How Will GOP Respond If Trump Gets The Book Thrown At Him? 1

How Will GOP Respond If Trump Gets The Book Thrown At Him?


If Trump faces real legal consequences from one of multiple investigations currently underway, how will Republicans react? We discuss that with former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill.
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  1. The GQP is going around the drain . Around and around and soon they will go down . tRump for PRISON

    1. ​@John Smith I think the word you are looking for is diabolical – to say, intelligent but also evil.

      All the same, Putin’s problem is the same as that of Benjamin Netanyahu… they are each onto their fifth term – and cannot see past party or Nation, or give way to those who could.

      Israel is a problem, but Russia is a problem for the whole world. If they succeed in felling American democracy (as Putin seems keen to do), few if any others could stand against him (or provide examples of everything he is not; just/ or interested in the peoples voice).

      Speaking of peoples voice… again, link your account somewhere meaningful please. In the world 1/5 people speak English, 1/25 are American… one does not mean the other. YT, Twitter, FB Etc might not be taking elections or democracy seriously, but that is only because the people using them can’t either (demand such). In my view each of us should need register our accounts at a DMV or Courthouse (for free) like our voices actually mattered. Anonymity is the antithesis of democracy.. Putin could tell you the same, if he wanted to.

      Farewell; Israel is a problem, though America can only deal with a threat or two at a time… and Putin is a far bigger problem (again seeking to silence democracy itself near or far, which may in fact have led to recent rises in Israelian violence… certainly American’s hatred towards Asians-_-).

      Have a good day:/,

    2. ​@Justin Rolland <3 I try to do my part cat, thanks:P Please try to do yours... let's link our accounts all.
      *Land of the Free,
      Home of the Brave*
      (was not supposed
      to just be America...)

      Remind folks,
      there was nothing in there
      about hiding behind curtains
      like soviet children.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
      - Edmund Burke

  2. They will cling on for dear life. They have to. At best the narrative will be, elect us to free/pardon Donald Trump.

    1. Audits are a coming to every state soon we will see if Biden got 81.4 million votelet’s Go , let’s see the real truth about who these people really are!

    2. They will follow donny all the way down the weasels hole, claiming that he was framed by his own actions

  3. True conservatives need to form their own party and take their big donors with them. The current iteration of the GOP needs to be purged

    1. TheBase1aransas do not support Cheney she receive a lot of money from the war machine and she has a 90 percent trump voting record

    2. @mohamed said The fact that she’s a corrupt globalist warmonger is why the Leftwaffe loves her. And it’s why she’s going to be run out of office.

    3. @Rich Hopson It may not fit your narrative, but the fact is that President Trump won more votes than any sitting President in US history. Look it up. Whether you like him or not, President Trump’s popularity with the American people is undeniable.

    4. “True conservatives” are the exact cohort who believe the same antidemocracy acts occurring, should continue.

    5. ​@george mira Yeah, America is not a Democracy. We’re a Constitutional Republic. A country you hate with a Constitution that you want to redact.

      You Leftwaffe thugs don’t get to dictate. We’ll keep our electoral college protections, and we’ll keep our unalienable rights, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

  4. “Trump?”, “Never met the guy”, “there may be pictures, but I don’t know him”.

    1. He then starts wearing diff hair pieces and go by the name John Barron. In this new era, Melania will now be Melanie. Both dems.

  5. Book? I’ve already addressed this. Throw the library at them. It’ll be painful as libraries are full of facts.

    1. @Rob Champ The election is over. Try again in four years, or whenever you get out of prison.

    2. @Rob Champ let’s see what happens when we find more votes for Biden like all the other recounts have!!!

  6. They’ll do what they always do. They’ll deny everything, and then conjure up a new fake outrage as a distraction from reality.

    1. If you watch this news, believe this then you man are in serious delusion mode, audits are happening everywhere time will show Biden In Nooo way got 81+ million votes , trump go 12 million more than2016, and you think Joe got more than any president including 12 million more than Trump did , you are in denial of reality , audits are happening let see

    1. @M. Meeker meek – the submissive sole who isnt strong enough to make up its own mind Just follows others like a dumb weak woke sheep

    2. @White Dragon Old papi biden has done more for America in 4 months Its just a shame none of it is for the good of America. Dividing the country further after saying he will unite it , printing money and throwing it about like confetti to buy popularity ,trashing the police,reversing trumps policies that worked and opening the borders for the biggest surge in 40 yrs, murders and violent crime rates going through the roof, poor jobs numbers, inflation rising in number worse than the 70s, showing weakness on the world stage after Russia cyber attack , axing 11,000 oil jobs and stopping xl pipeline but lifting sanctions to Russia for their pipeline to make Putin rich, giving money to Hamas through palestine and lifting sanctions on Iran. Weakness on china , Joe was blessed that trumps administration paved the way for quickest ever vaccines. But if anyone thinks papi biden is calling the shots they might as well believe in unicorns. He’s a puppet. He cant string a sentence together. He is weak and frail and its embarrassing and despicable the Democrats have made a mockery of the position of President of the USA The radical socialist left are calling the shots. Joe cant even answer media questions or he will get into trouble. His words. Trump had a booming economy before china infected the world, lowest jobs numbers in history, lowest unemployment for blacks, women and all minorities. Peace deals in the Middle East that no other president has ever achieved. Made peace with NKorea after Obama told trump they were US biggest threat. Wiped out Isis. Didnt drag US allies into s war like all his predecessors did. He didnt fall up the stairs of Air Force 1 to be laughed at around the world. He did more for blacks in 4 yrs than the black president did in 8. He did more things that he said he was going to do than any president in 100yrs. He stood up to china and stood up to the woke scourge. You’re a 100% true lefty White Dragqueen. You live in a liberal fantasyland wallowing in the Leftie lies, racism and woke crap. Have you lefties got one story right in the last 4 yrs? No. Not even close. It’s absolutely unbelievable how dumb today’s liberals are

    1. The Republicans will regain the House in 2022 and could win back the senate. Then will get rid of the trash in the WH.

