How Trump Could Set Back Covid Relief For Weeks Just By Doing Nothing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

How Trump Could Set Back Covid Relief For Weeks Just By Doing Nothing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow explains how a "pocket veto" could doom a Covid relief bill for weeks if Donald Trump doesn't take a break from golfing at Mar-a-Lago to clean up the mess he made by injecting himself into the negotiation process after both parties, both chambers, and Trump's own representative had already agreed to the terms of the bill. Aired on 12/24/2020.
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How Trump Could Set Back Covid Relief For Weeks Just By Doing Nothing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

89 Comments on "How Trump Could Set Back Covid Relief For Weeks Just By Doing Nothing | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. It’s not a COVID Relief bill…it’s to fund the government bill plus millions to fund other countries and $600 for each person as an after thought

    • @William Morgan Too many have been brainwashed into thinking TRUMP is so horrible. Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a pleasant president. However I don’t think he did a horrible job. No matter who was the president, covid-19 wasn’t going to be controlled. Just look at the rest of this world & how it’s severely impacting them.

    • @Xyz Xyz I partially agree but I think the bigger impact on peoples lives were the lockdowns in many countries and gov’t control. If this virus has shown us anything it’s that the citizens of all these countries including the U.S. have no control over our own lives, actually the gov’t controls everything we say or do, they control every cent we get and essentially every aspect of our lives. Our founders fought a war to gain independence from a tyrant and yet they were more free than we are now but the gov’t has their claws in us so deep that we wouldn’t go to war in order to fight for our freedoms. No other country has ever been able to control the U.S. population because of our willingness to fight for what we believe but we lost that will and left it to a corrupt gov’t to fight for us but they are corrupt and only fight for themselves and we allow that to happen.

    • @William Morgan I agree with you 100%

    • Yeah Right I Have No Idea 💡 why the United States Is Giving Those Foreign countries all that money when it’s needed right here Lord give us strength we are down here and we are in a a world of hurt God help us.

    • And it was an after thought 💭 I don’t have a clue why the United States 🇺🇸 is giving those Foreign countries all that money and the people here nothing. All I can say is Lord help mercy upon us and keep us in your protective arms because the people in high places here he’s totally and I mean totally forgotten about us.

  2. The fact they are not mentioning how little $600 is for Covid relief shows just how much they don’t care about the American people. They can pretend all they want that they care about us, but people are starting to see just how hypocritical the mass media really is. They don’t feel our struggle since they live a life of privilege. They like our government are salary. They will get paid no matter what.

    • @The One And Only!!! My daughter would flat out choke the life right out of you . you would never see it coming

    • The One And Only!!! | December 24, 2020 at 3:16 PM | Reply

      @Lrhc Conrad you are out of pocket, woman!!!

    • @The One And Only!!! Well let’s just see about that . one and only what ? Child I’m sure . you cross my path that will be your one and only trip to the morge !

    • @The One And Only!!! Lmao . is this who I think it is . from that other app ? Thats hilarious . you got me on that . lol .

    • @The One And Only!!! Congratulations with your fan base and support for your upcoming procedure . I hope it all goes great . I’m sure it will .

  3. Lol send money overseas so “they” can launder money back into their accounts since they couldn’t get the bill signed last time blame TRUMP yet if they had an actual covid relief bill that was actually for the AMERICAN PEOPLE then there would be no problems

    • @Sandra Arnal You’re an absolute fool to think there is a difference in opinion between Mitch and Pelosi. They really played you good lmao. You know they hate us right? They despise you. I’m no fan of Trump, but I agree with him here. Lol, you’re such a pawn you cant even say his name.

    • @Sandra Arnal Mitch and 45 are not one. President Donald J Trump has been fighting these crooked criminals for four years. If not longer. Bush gave people 600 bucks. If you understand the concept of inflation. Let that sink in. If not… Go phfuk yourself.

    • Are you sure it wasn’t because Pelosi was determined to hurt Trump by withholding stimulus.

