, nature only kills to survive unlike humans who kill for entertainment. What is being murdered today is pity we cannot laugh at it and expect to survive as a human race. The children of tomorrow already have a song for it called (I love the way you hate me). Mother nature is intuitive in my book and will not go out in stupid logic. If we do survive the coronavirus I suspect the kids of tomorrow will have to learn to use the bomb to end life on earth through bullying to suicide in their right to choose for themselves.

    PS. With pity Jesus can save you from sin living in yourself, without it sin becomes evil and God has to intervene in the way of logic to himself. He created us in his image to share life in the way of consciousness for all to see. If we choose death this is what we will have trying to exist in a soul to a purpose that has no purpose.

  6. united

  7. Ashutosh Aggarwal | March 28, 2020 at 5:52 AM | Reply

    hello i am indian do us people also think that this china is targeting india usa isarel skorea and other countries that are their competitors and enemies?????

    • I think that is “false news”, Ashutosh. Look at Italy and Spain, as examples. Particularly Italy was hit earlier and faster because they are ‘friends’ (not enemies) of China: They have contact with Chinese manufacturers, i.e. a lot of Italian manufacturing is outsourced to China, so there is a lot of business travelling beween Italy and China.

  8. How to help the elderly during a Coronavirus pandemic? If you are a Millennial, please just eat a Tide Pod and go cliff diving.

  9. I like this. We need to help each other, especially the elderly in this time.

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