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  1. The election is not official until it is certified. It’s been that way forever

    • @No One hey, don’t forget about all the victim of the looting, burning murdering left wing democraps. And their friends and family. Every cop, the military. Jewish people, the list goes on and on… All trump voters. We thank your klan Dave! Happy trump 2020 no one :))

    • @Mario Lopez hey Maria, go to that building that says ICE on it and get a cold drink. You might win a free trip too.

    • @Kurtis Lawler unless they’re already the president. Mrs rocket scientist. Trump 2020

    • @Ron Kek
      How stupid are you gramps?
      Can’t decipher a cynical handle?
      Trump is correct about the poorly educated that follows him.
      Trump has another wall you can invest in.
      You obviously are one taco short of a combination plate.
      Gotta go…
      Have a turbo to install and a business to run.
      Real intelligent Republicans need their vehicles.

    • @david clark just like 2016…

  2. “The Kurds didn’t help us with Normandy.”

    – President Numbskull

  3. He must really be afraid of the time when he is no longer above the law and the rule of law will return with a real attorney general.

    • CIVICS check it out. Then you won’t say silly things like you just did here. 😉

    • That’s definitely referring to Joe Biden and the Biden family. A bunch of crooks who were involved with laundering nearly $18 million dollars from a Ukraine Government subsidiary, taken investments from Russian Oligarchs, among other things.

    • Remember the Democrats playbook from 3 years ago? Because I sure do…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqgPyifXG40

      David Brock gave a memo on how to take Trump down…. Dumb democrats ACTUALLY PUBLISHED IT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE… Their tactics haven’t changed one bit.

      Tactics: Step 1 : Focus on impeaching Trump
      Step 2: File continuous lawsuits against Trump
      Step 3: Use the internet to de-legitimize Trump ( so that you can call him out as fake news)
      Step 4: Partner with Facebook ( aka social media) to fight fake news
      Step 5: Resist the normalization of Donald Trump
      Step 6: Non- Stop coverage of Putin ( aka Russian Trolls…. in four years… we know how much they are being paid for these lies)
      Step 7: Keep repeating that Trump lost the popular vote and that he is the least popular president in history.
      Step 8: Always paint Trump as a thin-skinned loser and tie him to white nationalism
      Step 9: Push positive media coverage of democrats who call out Trump

    • @Joy Phillips you sure enjoy playbooks a lot, from the rate you’re copy pasting them. Maybe check out the alt-right playbook by Innuendo Studios some time, I bet you’ll like it. (It’s on YouTube btw)

    • Cry more

  4. Not ONE BALLOT has turned up. No one has come forward. I got this in the mail

    • trump and his trash will try anything.
      something else will pop up…lol

    • @vibenvy 7 you could have stopped at you know nothing 😜.it’s like trying to reason with a two year old

    • I got 6 ballots and only 3 voting age people live in my house so maybe eric is the liar

    • @Pink Guy ballots are being discarded, literally found in ditches 3 postal workers have been charged 🤔

    • Why would President Trump face a firestorm when it is the democrats that are all worked up about the elections, and changing the way we vote to bulk mail ballots (what is up with that). Speaking for Dems, since I have been one all my life, must of us will be voting for TRUMP. The dems have ran away from my ideals and beliefs leaving me to take a good look at what I was apart of and believed in for nearly 50 years (I am in my late 60’s). Now that I have taken a closer look at what Trump has done and will do I am not able to see ANY issues or concerns that I have been ‘brainwashed’ to think was bad, by the MSM bullshit – the gig is up. Super lefties, good luck with trying to change America into what Bolshevik Bernie was pushing on us and the support from MSM. I LOVE AMERICA and what it stands for, and for all the sacrifice Americans have made, including my family and friends. The dems are now a revolutionary Marxist faction that I am willing to destroy and will destroy, now that WE see whom the villains are. WE understand that the “peaceful protesters” are paid and brainwashed losers that are directed by loser dems, and WE will defend AMERICA from tyranny by dems if you try to steal the election with your fake bulk mail ballot sceam.

  5. There were 8.2m mail in ballots in 2016, going to be a lot higher in 2020 due to covid. Actual proven cases of fraud is miniscule. Trump wants to disenfranchise those millions of voters, could the US really call itself a democracy if that happened?

  6. Anybody with half a brain knows he knows exactly what he’s doing…….he is master evil manipulation

    • @LittleMtnJewCan JOE BIDEN ISN’T

    • @kola bear WRONG

    • Jack Garrison he’s not tho

    • Evil manipulation? You mean like the 4 years of lies and hate from the left when there was a coup against our President? Dem run cities have forced their citizens to go without proper protection. Murders and mayhem from the left while they defund police and the people in those cities are furious. Dems promoted hatred and division. Sorry, but most Americans see right through their crap and want nothing to do with them. Thousands of Trump supporters at rallies, including all races, vets for Trump, Police for Trump…

    • You spent 4 years telling us he was an incompetent buffoon. Now he’s an evil genius? You played this same trick with Bush.

  7. 1:23 >> This is exactly why this Country is in more serious trouble, on top of having a Clown for President!

  8. Why isn’t he concerned about killing off his voters with minimizing the risk of COVID and holding spreader events?

  9. Russian bots and supporters here celebrating a unfair trial against a know lying criminal traitor Drumpf.

    • @Jack Garrison 😂☣

    • William H Music 2020 | September 26, 2020 at 10:48 PM | Reply

      Funny how the actual bots here are all Anti-Trump
      tinyurl.com/yxbjr933 👈😆

    • @Jack Garrison Thats funny when it was Hillary found colluding with them and Bidens the one whos besties with Chinas President and whos son has a stake in a company trying to actively steal nuclear secrets from us as well as a stake in the company that was fighting America for rights to mineral mines. Biden is the one found accepting money from some Russians wife to pay for a sex slave. It was Bidens brother who the Chinese Spy called the day he got caught lookijg for Bidens son. Yeah Trump is the Russian worker here. You are either Russian yourself which does make sense since the are the Chinese main allies right now or you are just plain stupid.

    • Cry more

    • Calm down you only have eight more years of the orange man

  10. “His mom, wouldn’t even turn in her grave because of the disgrace.”

  11. “The only “scam” was Trump getting elected without winning the popular vote.”
    Wow…..no idea why the electoral process was created eh? back to the bong for you,lol

  12. Nissan is rolling out it’s 2021 ROGUE from TENNESSEE. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!!

  13. Everything that doesn’t support his winning is rigged and a scam. Words to degrade our constitution. NOVEMBER… EARLY!!’

  14. Somehow we seem to forget that Trump was telling his supporters to commit voter fraud

  15. Another day, another thing to blame Trump for.

  16. The man saying the prez “brought this to their attention” is purely terrifying. These suckers are crazy. No brains. No thinking on their own.

  17. As for Trump lying is just a habit. Telling the truth would be something out of the ordinary. Period.

  18. “He gets all of his cues from Vladimir Putin.”…yes, and Hunter got millions from Moscow(with Joe’s help as VP.) You ok with this?

  19. “They cannot be shamed, but they must be stopped”

    – The Lincoln Project.

  20. He is describing a scam before there is a scam. So basically he is the only one plotting an election scam.

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