      Also, Mitch could have been saying no to a side bit in the bill that would say give China 100 million dollars or something

    • @Sandra Arnal your a fool the believe that . watch whats really happening and then make those statements . bet youll look like even a bigger fool

  4. i knew the media would find a way to defend sending all of our money to everyone but the american people

    • OP – Nancy Pelosi has already agreed to $2,000 checks (they had been pushing for that for months). It’s the GOP that’s stopping it.

    • Patrick Gjorven | December 24, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Reply

      @Matt As some of them should be, as well as a few Democrats. Needs to have a lot of the over 5000 lbs of pork fat trimmed off before even thinking of going back to the President’s desk to be called a Covid relief bill.

    • @Patrick Gjorven The White House has been involved in these negotiations from the start. Beyond that, this bill funds the US government (hence the random spending), it’s not just focused on COVID relief. After 8 months of negotiations, if it isn’t passed than the US Government shuts down this coming Monday (in the middle of a pandemic).

    • Patrick Gjorven | December 24, 2020 at 12:41 PM | Reply

      @Matt That may be true, but what was originally labeled as a covid relief bill is now more of an omnibus bill with wasteful spending slipped into it, and the covid relief, although labeled as such, is actually more of a footnote.
      However the media is only telling half truth about the bill itself and labeling Trump as the bad guy (again) because they’re not telling their viewers what else is actually in the bill and why Trump is not signing it until some changes are made in the first place.

    • @Patrick Gjorven Trump’s White House has been at the negotiating table for the past 8 months to help shape this bill. The reason why it’s over 5,000 pages is because it will fund the entire government for close to a year (if passed). I get that Trump has issues, but he should have been more pro-active about them. At this point, Trump will shut down our government right at the time that we need those people working to help battle the pandemic.

  5. This bill has spending hundreds of millions to other countries, while we’re in debt. This bill is BS!

  6. Rhaya's Perspective | December 24, 2020 at 4:18 AM | Reply

    Its not a covid relief bill. Its just a way to get more funding for anything but US citizens. They “threw the dog a bone” while the majority of the funds goes elsewhere. It’s our tax money. Give it to us to specifically help us US Citizens, no one else, and stop playing these bs games!

    • @Silver Wolf You read the 5,000 page bill? Neat

    • @djondjon Because the Covid relief is just being tacked onto the passage of the annual budget to fund the Federal government.

    • @djondjon bills used to be written by actual congress members. Now they are written by lobbyists. Even the representative who “wrote” the bill has no clue what’s in them.

    • I don’t want to defend the bill, but it’s an omnibus bill that funds the government and all its operations. It’s sad that the only way to get the Rs to agree to any relief at all (and McConnell has been saying for months that there should be no more aid; it’s one reason the specific Covid relief bill passed back in May has been sitting on his desk all these months hasn’t been acted upon) was to put it in the omnibus bill. Not passing this doesn’t just mean no Covid relief; it means no government, no maintenance of highways and bridges (and the deplorable state of those and the fact we haven’t had an infrastructure bill in nearly 35 years is another discussion) – nothing. It’s a conservative’s dream – everyone’s on their own. Of course, there will be those who do their jobs for nothing because those jobs are necessary – another conservative dream (people working for nothing). IIRC, this would be the 6th government shutdown in 10 years. (4th under Trump)

    • It’s still not going to give us any money and will delay the little bit of money we were supposed to get. His own party says no $2000 checks and they’re not going to change their minds. Why do so many people fall for Trump’s lame publicity stunts? He knows there is no hope of getting bigger checks right now. The GOP would never allow it and he himself doesn’t even really believe in it. But he claims there IS hope and deflects with talk of foreign money that has no actual impact on the checks so you’ll support his silly fight to overturn the election results which itself is just a ploy to get you to send him money for his legal defense fund and/or 2024 campaign. It’s like a cult leader promising his flock that they’ll go to heaven if they keep filling his collection plates and drinking his orange Kool-Aid.

  7. We are nowhere near the end of this pandemic. The entire omnibus package that Nancy and Mitch agreed upon should be vetoed and that money set aside for future COVID relief. Millions to Pakistan for gender programs? A billion to Egypt for their military? 25 million to fight invasive Asian carp in Tennessee? It’s not rocket science to realize all of those issues should be placed on the back burner then re-evaluated when we’ve recovered from this mess.

