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  1. I’m not American, but I like to watch American news. God bless the USA

  2. Whistleblower is trump 不不不不不不不

  3. Inez Qtaish dreamed I had to choose stay or go, considering everything I been through I chose go so I was waiting to go

  4. Where did the CNN video about Lisa Ling and porn disappear to? Was it Epsteined? Arkencided?

    • Alexander Cartier | September 27, 2019 at 2:52 PM | Reply

      Maybe go look for it on loonie Alex Jones page? Or maybe trumps incoherent Twitter rants? I agree though, they should look into who Epstein was sexually assaulting j Florida as well, where most of his cases are based. Oh and same with the 13 year old trump raped then threatened?

  5. *Rudy Giuliani:* When Marrying a Cousin, Alcoholism, Lies & Dementia Collide into a Train Wreck of a Stinky Dumpster Fire.

    • @discorperted
      I don’t Give a S about Hunter Biden. He isn’t the PRESIDENT

    • @apple pie
      Wow. You must be that ‘base” who Trump is exploiting (will believe ANYTHING). WOW

    • @Bret M just racist

    • Bret M afraid not brainwashed Fox watcher. The Democrats represent the people rich and poor , White and black. Your Republicans represent the rich white man and even then do it in a crooked corrupt manner. Taking millions from the Russians ( some of it laundered through the NRA). Trump himself using his position to steer millions of taxpayer dollars to his resorts and hotels. Kushner about to go bankrupt because no American bank would give him money for his building in New York – suddenly all is fine because he gets millions from the Middle East – and what did they get in return – well the Saudis were sold billions in arms despite their genocide in Yemen and reportedly also received nuclear secrets under the table. And secret phone calls it only between Trump
      and Ukraine but Trump and Putin and all of them and the Saudi prince.
      You are trying to defend the most corrupt administration in history.

  6. Has Rudy registered as a foreign agent? The Senate confirmed him to an ambassadorship? How much does he really get paid? By whom?

    • @Mark Bodder Does he really? The air miles RG used? Trump never pays his debts.

    • @Barbara Arndt Trump has not taken one paycheck while being in office. Obama just bought 14 million dollar mansion, bet he is still cashing his checks.

    • @Barbara Arndt Rudy G. is Trump’s personal attorney. I’m guessing Trump can afford to pay for him to fly to Kiev and back.

    • @Mark Bodder are you for real? What about the the Trump Hotel across the WH?
      Who books rooms there? Who cashes in?
      Trump Tower? Full of Saudis and Russians.
      During the G7 in France he promoted his golf resort in Miami for a location for the next G7 meeting and wants Putin there. Even a Russian bank!
      Trump uses his job for personal enrichment together with his useless children.
      If he not be the president he sounds like a Mafia boss.

    • @Mark Bodder Kiev? Spain? Moscow. Round trip. I doubt that the Deutsche Bank NY gives him more credit. He owes them $ 300 Mill.
      Is RG a government employee? Was he sworn in?

  7. She was doing the right thing!♀ Wow!

  8. All that traveling on taxpayers money following a false claim they tried to give life to knowing it was false.

    • It makes you think did Trump offer to lift Russian sanctions for “Dirt” on Hillary? It’s said that he tried to & she didn’t end up getting Locked up. Then a highly placed Russian agent had to be snuck out of Russia after Trumps 2 hour private talk with Putin, Trump is truly a Russian asset. Now watch the Trolls go crazy

  9. All is fine until the process is abused. It’s the same for Democracy, it requires good honest ethical people who are rich in character and integrity. Many in our government have none.

    • One day you will learn,Washington has always been corrupt and always will be. MONEY AND POWER

    • @David Varney No, it doesn’t have to be, it’s just what it has become. Now we know why JFK wanted to break the certain intel agency into 1000 pieces. Now we know why we need term limits and take the money out of the lobby. Now we know why we need to shut the revolving door from corp to government. Now we know why we should be jailing the corrupt never allowing them into politics or anything close again..

    • @Indigo Child ah go for it you have all the answers.

    • @David Varney We will never know unless we try. The current way obviously doesn’t work properly.

  10. Sherron Mitchell | September 27, 2019 at 3:18 PM | Reply

    Did us taxpayers pay for Ghouliannis trips?

  11. Oh lets look at Snowden and how he was praised.

  12. Who’s paying for all these Guliani Trips?

  13. Fulando Mcclarin | September 27, 2019 at 3:50 PM | Reply

    To answer your question why do they keep doing it is because they haven’t been caught. Criminals do not stop committing crimes unless they are caught.

    • @JRG2733 you nitwits remind me of the monkey cage at the zoo, full of idiots jacking off and throwing poop around. grow up, be a man and give up the soy latte, silly little tosser

    • @JRG2733 i view it more as the death knell for liberals and shitstain socialists, nothing more

    • Fulando Mcclarin | September 28, 2019 at 12:31 AM | Reply

      @d fobroy what evidence do you have to prove there any Democrat broke the law. They can be proven Beyond A Reasonable Doubt in court. I’m not saying that they didn’t, all I’m saying is prove it. President Bill Clinton got impeached for lesser things like his personal life. And he deserved to get impeached, just like Trump also desire to get impeached for the wrong that he has done in office.

  14. Haha Trump is actually looking for more dirt on Hilary Clinton then Biden. Sounds like he wont rest until shes is locked up.

  15. What happened to the uranium one deal DEAD. This is the Dems.

  16. Donald Randolph | September 27, 2019 at 4:53 PM | Reply

    Trump is the Roadrunner. Democrats are Wylie E Coyote.

  17. Unless they’re Snowden or Assange huh?

  18. Really…
    Nickname was DEEP THROAT?

  19. We should be sharing with each other the facts about,
    C R O W D S T R I K E

  20. Lol, they should make his ID known soon before his ID dissapears..

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