How Will Evangelicals Feel About Trump After SCOTUS Rulings? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Bud Fudlacker Good people on both sides(Charlottesville, NC), attacking BLM protestors with the military they support with their tax dollars, “looting starts, the shooting starts” quote from Trump’s Twitter rant.
      Trump and his Daddy Fred(card carrying member of the KKK) were ordered by the City of New York to cease their discrimination against people of colour who were trying to rent Trump properties. I got more, just let me know if you want any more examples. Was a loyal Democrat until Barack Obama became the candidate for the Democratic Party, birther nonsense, trying to undo everything that has Obama’s name on it. Trump is/was/always will be a racist

    2. @Crystal Giddens Would you like to have been taken from your natural parents and given to someone else? How is that acceptable to any human with a loving heart

  1. I don’t know what God Conservatives and Evangelicals Christians are worshipping , they should be ashamed of themselves supporting a man who cheated on his pregnant wife, with a playboy model and a pornstar.

    1. They should be ashamed that he downplayed the Coronavirus which has caused over 117,000 people’s lives due to his Incompetence as a Leader.

    2. @Ice 247 And you expect that anyone should know everything about everything at all times? If you noticed, once more information was discovered his tune changed.

    1. Here’s how to make a MAGA-regurgitator bot’s brain look like a pea:

      Inflate it to twice its natural size and paint it green 🤢

    2. @Agolf Twittler Um, it’s been almost 4 years now. You can stop crying about it. Just saying… Oh and just fyi, the left is responsible for the Electoral College. Funny thing about racism and slavery is that the left started a civil war to keep slavery, built confederate monuments that are only just recently being removed, were pro-KKK (and possibly still hold racist ideology), while the Republican party was greatly aided by black people to be created. Sooo, yeah…

    1. I quote the creepy prolific serial groper Donald John Trump letter to letter:
      >>I’ve known Jeff (Jeffrey Edward Epstein) for 15 years, terrific guy, he’s a lot of fun to be with.<< >>It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.<< >>I just start kissing them.<< >>It’s like a magnet.<< >>Just kiss.<< >>I don’t even wait.<< >>And when you’re a star, they let you do it.<< >>You can do anything.<<

    2. Out of the rapidly dwindling herd of bleating omega males that still support the pathetic beta male Donald John Trump and his utterly disgusting fake bone spurs, those of them that pretend to be females are the most ridiculous of them all, as if any woman in her right mind would even think about supporting the rancid tub of tangerine lard with tiny little groping hands.
      Absolutely preposterous.
      Unless they are paid very generously to pretend to do so of course.

  2. Let’s face it, evangelicals don’t believe in American values of equality and justice for all. They’re more in line with the Taliban.

    1. @Earl of Mar What bible are you reading from because it sure isn’t the bible that I was taught from, about love, forgiving, not hating, no lying. Judgement day..Can’t lie your way out of it

    2. @Earl of Mar Might be the case. Unfortunately for you barn animals that can’t read and comprehend words, you ain’t going nowhere but the crematorium. Might be the one ✌God✌ but it obviously had doubt in its own decisions. Since it gave the keys to Jesus ….. you pack of all talk no walk low i.q sheep won’t be going through no gate – except Hells Gate. I’m sure you’ll love it there.

  3. The same. Trump, his Administration and Republicans in Congress are crap in the Septic Tank. The Flying Orange Clown Show has to end ASAP!

  4. Religion has nothing to do with faith. It is the way you treat others that is Godly. These people are freaks.

    1. “I have *Ultimate Authority* as President…. I bear *No RESPONSIBILITY* for the failed pandemic response.” – Trumple-Thin-Skin

      “Godly” indeed. 🤣

    2. @JC Kensway First don’t tell me what to do. Unless you have a guilty conscience my message is divine.

  5. Trump sees corona cases in red states going up and calls it flattening the curve. He sees his poll numbers tanking and thinks the chart is upside down. Does he have bone spurs in his eyes too?

  6. They’ll just say Trump tried to fill the Supreme Court with “the right people” and simply be happy that he made the attempt. If anyone thinks Evangelicals will dump him over Gorsuch’s vote, I have a bridge to sell them.

