How Women Over 50 Are Having A Moment 1

How Women Over 50 Are Having A Moment


Forbes' Maggie McGrath joins Morning Joe to discuss the inaugural 50 Over 50 List.

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    1. she does not have your best interests at heart. she’s a fraud. Mika and Joe are sitting here talking to a woman as if she has integrity but who is really working for an entity supporting GOP policies of right wing Repubs to take away voting rights and so much more in GOP attempts dismantle democracy. dont believe me?? go look at the content on their YT Forbes channels. they have sold out to GOP party as the only positive things they run on their YT channels are towards the GOP. Forbes seems to be supporting the Jan 6 insurrection and all the conspiracies surrounding the 2020 election. anything to do with Dems is presented as communistic.

      so whats this mean to women?? the lady from Forbes is talking out of both sides of her mouth. she’s talking to Mika about the advancement of women but supporting GOP polices of stripping away the pro choice of women to control their bodies.

  1. We are simply not taking a backseat any longer Women are speaking up and speaking out to say ENOUGH!

    1. Enough what? 2021 and women are being held back? Where? I bet you didn’t know this, the Women’s voting rights of 1920 was NOT supported by most women.

    2. Beach Bum : If women are not taking a backseat any longer ? then why are there NOT more women’s groups speaking out AGAINST allowing transgender biological boys/men competing against girls/women in sports ?

    3. Pffff….Reminder that Women can’t even do Male physical examinations, that even teenage Boys can do…

  2. The problem with anti-vaxxers is that they can’t get back to work to protect the sane population, so they spend their days placing lunatic comments here.

  3. Women are doing what they suppose to be doing, taking care of themselves good for them.

  4. Maybe we need to teach a woman’s history class in public schools, because the number one woman to put everything to rest is one of my favorites. Lucille ball was 40 when I love Lucy started in a time when women’s place was literally in the kitchen. She was extremely beautiful, classy, and powerful and simply dominated. She blazed that trail in the business world long ago… congrats to all the new found courage in women… I’m a huge fan.

  5. Whoo hoo! This just made my day and changed my attitude about my life and my value right now, today. You said it, Mika….I have so much still to do and that encouragement will help me get out of this rut and forge higher. Thank you sisters!

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  7. I’m almost there, and I am in shock. I can’t get my brain around it! Fifty sounds so OLD! And yet, I don’t look or feel a day over 30.

    1. Life actually gets better, as you are stepping into your true authenticity. Happy early birthday!

  8. I needed this today! I am 52, my 8 and 7 yr olds have their last day of school today (in person school), and I am bracing for summer as a homemaker who desperately misses the workforce. I can hang on till fall reminded to keep contributing where I am needed each day. 🙂

  9. I am 58, 2 classes to complete my undergraduate
    I want to attend Hamline University to pursue a graduate degree in Master of Law/Legal Studies.., I am an ardent researcher .. relentless … I want to work with Innocence Projects.. wrongful convictions… there are days when I am like how can I do this ( I’ve always worked full time) … I have an adult son that has Asperger Syndrome so he has always weighed heavy on my decisions. Insurance would never cover anything… has spent so much money out of pocket to get help for him .. finally paid off all my debts .. So glad I saw this .. needed the boost

  10. Glad to see Morning Joe is giving women some positive attention and treating Mika with more respect lately.

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