1. @Resender I feel bad for the THOUSANDS of law abiding Americans who are murdered in Democrat cities every year because Democrats laws force those who respect the law to disarm themselves…🇺🇸🤨

    2. @Resender I feel sorry for the thousands murdered in Democrat cities every year because Democrats make it illegal to defend themselves with a gun…

    3. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid i feel sorry for you cheering for authocracy, you don’t want freedom you want tyranny as long as that tyranny serves you little petty believes

    4. @Resender As long as you avoid Government schools in “Gun Free Zones” you’ll be fine. Those are the only “schools” where that kind of thing happens. It’s because they are filled with Democrats. Democrats ARE THE PROBLEM. Personally, I have learned to avoid them.

  1. You keep hearing about vaccine doses expiring and being thrown out. If people are refusing the shot then give me a booster. Anyone getting their first shot, right to the front of the line. But any leftovers about to expire should be given as boosters

    1. @The Burn Loot Murder Channel Yeah, instead of censorship, warnings should be put on disinformation with links to more reliable information. If disinformation is removed from Twitter and Facebook, it will just go elsewhere and people who fell for the disinformation won’t find out the truth. People should learn to fact check.

    2. @TaiFerret NOTHING on MSM is trustworthy. It’s PAID edited content. They don’t air all this for fun, it’s MONEY why they replay and replay and replay. Infomercial

  2. I guess Covid deniers should ignore stop signs, as they tell you what to do. Ditto seat belts. And by all means don’t let your kids get the Polio vaccine, Measles, Mumps, Smallpox, etc. Cuz, freeeeedumb.

    1. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid good. We don’t want idiots and na psi’s in our wonderful cities anyway

    2. There is a huge difference between being an anti vaxxer, and not trusting a vaccine that has not been tested. And to pretend otherwise is disingenuous and destructive!

  3. its common sense here just because you are vaccinated doesn’t mean you can go to every party on the planet. You should still take precautions because you know of the uneducated that is out there but us common sense people know this.

    1. _“This Dunya (worldly life) is not meant for parties, it’s meant for submission to God and following His commands. If you want to party, you need to go to Jannah (heaven) which is not in this realm.”_

  4. Some parents maybe anti-vaxers, but they’re getting vaccinated because their job requires it. But they’re not letting their children get vaccinated.

    1. @Ruth Hoffman: Who are you kidding? Yourself? You haven’t read any studies. If you had, you’d be aware that they’ve done studies on the vaccine in children. Now go spread your ignorant BS somewhere else. I’m not interested in discussing this with you.

    2. When you’re threatened with losing your job if you don’t get vaccinated, it’s coercion. Some workers depend on their salary. So they put their health at risk to continue to feed their family. But why would they vaccinate their children if they know the damage vaccines do.

    3. @Ruth Hoffman after babies are born, before they are a yr old they have to get their immunization shots. So are u saying the babies shouldn’t get their shots. Should they be subjected to catching different viruses while their poor bodies are still trying to develop.

      Vaccines are not full proof, but it helps fight the severity of viruses.

  5. Social distance, wear a mask, avoid crowds, isolate at home…everything you were doing before you got vaccinated.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em —I am vaccinated. What the fcks ur problem! Did u think I am against the vaccine? Nothing I said implies that. My point is that we do the vaccine so that we can expose ourselves to the virus. That is the point. Instead we see CNN telling people that the vaccinated should be careful to never encounter the virus (via an unmasked person)

      If one gets the vaccine and is afraid to be exposed to the virus, that is a logical paradox and is ridiculous.

    2. @I make peace not war I guess u dont trust math. What can I say ? I live by it.

      And dont comment on spelling. It is a common (as in plebian from Latin) and cheap insult. Better to correctly chalk it up to an Ipad or typing too fast.

      That should be a default assumption.

      But on Youtube it seems to be the only thing that people feel confident to analyze–spelling. Sad

    1. @Razian Amira So, for all purpose sake why is the argument limited to just vaccines then? 6 months doesn’t guarantee much.

      Why not encourage healthier lifestyles? Why not encourage healthier ideals for the placebo effect? Why not stigmatize bravery instead of fear? Why not open up the market for illness preparation? If the vaccine is not 100% effective and loses efficiency over time, why make people rely on it so much? I feel like that only makes people more reliant on the medical industry (or as some people call it, big pharma).

      I’m sorry dude, but the 6 month efficiency narrative introduces another element of doubt.

    2. @only on YOUTUBE Atm, I’m leaning on “Not true” also. However, if it gets validated, that aids to a whole different perspective on the vaccine.

    3. Rely on the up to date recommendations for your area and your physical status. Not only has the virus mutated but the vaccine hasn’t been around much longer than 6 months. We learn as we go along by tracking the data that changes daily.

  6. Get closer, let me tell you a secret. YOU KEEP DOING THE SAME THING AS YOU DID BEFORE THE SHOT. Its not rocket science.

    1. Excellent! Stay home when sick, wash your hands, cover a cough. Masks are useless so go breathe fresh air and continue to live a life YOU choose.

  7. Masks primarily protect others from the virus you may be asymptomatically transmitting, EVEN IF VACCINATED. Your vaccination primarily protects you. Wear a mask etc

  8. A silver lining is I haven’t had the flu or a cold in over 2 years. Make mask fancier, maybe with electronics embedded to create mask expressions in glowing colors, or release flavored scents along with music. Mask are all the rage at Halloween. Just needs some R&D.

  9. Is it true that some health coverage will deny paying some of the cost of covid treatment if you choose to not get the shot?

    1. Our employer sponsored plan sent out a mandate weeks ago that restrictions are being placed on the coverage of unvaccinated people that seek care for COVID 19.

  10. I know this is all good advice, but as a teacher in Florida, subject to the fascist whims of Desantis, it’s extremely aggravating.

  11. Same thing I have been doing all along, masking up, and social distancing until I feel safe, which may be a whiile

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