How to testify in an impeachment trial

How to testify in an impeachment trial 1


In this impeachment edition of The Point, CNN Legal Analyst and UNC Law Professor Michael Gerhardt sits down with Chris Cillizza to discuss what it’s like to testify in an impeachment hearing. In early December, Professor Gerhardt testified as a constitutional law expert before the House Judiciary Committee. He also testified before Congress during the Clinton impeachment hearing.


How a Senate Impeachment Trial Might Work

Who Is Michael J. Gerhardt? Professor Made Impeachment His Specialty

Law Professor Michael Gerhardt Discusses His Testimony During Impeachment Hearing

Testing of a president: the constitution; it's impeachment or nothing, panel is told by experts

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27 Comments on "How to testify in an impeachment trial"

  1. Hey, Chris here — what are your biggest questions about the impeachment proceedings so far?

    • You do know that yous just handed Donald Trump the 2020 election…. Seriously yous are getting wiped out this election, also why are the Dems saying its not an issue that white people will become a minority in their own country that the whole countries demographics changing is ok yet when it comes to the colour of your skin and being on the debate stage then it matters absolute fucking hypocrites yet when people speak out about this they are called racists this is why people are running away from the dems… I am just like most people in america left leaning in ideals but the annoyance drives me away from the dems every time and im sure everyone else feels the same too… This is the issue that people care about regardless of silly things said by trump or the economy if its good or bad, the character of the counrty is changing and peole want a say on it which donald trump is giving them and the dems just ignore and call them racists over it which is just making a lot of people mad as hell. If you want to stand a chance in the election Dems are gonna have to talk about this issue this SERIOUSLY!

    • Will Fredo be testifying?

    • @Elkslayer He hasn’t though.

    • O SNOOPY SNOOP | December 21, 2019 at 3:39 PM | Reply

      @Terry Tighe *MUTE!!🆗👿👋👋✊😎✌😂😂😂*

    • @Huh? I have to apologize- Until they are sent to the Senate he does have an argument for that.

  2. His students are fortunate

  3. Is CNN capable of repeating the salient point that the Democrats are asking for “4 witnesses limited to 4 hours of questions each”?

  4. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to victory. Tactics without strategy is the quickest way to defeat.” -Sun Tzu

  5. The shame of America…justice 4 Harry Dunn.

  6. *webinar* ? people saying we are dieing
    You put Snowden and his book

  7. As well
    So it *Damn sure” isn’t for that

  8. You are still calling Trumps letter, that sad and pathetic diatribe of lies and half truths a “scorching letter”? Why don’t you call it what it is?

  9. Jurors are to decide the evidence presented to them. They decide on the facts presented. That’s it. No evidence presented nothing to decide. Not to find more evidence. But to decide evidence presented.

  10. I imagined myself sitting in front of congress, arguing with Doug Collins about why he believes Trimpy Tramp is innocent and somehow get a straightforward answer out of him.

  11. From what I see a joke

  12. Not to be off topic, but maybe people already know this…don’t give up on ninja gaiden nes….the last 3 forms of the final boss can be defeated with one hit using the ninja slash upgrade…just fyi and for people who don’t know 🙂

  13. It is a sad state of affairs when a witness, or in this case, a professor, has to be protected by the police just because he was willing to go before a committee to testify as to what he saw were crimes committed by the orange stain, and I believe based on the evidence, those around that ugly stain. Lt. Col. Vindman is also under protection, but because he is army, he and his family are being taken care by the MPs. Very, very sad. To those who think that asking a foreign country to investigate an american citizen(s) is ok, it is not. The ONLY time a foreign country can investigate an american (or anyone who is not a citizen of that country) can be checked out is IF they committed a crime in THAT country. Ukraine has informed our state dept (yep, the same one run by pompeo) that neither Biden broke any laws TWICE. So, what the clown did was an abuse of power. Telling people nor to obey a subpoena or refusing to produce any documentation pursuant to a CONGRESSIONAL subpoena is an obstruction. That is why this jerk was impeached. No matter what, this buffoon will be known as an impeached person.

  14. These two guys look like brothers.

  15. Bulshit

  16. The most incriminating witnesses Trump* will not allow to testify, If Bolton, Pompeo, Mulvany or Jewliani had any exculpatory evidence to provide, they would have been allowed to speak already. Now that Trump has been Impeached, nothing the Senate ‘trial’ (cough) can undo his Impeachment.

  17. DEMOCRATS cannot handle power because when they have it, they just abuse it as the FISA.👎

  18. Open your Eyes | December 21, 2019 at 5:30 PM | Reply

    Lispy queer… and friend.. what evidence do you have for impeachment? Real. Real being the key word. Evidence

  19. Dennis Schohan | December 21, 2019 at 5:33 PM | Reply

    was this guy genetically bred to be an Elvis impersonator?

  20. JESSICA SCHWARZ | December 21, 2019 at 8:50 PM | Reply

    Chris, I don’t understand your multi shirt look, but I liked the video, it was very informative.

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