  7. This is still a question??? How many times do Republicans have to prove how far gone they really are?

    1. And just how many voters are in the infamous base that are delusional because they are fed lies 24/7?

    2. Ya, I havent moved from the center since the 90s. I’ve seen both sides drift further away. But the Trump Republicans aren’t even really Republicans anymore. It’s some other party that happens to still bear the same name.

    3. @James Ram you do know the CDC were lying and inflating the number right. Many of the labeled covid-19 deaths didn’t even die by the virus. There’s plenty of evidence, but many of dumbasses like you fall for anything the media and Fauci say.
      The virus also has a 0.5% fatality rate and only killed 12.5 of the population which isn’t a lot at all. Here’s an example: Texas has had one or I think 2 reports of not having covid-19 deaths ever since they drop the lockdown a few months back. Also South Dakota didn’t really enforce the lockdown and they did well. Another case of point is Sweden also did well against the virus because the virus isn’t really killing that many people. And the reason many have died by the virus is simple actually: they had a very weak immune system and health problems like obesity which is a growing problem in America.
      The media and the left are the reason for all this fear.

    4. @James Ram also the media should be thanking Trump without him the vaccine wouldn’t have happened, but if I’m being honest kids, teenagers, and adults shouldn’t even take the virus.

    5. Also let’s talk about Biden being president. We see the footage of them putting the votes under the table and suitcases that was evidence that Trump was cheated. Yes ik it been debunked, but where was the footage claiming trump cheated no video evidence at all. The left loves to lie and you people just eat it up.

    1. Yes, that’s what they do, completely “on brand” for them. Either Trump will help them survive long – term or he’ll help bury them forever.

  8. They have backed this horse all the way to the glue factory nobody gonna bail on him at this point and admit they were wrong.

    1. @Gerry “Castleman” Warde I sure hope you’re wrong. Never underestimate the stupidity and gullibility of the right wing voters in this country.

    2. Audits are a coming everywhere let’s really see who is commander and chief ,not harryass and thief

    3. Why does this sound exactly like the Mueller investigation? And why don’t they just press those charges that no one knows about?

  9. The larger picture is that they won’t care. It’s foolish to try & reason with a fool. They will do what they’ve always done, spin in it & deny it. They’re only in it for his “base”.

    1. Agreed. There in it because they see how easy it was for Trump to completely brainwash 74 million people into a cult following. That’s control over people they don’t want to lose, and thats why the GOP is kissing Trump’s ring.

      Trump said, “I like the poorly educated” for a reason.

    2. Yea and that “base” is not even close to what it was and those p.o.s. republiclowns are going to freak out when it comes back to haunt them all

    3. @MrSpeedDemon72 but they are not trump none of then not even close and they will realize too late that base is not what it once was.

    1. @Ron G Your parenting the main stream media liberal brainwashing talking points, 99.9% of Trump supporters and Republicans have nothing to do with Q, don’t know a single member of Q and know nothing about Q. About half the country voted for Trump, I would hardly call his policies unpopular, Being unpopular with the media means nothing

    2. @JasonS I love him liberals take this holier than now approach, like they’re defending democracy. Give me a break, when everything is labeled a crisis by the Democrats they have convinced you that you’re fighting for democracy.

    3. @K Thomas yup, nobody with a brain show you an ounce of respect the second you start playing the race card. We live in the most tolerant and inclusive time in all of American history, African-Americans in the United States have the highest quality of life, earn the most and have the most opportunities than any other country on the globe. Where exactly is this racism? It’s propaganda from the main stream media to create divisiveness for clicks likes and shares. Systemic racism is the lowest hanging fruit for do nothing idiots to make Themselves feel better

    4. Maybe so, many probably will but if you think Biden Got 81+ million votes after he could not fill 25 circles in his campaigns then a real audit done will see, why does all the democrates want to stop audits if Biden Really got 81+ oh yeah let’s prove it, middle of night ballots appear from trucks in other states , fraud on the Highest Democrats involved deserve prison or worse for treason, so audits Come in Jesus’ Name , let’s See the Real Truth

    5. @Jim Morrison are you seriously that out of touch with reality? For decades the right has pounded the drums of “they”. As in “they want to take your freedoms” and “they want communism” and “they’re going to take your guns” and “they want open borders” etc etc etc. The american conservative movement is centred around fear of change and a sense of being aggrieved. It’s the kind of brainwashing that leads to irrational nationalism, nativism, unnecessary wars and electing a reality TV host as president, culminating in a majority of republicans believing your election was fraudulent. So yes, I’d say your democracy is being tested at best.

    1. They’ll use it to raise money. Republicans are in their element when they can play the victim.

    2. @claudermiller what does hitler have to do with anything? r u saying trump killed millions of jews???

  10. “The ones that are not so smart would be all in”

    *Cough cough* Matt Gaetz *Cough cough*

  11. They will respond the way they always have. With lies and threats and “alternative facts”

  12. They will bluster and deny any wrongdoing. “Witch hunt” will become the catchphrase of the GOP

  13. Kevin McCarthy brought TRUMP back from the dead. That aught to be inscribed on his headstone

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