    • @RogerWilco This bs.
      Al quaida isis and taliban are the result of US funding going to the middle east.

    • @Benjamin Danielson We actually owed the most to Japan a few years ago, but now China barely owns more US-debt. We owe China, Japan, Brazil, Ireland, RUssia, Hong Kong, the U.K, and many more.

    • @Karl Karl The term is pork barreling – additions required to get support of specific senators. Not that it matters – Trump has desk vetoed it so it won’t be becoming law before the current congress expires, so the bill is going nowhere.

    • @Karl Karl “Al quaida isis and taliban are the result of US funding going to the middle east.” => correct, ‘funding’ as in armsdeals for the bombs the US drops there etc, resulting in even more anger and hatred in relatives and friends of ‘collateral damage victims’, making them even proner to radicalisation…

    • @dr_BD Yeah, but also direct funding.

  8. It was supposed to be a Covid-19 relief bill not a foreign country welfare bill. After all it’s the taxpayers paying for it.

    • @KnightWing408 who is “they”…?

    • @KnightWing408 keep in mind we only (still a lot) owe 1.06 trillion out of 26.9 trillion to China. The majority of those 26 trillion we owe to ourselves. The issue is that everytime we borrow money from the treasury it ends up depreciating the dollar. That can lead to very bad consequences in the long run.

    • @Benjamin Danielson do you think american army bases to stop IBM or to control the business of an área like Panamá are for free because you are white?

    • OP – It is actually supposed to keep the government funded. COVID-19 relief is a part of it, but if it doesn’t pass the government will shut down.

    • @Chris Boyd You are brainwashed.

  9. We’re About To Argue I Know It | December 24, 2020 at 4:26 AM | Reply

    Me at the beginning of 2020: “I’m gonna get back in school, I’m gonna get a decent job, I’m gonna move out….”

    2020: Bend over…. NOW.

  10. StarBright Morey | December 24, 2020 at 4:35 AM | Reply

    If we keep watching there lies they keep getting paid. We don’t watch them,they get shut down.

  11. Okay, that’s fine. It’s not even a relief bill. It’s just congress saying “F*** you” to everyone.

  12. WE THE PEOPLE do not want this treacherous bill to pass, we need a true relief bill.

  13. Here’s a true relief bill: send $5,000 to the American people and ZERO to other countries or side projects.

    • @The One And Only!!! I’m actually surprised there so many people are just now figuring it out, control and economics, the same reason the cold war happened or do you seriously think the military bases around the world are for free because Americans are good?

    • The One And Only!!! | December 24, 2020 at 12:55 PM | Reply

      @Erich Burn I know the bases around the world are POINTLESS!!!

    • @The One And Only!!! pointless for you but that’s how you live on a first world country

    • The One And Only!!! | December 24, 2020 at 1:12 PM | Reply

      @Erich Burn <--- Wrong!!!

    • @The One And Only!!! No wonder you didn’t know, obviously you never questioned how everything came to be, why gas prices are the way they are and why you can buy brand names or items that you can only wish on a third world country

  14. That bill was anything but Covid relief bill.

  15. The money is just practicing ‘social distancing’ from US Citizens.

    • He actually has done better than every president in the last 30 years

    • We hate stupid a** greedy Republicans

    • @diamOnd RG3 How could you even say such a thing when he’s even considering vetoing a stimulus package and oh by the way, actually defunding the military, too. Oh, and why did 7 million more Americans NOT think so during the election?

    • @Glena Garrett well said! The truth is hard to handle when you’re in denial.

    • @Glena Garrett The “stimulus” is for other countries. I say burn it and fire the people who voted yes.
      Even though the media shouts that there is no fraud, there was fraud

  16. America: Trillions of dollars in debt
    America: gives millions to other countries

  17. DRACO_ Mako_7.62 | December 24, 2020 at 8:10 AM | Reply

    That 600$ “stimulus” is a joke

  18. $600 is an insult to all the American people who have sacrificed so much.

  19. If we don’t get money, the government shouldn’t either.

  20. The bill as written is NOT for the American people, it’s just pork for the politicians, open your eyes!

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