1. …to make members of municipal government use TTC as their mode of transportation on daily basis. It shall be a precondition for municipal workers and bureaucracy

    1. There is zero chance of that ever happening. The politicians having to slum it with the plebes on public transit? Outrageous!

  2. Because he doesnt know anything other than building bike lanes. His progressive policies have screwed this city up.

  3. start with operators calling in safety, i have been assaulted. and the bus driver did nothing. zero zip notta

  4. Yeah well imagine the mental health of the victims after they are stabbed and traumatized not just pity for the crazy person that attacked them. Was it another Incel? I was groped once on the TTC but some lesbian that’s what I used to worry about 20 years ago I was also but by a dog in a Toronto Park and started carrying pepper spray after that can the women do that there? I don’t see how logical bike lanes are it’s not like BC that hardly gets any snow or gets below 0 zero degrees regularly to be out on a bike year round.

  5. Put more police officers with assault rifles to protect TTC riders from farmers with guns running around the city

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