How We Learn To Live With The Coronavirus Forever

How We Learn To Live With The Coronavirus Forever 1


  1. I seriously doubt all these people screaming about it needing FDA approval will be rushing out to get vaccinated. They’ll come up with another excuse not to get it.

    1. @James Wright so how did you do with the polio vaccine or the smallpox vaccine or all the other vaccines you have received in your lifetime.

    2. ​@James Wright Stay home. Don’t take up room in hospitals. Stay home and face the consequence of your decision.

    1. If it truly did happen the hospital is liable for patient abandonment, and at the very least would revoke the ability of them to practice medicine. I doubt it, because hospital administration does not want lawsuits that could cost millions.

    2. @cas It happened. Video footage of it is widely obtainable. Doctors are allowed to strike and/or quit without penalty.

    3. @Benjamin Levine I suggest packing some sleeping bags and heading to Mar-a-lago and have yourself a superspreader event.

  2. @James Wright And stick to your reservations when you need a hospital to breathe, because it’s well and truly good to talk this game when you’re not YET infected.

  3. the only way we gonna end up this , is when we learn how to interact with mother nature , otherwise more and deadly pandemics r on our way

  4. Mask up and wait for the anti-vaxxers to meet Jezus. That’s my plan. Because anti-vaxxers are basically living in the plague-death era, not the 21st century.

    1. if you want the best chance of survival, muscle up, run and build endurance, and get into the sunshine for vitamin D. The highest comorbidity is obesity. The virus will mutate past the efficacy of the vaccines, just as the flu does yearly. I am alive most likely due to the fact that I quit my last desk job 3 years ago, lost 45 pounds and exercise like a fiend. I had it in Jan 2020, and was down for 10 days and had a persistent dry cough for 12 weeks as my lungs cleared. When the B117 came about, my daughter was more sick that the original strain, but it only gave me lethargy for two days where I felt a little weak. I have had two versions thus far, and my innate immunity is strong as a SkyWalker’s grasp of the force (when my daughter had B117, I repeatedly smooched her face, and shared a bagel —- lmao) Don’t try that at home if you are only vaxxed —- as it most likely has 1/1000 the protection of innate immunity.

  5. Doctors walking out in Florida’. If you don’t like science stay home and leave the Doctors who know science to treat their regular citizens who got vaccinated.

  6. While I agree that the virus is already endemic, I don’t believe it’s unrealistic for someone to believe that they have the ability to remain unexposed. It just takes a lot of strategic effort and long term thinking about what to do in various emergencies.

  7. Send the sick un-vaccinated people to a church to get healed by JESUS, let the doctors treat people who are responsible enough to get the vaccine

    1. That’s really good advice actually. Scripture says that if you have sick among you take them to be prayed for by the elders.

  8. The “only authorized for emergency use” was just a talking point. Those people are ideologues that will just move on to the next talking point that excuses their lack of concern for humanity.

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