How Trump's Big Election Lie Really Helps Vladimir Putin 1

How Trump’s Big Election Lie Really Helps Vladimir Putin


Polls indicate a growing number of Republicans say they believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump – despite the fact that's false and there's no evidence that occurred. Tim Miller explains why he thinks that's a good thing for Vladimir Putin.
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  1. Biden sleepy performance is what is helping Putin. Still trying to blame Orange Man Bad for the failures of Biden.

    1. @Kobra It’s all the news has been doing, and all they will be doing now. Likely til the end of time.

    2. They need a boogeyman. A liberal can’t sleep at night unless they feel like someone is oppressing them.

    1. Actually this is project mockingbird and apparently it’s a tremendous success.
      I see many sheep still believe msm.

    2. @Progressives Rock m are both sides equal? Given the left has control of all social media, most universities, all of Hollywood(film and tv), most major networks, and most major newspapers it’s intentionally ignorant to pretend the sides are equal.

  2. Aw just like you called the Wuhan leak a lie and now how to admit he was right…

    1. @Stephen Kershaw is that why every msm outlet has ran a story about wuhan being the most likely place covid-19 came from over the past 3 days? You lefties are going to have to admit that trump was right all along.
      What trump did was leak intelligence to the public that the government wants covered up.
      Rand Paul has been uncovering a lot of evidence that covid-19 gain of function research which is getting it into humans to spread was funded by no other than Dr. Fauci. The truth is coming.

    2. @Stephen Kershaw Which is why the news is now announcing it’s likely that Covid came from a lab, but I’m guessing you guys hate Fauci now, because he flipped once more. Or maybe you’ll just be hypocrites who pretend they were right all along.

    3. @Stephen Kershaw this fruit again. I see your puppet behind everywhere never answered my question yet how many genders do you identify as?

    1. @donna payne democrats are the cult blindly following the Russian collusion B.S. that was actually democrats then still relying on the same source for new information lol

  3. MSNBS…how do you know it’s a lie? Are YOU doing audits in multiple swing states that Biden just happened to “win” enough key areas in to scrape by? I didn’t think so.

  4. 5 years of Russian conspiracy theories backed by no evidence also helped Vladimir Putin. Will you take responsibility and apologize for your lies?

    1. @Eddy Yago What was that I couldn’t hear you. Can you remove Jim Crow Joe’s from your mouth so I can understand you commrade.

    2. @Black Fragility you can hear what people post on writing? Stable genius biggly don’t use the word smart with you!!!! Blessed or plain stupid?

    3. @Eddy Yago anyone who has hairy legs that turn blonde in the sun loses my vote the hair sniffing was just icein on the cake hiddin from Biden 2021!

    4. @Eddy Yago You actually believe the lies the media’s portraying?? Just look around yourself and see what Biden has done to destroy our country in less than 6 months,,, you people are a JOKE,,, smh

  5. And much of the blame for the big lie belongs to social media for allowing the propagation of the big lie. That is why allowing a lie to be broadcast is going to be the end of democracy.

  6. Odd I would think removing all election integrity and manipulating the results would be more beneficial to Putin than having a fair election and letting the actual winner hold the office.
    Crazy idea huh?!

  7. So let me get this straight….Russia messed with our elections, but mail-in voting was perfectly secure? Oooooook haha, sure. Meanwhile, the current president is ACTUALLY helping Putin become richer. After all those investigations for 4 years, you found nothing. NOTHING. Go investigate the Biden’s, you’ll find plenty.

    1. @chad haire I don’t know if he did or didn’t. I don’t condone calling it “the big lie” because it just looks like they’re deflecting, and they honestly can’t prove it was or wasn’t tampered with at this point. I’m all for blockchain voting.

    2. @Cassandra Rose I think everyone is going nuts at this point. Time to look into a home in the mountains lol

    3. I truly feel sorry for you we just need more mental health care in our nation look at everything Trump did from the beginning first calling it fake news and on and on he set up the con

    4. @donna payne you just babbled a bunch of nonsense…bring some logic and reasoning to the table donna.

  8. The voters that cant be convinced no matter how much evidence confronts them have confused religion with politics

  9. I guess allowing the Russians to finish that pipeline in Germany is helping Putin …. you people are so out of it you don’t even see your hypocrisy

  10. Bullcrap. We just saw Biden give Putin a huge win by leering Russia’s pipeline go forward while stopping our. This sideshow is propaganda to hide Biden’s weaknesses.

  11. Omg, you people are like a drunk ex-girlfriend that can’t stop thinking about what could have been.

  12. Putin, Iran & China are laughing at US. Disinformation & Lies being pushed at every turn.

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