    1. Yep – they R FAUX CHRISTIAN HATER HYPOCRITES & GOD will SPIT them OUT OF HIS MOUTH (so promises the Bible)!!!

  7. As a foreing living in the USA I see the so called “Evangelicals” as the Talibans without burka.

    1. SO true. Just another hate filled group of people that seek to force their beliefs on others.

    2. Burqas are religious garments in the same sense that hasidic jews cover their heads and many other religions also wear head coverings and not a terrorist group’s designer clothes line. Evangelicals are the folks who think that a small vocal group should be able to exert their will over all of America.

    3. Yep – they R FAUX CHRISTIAN HATER HYPOCRITES & GOD will SPIT them OUT OF HIS MOUTH (so promises the Bible)!!!

    1. Jesus, an undocumented immigrant person of color persecuted by his state who was against the religious class and the rich

  8. Evangelicals I have known are closed-minded republicans who see everything as black or white when many things are gray.

    1. Thats because, obviously, the are NOT christian (following the bible) they are nazi’s in full support of racism and oppression.

    2. Mark Edly I know some and they live in a different world?? Arrogance and Pride rule them! and a weird obsession for money and fame? we are not like the world as they claim but try so hard to be popular!

    3. I’ve known many Evangelical christians and they were almost always very insecure people who wanted to be told what to do and how to think.

      Many are in recovery or love someone who is.
      But where many people who are in recovery or love someone else who is are very focused on responsibility and accountability, people who focus on self improvement.
      These particular people focus outwardly not inwardly.

      They literally “give it to God” and blame the devil when they fall.
      Consequently they don’t fall forward.

      This child worldview is not consistent with 12 step programs which accepts what cannot be changed and gives to God the “drama” while changing what can be changed.
      12 step programs are about self discovery.

      Sadly the main Evangeline view is not concurrent with the generally accepted 12 step programs.

      Trump followers will excuse his behavior because they believe that they’re excusing their own.
      But they’re only drawing more attention to what they lack in substance.

      I think that those who are Evangelists but who are literally waking up won’t support Trump regardless of what their pastors tell them to do.

      But as I write this there are Evangelists promoting Trump as a savior and there are sheep seeking a Shepard.

      This administration will be the death of the Evangelical church.
      But the Phenix rises from the ashes and a better church will come out of this.
      A lot of people are attracted to this church because they enjoy giving back to their community and believe in worship through service.
      These are great people.
      I think that this church will split soon and the surviving church will be a grassroots for positive change.

    4. @Simply Gina on YouTube You have hit the nail on the head, well said
      “….. very insecure people who wanted to be told what to do and how to think.” “…..they focus outwardly not inwardly.”
      Yep too many are lazy, gullible, and righteous – looking for justifications to accept bad deeds.
      Just like… ‘say 10 Hail Marys and all will be forgiven’.
      One doesn’t need a ‘religion’ to be a good person.
      Being ‘religious’ doesn’t necessarily make you a good person either.

    1. Christian prayer has from the USA foundation and Fathers. George Washington, Tom Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln prayed a Christian prayer before Congress, State of Union address and also when taking pledge of presidential office. At the end of the presidential taking oath of office. They say . I promise SO HELP ME GOD. You don’t know how and why the USA became independent from England. It was so we could have a Christian nation. All of my years in public school we would recite the Lord’s prayer before we started our day. Then the atheist objected and didn’t like what kind of County our founding fathers had started . Christian prayer in politics had been a very important part of political life until the abortionists and women were given the right to vote.

    2. @Douglas Lucas amen. The reason our nation is slowing going to wast Y? Because we have turned our back to what made us great, and GOD made us great as a nation. That’s the truth y cant we hold dear our founding religion? The constitution just says our government state or fed cant be based on any religion. In God we trust point blank period….and I’m not a trump suporters fyi

    1. The day he was “elected” I texted the evangelicals I know and thanked them.. very sarcastically btw

  9. The AM radio talk show guys will still love Trump, no matter what SCOTUS does. If they still love Trump, so will their fans – evangelicals.

  10. They sold their entire soul to the evil side for their evil deeds too succeed. Do not call them Christian, they are not…the only thing godly about these people is the in god we trust on 50 and 100 dollar bills!

  11. Bottom line: Evangelicals want to take away a woman’s right to govern her own body, just another form of enslaving people. They should shut up and mind their own business.

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