How Trump Misled U.S. On Coronavirus While Seeking Chinese Reelection Help | All In | MSNBC


    1. Yep. People like us don’t deserve tax breaks. Trump needs all the tax money he can get to go on multi-million dollar golfing holidays to Florida. That’s clearly more important than enabling parents to put food on their childrens plates.

    2. They have been. He’s spent half a billion dollars golfing alone, at his own resort. That’s double-dipping

    3. Not sure about you but I am having a hard time keeping up with my Nation Debt Credit card bill.
      He just keeps racking that fkn thing up.
      Cannot believe he used it for a painting of himself.
      Never mind- that was charity money..sorry
      We should hide our National Credit Card in a cupboard
      We know the administration does not look in cupboards

    1. @Mr H that may have been true in the past, but then a democratic president, Lyndon B Johnson, signed the civil rights act in 1968. And all the hood wearing KKK members, white supremacists and racists of the South fled the democratic party and joined the republican party instead. Like Johnson said when he signed the bill: “We (the Democrats) have lost the south for a generation”. Meaning: all those former plantation owners and their offspring won’t vote for us for at least a generation, because they don’t agree with the Civil rights act. They don’t want black people to have the same rights as white people.
      And Johnson was right. For more than a generation the south voted republican. It’s only in the past few years that the southern states are becoming more purple again.
      The republican party was the party of Lincoln untill 1968. Then they became the party where racists felt most at home.

    2. @R vdB Then explain why Robert Byrd an exalted cyclops in the KKK supported and coalesced around the Democrat Party until his death in late 2000’s? I thought they had all supposedly switched by then. Robert Byrd wasn’t some rank-and-file Senator either. This switch theory is something the Democrats cooked up to hide the past and present. Look up who voted against civil rights legislation, those people were also Democrat. The Democrat Party and it’s constituents are trying to take down these pictures and statues on an endeavor to erase history.

  1. Welcome to Bunker King, may i take your freedom?
    Please try the Fascist Fries and get a Putin Pie for the kids!

    1. Loser copy’s and paste the same thing over and over because you are too ignorant to think of it yourself

  2. Trump has no bounds whatsoever it’s just one thing after another with him, America needs to do something about him fast

    1. @Dearly Diane How exactly? Trump and Pence are the ones saying there is no 2nd wave when there quite clearly is.

    2. You are the one stupid enough to believe this crap . Because 2 months ago CNN was telling you that trump is trying to start a war with China so now you want to believe this ? 🤣😂🤣

    3. @BLM loser But you believe Pence when he says coronavirus cases in Oklahoma are going down even when they just literally aren’t!

  3. It’s _always_ some sort of quid-pro-quo for this guy. No one is surprised by Bolton’s claims. It solidifies what we know we have to do: *VOTE.*

    1. @look whats happening now Not to mention 2 weeks ago, Donald Trump was describing these protesters as terrorists. Now he’s had to resort to comparing himself to them to justify his actions. And don’t get me started on the fact that in April, he was encouraging republicans to go out and protest against the lockdown during the height of the pandemic!

    2. Where was the economy prior to the pandemic? Blowing records away left and right. Even now, it’s a 1000 points higher than the previous record. I don’t mind the Trump touch on the economy at all

  4. He’s delusional and always has been. He’s critically delusional. Universally Delusional even!

    1. Liberals are some of the most racist and unintelligent people I’ve ever met. 🎶


    3. @Deb I find it extremely difficult to believe Deb that you didn’t know Democracts support abortion and the LGBTQ community 😳 🎶

    4. *Fundamentally Transforming the American Government into a CASH for FLUNKERS program*

      is a great idea. it sure beats working for a living

    1. Agreed! Obamas dad drank river water and harvested sorghum! America has been a laughing stock since their affirmative action president Barry(I’m not sure which bathroom to use)Obama!

    2. @Jeffrey Dahmer I’m not offended by what you say. I’m just glad that you’re stringing words into sentences now.

    3. They believe in a con man.I didn’t think American is that stupid that he will con them again to vote for him and maybe they have woken up and say that is it get rude of the bunker boy and his barby doll.

  5. Trump is a failure as a buisnessman, son, president,
    anything that he does he leaves a wake of pain and destruction.

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