1. @I Care Oh, I don’t know anything about youtube channels? I have family that works for Google Youtube. CNN does not monitor their channels. YouTube does use bots to filter out some post that directly violate their rules and those that get flagged for offensive behavior.

      Maybe should go back to school but then again you learnt nothing the first time and I doubt you will learn anything if you go back. That explains all your ridiculous and dishonest posts.

    2. @Ninja 77 Oh, a CONservative social media platform for CONs like yourself to perpetuate misinformation and disinformation. I got a little bit of news for you “free speech” does not mean factually true speech. 😂😂😂

    3. @Eace Mak I am a registered Independent. Your racist bigotry of double standards discrimination is to divide our great 🇺🇸Nation, the oldest trick in the evil 🇨🇳🇷🇺🇮🇷Communist play-book you lust after.

      Greetings from Cheyenne Mountain

    1. @Women’s rights fan Well, that’s you. No one is obligated to respect dead people. If someone I didn’t respect happen to die, why would I start respecting them after?

    2. @povi fransiska Are you trying to say mannerism? Again, if I don’t respect the person while they’re walking around, they’re not getting it while in the ground.

  1. If they eventually go to Trump’s funeral and carry signs “God hates Trump” i may actually agree with them for once.

    1. We all make wrong decisions, some more then others. God have mercy on our soul. God has never taken away man’s right of choice . In the garden of eden there free will to choose. We fight over issues that should be left up too every individual. Babies are born all over the world ,are subjected too some of the most inhumane situations. Sold for sex, beaten and, murdered for pleasure, used as testing subject for science, given numbers not names. The world most famously admired millionaires and , billionaires on every level of professionalism leadership involve in such unethical practices. It is better off too be stillborn. America an it’s whitewashed government !!!

    2. I will be happy if it’s your Fenural don’t point other see yourself first.. YOU ARE NOTHING.. BTW NOBODY WILL CRY IF YOU DIE

  2. Glad she’s out. Good for her. It’s a shame she EVER participated in such a Hate-Machine masquerading as a church.
    How long did it take her to realize the damage she was doing to others? What ever happened to “Do unto others…” and “WWJD?”… and “Judge not…”. Sick and tired of hate groups pretending they’re “good Christians.”
    She’s no hero because she left.
    Better late than never. I guess.


    2. the same can be said about the last 6% of idiots here on Clown News network LOL Cuomo is going out kicking and screaming and has confirmed what everyone else already knows.

    3. Beware church the evil ones 🔥😡😈👺are out salivating and gaining power displaying openly there true hate in there heart for God off fake CNN stories like this one. Just keep trusting in God and in the end we will be rewarded.😇

  3. I knew a guy that was actually a part of them. Ended up getting divorced and checking himself in to a mental institution. I wish I was kidding.


    2. @Account Choculitis Look! There’s one of them now. Being a hateful, conspiratorial prick for no reason. Hope your mom’s basement is comfy, buddy.

  4. I stop going to church since my early twenties. I have never felt comfortable there. Sometimes, I feel pressured or targeted by unknown churchgoers who think that they represent God truly. So, I prefer to read the Bible, watch inspirational YouTube videos, and go to a church where all people can go and fellowship and worship God in peace.

    1. Yes all inclusive or it ain’t God in there teaching Love. It’ s just people without God in there trying to be better than other people. And failing miserably at that.

    2. @Account Choculitis First I never met a person involved with a religion that was independent in thought or any other way. How could if your gods insists you worship him / her. I hope you do not refer to your bible for morals. Religion does not teach morales they teach fear.

    3. @Bigirishchef you’ve never met person involved in religion independent in thought? Lol….then you’ve never met anyone involved in religion. Not only does the Bible teach MANY valuable lessons in morality (forgiveness, sacrifice, love just to name a few), it also teaches us how to live by them and find purpose in a world full of evil and lies. Very much like your comment.

    4. @Tink Your god commands that you worship it and if you don’t you’ll go to its hell to be tortured for eternity. For those that think that is true how is that independent in thought or any other way. It is fear.

      The Bible is the book that gives you instructions on how to own another human being slavery. It tells you about genocide by killing all of the males and the women that have been with males but keep the young girls for yourself. It tells you you should execute homosexuals. If a woman is raped the rapist should marry the woman or pay her father. The story of your Jesus is just one of human sacrifice. This not moral in any decent person world.

      At best your Bible is a work of fiction and not a very good one at that. As with all magical mystical creatures ( which includes your god and others) they do not exist never has existed and never will exist

  5. When I saw the Louis Theroux shows….I could see she and Grace would leave. They had doubts. She was constantly saying things that her ever vigilant mother wanted her to say.
    Watching those young children being indoctrinated makes me sad

    1. @Ninja 77 well guess what – every time you leave a comment on one of their videos, you’re helping to promote them.

  6. She should go to one of their protest just so the young ones can see her and know they’ll be ok as well if they leave

  7. It’s forgivable. Most things are. I haven’t ever met or spoken with one person my whole life who wasn’t broken to their core in one way, or another, or a hundred.

    1. @Matthew Nothing
      Will GOD be less if we dont believe in Him and will HE be more if we believe in Him???? Will we apprechate HIS supreme being if ever the universe is measurable by men and the universe is limited to sun, moon and earth only????

    2. @Eace Mak Just a friendly nudge. Like: hey little sister, don’t get so caught up in the dogma that you become what you hate.

    3. @Matthew Nothing Don’t take advice from this hypocrite. Remember folks, misery loves company, and this guy is miserable.

    4. @Lisa S Yes the bible say ” Hate the sin but love the sinner ”
      So you can Hate all the things that the WOKE LEFTY CNN PROPAGANDA MACHINE champions for and call it out for what it is ( sin ). Like killing the innocent little ones before they come out the womb or man sleeping with man or women sleeping with women or premarital sex just to name a few but still you should have love for the sinner.

  8. You can learn a lot from this woman and how it relates to today. Possibly it is not the belief In Trump but the attention it rewards the “Follower”.

  9. Grew up in Catholic family with catholic value, then I left the church over 10 years. Now my mum thinks I’m Godless and a sinner ☹

    1. Spirituality is a personal experience. Religion is the collective practice of spirituality. Never forget that the Catholics were the colonizers who invaded and murdered millions of people around the world.Christopher Columbus was really named Cristobal Colon…he was a Roman Catholic

    2. I too grew up in a strictly catholic home. When I was mature enough to question my parents about their beliefs; their answer was always….’ We must not question. We must just believe.’ That is the mindset of a cult follower.

  10. This was a very hopeful show that people can change and expand their vision….. why would God create so many races and different ways of being if most are to be hated and going to hell? I have more faith in Kindness than in hate.

  11. There is nothing wrong with protesting issues you believe in.
    That said, outright lying about an issue or not thinking for yourself can lead to some major issues down the road.
    I’m not talking about the protestors.

  12. “I’m not judging”
    Yeah… you’re just spreading the word of God’s judgment which you 100% buy into.

  13. I couldn’t believe when I pulled up to Ronnie James Dio’s memorial service, and those idiots were there at the cemetery.

  14. There are some people who are always angry and continuously look for conflict. The Westboro Baptist church is a perfect example. They do their very best to compromise the lives of others in an attempt to make them feel better about their own unhappy lives. As is said, “Misery Loves Company,” suggesting those who are unhappy seek to make others unhappy too.

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