How vaccine mandates have been used in schools, military, COVID-19 | Just the FAQs 1

How vaccine mandates have been used in schools, military, COVID-19 | Just the FAQs


Vaccine mandates have been around in the U.S. since 1777. Here's how much power states have to enact mandates and the history of those controversies. RELATED:

As a fourth wave of the coronavirus surges, Americans by a wide margin say protecting the common good is more important than ensuring personal liberty when considering whether to require people to get a COVID-19 vaccination or wear a protective mask.

An overwhelming 72%-28% of those surveyed by USA TODAY and Ipsos called mask mandates "a matter of health and safety," not an infringement on personal liberty. By 61%-39%, they endorsed requiring vaccinations except for those with a medical or religious exemption.

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  1. Getting vaccinated is an important step in protecting ourselves, our families and communities and helping us get back to normal and to our regular activities like gathering with friends and family, meeting with clients and colleagues, and traveling. The more that vaccines reduce the spread and risk of COVID-19, the sooner we will be able to do these things without masks, distancing, and quarantines.

    1. @Mr. Markan The unvaccinated are free to choose not to get vaccinated, but anti-vaxxers need to start realizing that choices come with responsibility and consequences including the choice not to vaccinate. For example, if you want to drive recklessly, no one is really stopping you but you may suffer the consequences of injuring/killing someone or going to jail. If you want to smoke inside a restaurant, no one is really stopping you, but you may suffer the consequences of being fined and kicked out.
      Just like if anti-vaxxers choose not to get vaccinated, then they may be excluded from things like concerts, sporting events, certain services/businesses, and air travel. Those are just consequences of the choices THEY made.

    2. I would love to see a $10,000 flat fee per unvaccinated household member applied to annual income taxes. Religious exceptions only available for those who can provide scientific evidence that their relationship with a higher authority renders them incapable of spreading the virus.

    3. @Brooklynn Graves none of this makes any scientific sense considering the vaccinated are creating variants and becoming super spreaders due to antibody dependent enhancement due to these defective “vaccines”

    4. @Halfman Halftree the vaccinated are NOT creating variants. People who are vaccinated have immune systems that are primed to interrupt the viral replication process, that’s how an mRNA vaccine works. Very few (a statistically insignificant number) are super spreaders because the virus’s replication is inhibited and there are fewer viral proteins to be shed by coughing, sneezing etc.
      Where did you get your info? I’d like to read it, if you’re willing to share. I used to teach vertebrate embryology and human anatomy & physiology in MT. I’m a science nerd!

    5. @Halfman Halftree While research has found that vaccinated people who become infected with COVID-19 can transmit the virus to others, there is no indication that they are doing it at a faster rate than unvaccinated people. On the contrary, Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, pointed out that the newest and most dangerous variant spread most rapidly through unvaccinated populations. 

      “The delta variant emerged in a largely unvaccinated country,” Adalja said, referring to India, where the variant drove soaring case rates starting in the spring of 2021. “The more the virus spreads, the more chance there is for variants to emerge.”

  2. Why there are so many jobs unfilled. A no brainer pay for your own possible disability or quit the job. Bye and kick rocks. Good look finding suckered a MIT rNA study showed had zero chances of being successful. Unvaccinated based on the MIT rNA study has a better chance of living. Especially in 30 years of study they have never been successful.

    1. @bigraviolees Are you going to cover my costs if I get covid injured like the 650, 000 others in the CDC VAERS? No, so mind your own business. My health status is of no business of yours unless you are covering all my costs. So be quiet and take several seats.

    2. @bigraviolees Yeah, that won’t ever be happening. They can drive-by shoot, hit it and quit it, and run through you. But they sure hell won’t be running their no liability if I hurt you game on me. Those rolling their sleeves up are masochist. Why the hell else would you let someone shoot you up with a substance with no package insert? If you don’t care about yourself nobody else sure the hell won’t either.

  3. Nobody smart trades good health for the possibility of long term disability from rNA vaccines studied by MIT and others that has never had any success rates in over 30 years.

    1. @salsa 56 At least none they are showing. Check out the MIT rNA study. In the black community who had majority backed away from these vaccines. We call it a drive-by shooting, hit and quit it and run thru. Know you don’t get to possibly hurt me and then tell me I am liable for the damages. You are only it forthe money. That would make me a new kind of stupid.

    2. @salsa 56 Becky and Karen are getting all messed up. Seen some horrific disabilities too. Some aren’t even 21 yrs old. Now their life is a world of hurt. And that is what they are saying.

    3. @Jeremiah Dillard You may let the corporations with no regard for humanity drive-by shoot you, hit it and quit it and run through you at your own expense. But you can bet I won’t be volunteering for them to hurt me. Seen thousands of covid in jury videos, mostly white, not smart and now living a world of hurt. They are messing you up tough. Soon nothing left of your race. Mines is smart 90% said oh he’ll no. Lol

    4. @Jeremiah Dillard I actually feel sorry for Becky and Karen, what these corporations are doing to you, with no liability or penalty, pure profit off your misery. I wouldn’t wish on any humans. Some have gone to the ER 82 times. It’s heinous disregard for humans.

  4. Gofundme packed with those mandated now long term disabled. The job cut them lose. If you aren’t smart enough to care about your self why should anybody else. That’s why all of them pushing this stuff is saying…at your expense any liabilities.

    1. @wesley rodgers I’m not your research department. It’s your health take responsibility. Not letting anyone run a drive-by, hit it and quit it or run through on me. Don’t care what you feel, think or believe.

  5. This is what Oligarchical Collectivism looks like people. Take a good hard look…..1984…

    Now they’re finding vaccinated people are super spreaders, since they get infected but don’t show symptoms. So, unlike an non-vaccinated person that isolates themselves at home, vaccinated people are spreading it all over the place. Many of which are still getting sick. If vaccinated people are still getting infected, why the heck would one bother to take it to begin with?

    1. You idiots like ve mRNA it’s so scary. Your hunting for reasons to eat the sht propaganda they feed you and be a coward. If it had a beet in it you’d tout that beets kill fifty million a year

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