1. I have been a Zelensky fan since he was a comedian/actor! He is extremely talented and now he has proven himself to the world!!! Plz help the Ukrainian people

    1. @Prescient It’s hard to believe how ignorant the people buying into the media narratives, romanticized the US/NATO and Ukraine. The fact is Ukrainian is suffering, and US/NATO said repeatedly that we are NOT going to send troops to fight for you, (sending a jet from a US base in Germany means the same). You are on your own. BTW, CNN couldn’t wait for the war to spread to NATO countries!!! When was the last time you hear CNN are talking peace?

    2. @Олег Грозный America doesn’t want anything to do with you, like the rest of the world. Have fun competing against Belarus and Eritrea next Olympics 🤡

    3. @Jock Young Maybe he is just suggesting that he (leader greenesky) didn’t need to put his own people in danger at first place. But you from West, cannot understand anything

  2. The action of Zelensky , not to leave his people and country behind already meant those words “‘I WILL FIGHT TO THE END”
    May be he is using words that have been used by someone before , but those words don’t belong to ANYONE .
    When you say ” I am hungry ” does this mean that you copied someone’s words?”
    The standing Ovation of UK is only that they see and remind them how they stood against the invasion in WW2 while waiting for US to come for help ( FIGHTING ALONG THEIR SIDE ) Where as here Ukraine is fighting alone even if he knows that there will be NO ONE to fight along with him.)

    1. @anubis44 The story has come a long way since then we have a Prime minister Boris Johnson The Liar – and a lack of democracy, corrupt police and corruption in the London Met Police, covering their own crimes and arresting women during vigils for women kidnapped, rapwd and killed by the London Metropolitan police officer – look up Sarah Everard to see how lack of Accountability and democracy destroys a country which in the past was respected for its values and respect for “democracy and freedoms” – those concepts are all but gone into the dustbin of UK history… We have Boris Johnson as a PM AND THIS IS a LIAR for a Prime Minister!

  3. This man is someone people want to follow because HE LEADS FROM THE FRONT. He’s also made himself into his country’s beloved, and if Putin assassinates him, his power as a martyr and symbol might be even more powerful in the determination to reject Russian slavery in Ukraine. I get the sense he does this deliberately, to serve his people either in his life or his death, and that’s the essential test of truly GREAT public service; he will lay down his life, if that serves his people best.

    1. And he never expected this. He was just a comedian who wanted a better country. But he was called to service and answered that call. He knows he must be a role model to his people and inspire them to fight. People will remember him in the history books.

    2. @Ganesh Gunaji inspire them to fight? So many innocent for your glory. More like inspire them to die for…. greed. As usual, money is the root.

    3. @Kay Jay : Without writing a history lesson I acknowledged the point that all of this is more complex than people understand. Obviously that went over your head.

    4. @that dude like I said if you were in his place you would be hiding out or running home to your mommy because the other option is being killed but whatever you say

  4. He is the captain of his ship and captain of his soul. His courage is infectious and inspiring to his people.

  5. Just because Zelenskyy is a “performer,” doesn’t mean he is insincere. He wants to keep motivating & supporting his people. Previous similar world leaders do not own certain phrases. And he’s got a lot of guts.

    1. @Jo Marsden If he flees now, don’t you think his men would kill him? That’s why he’s authentic.

    2. @Plebeian Beltran Neo Nazis? LOL Russia is full of Neo Nazis Why doesn’t Putin start there? You Russian trolls come up with new excuses everyday.

    3. @Jo Marsden If he fled. He’s dead. His own men will make sure of that. It’s not up to him anymore, not since the beginning of the war.

  6. May God protect this good man! His strong leadership and determination will see a Ukrainian victory!

    1. @john Solberg He is not the leader of Azov, he is Jewish. He even talked about how Donbas should be able to live however they want before getting elected. But clearly he is not the one actually running the country as the far right nationalist nazis like Azov became mainstream and gained real power in the government, unfortunately Zelensky is just another puppet.

    2. @Puro Who knows… Maybe god will be against the extremists nationalists in Ukraine who are supported by the Ukranian government and integrated in the Ukranian military which have been bombarding the people of Donbas for 8 years?

    3. “If Biden had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.”
      — Ukraine President Zelensky 🇺🇦

  7. Zelenskyy is a true warrior that really inspire his country and others that no one as ever seen in modern time he is my hero

    1. Some 1,000 Ukrainian Neo-Nazies burned the House of Trade Unions in Ukraine, 2014,killing dozens pro-Russia demonstrators in the building.
      On their way to attacking the union hall, which was occupied by anti-Kiev government demonstrators fearing for their lives, the Neo-Nazies recruited members of a Ukrainian football club, the Chernomorets.
      Many of those who attacked and burned the building wore swastikas and other fascist insignias. Eye witnesses said that the fascists were armed with bats, shields, and metal chains and that the people inside the union hall had run there for protection from them. After the attack streets around the trade union headquarters were reportedly stained with the blood of those who had jumped from windows to escape the flames.
      Women and children were reported to be among those burned alive after initial rounds of shots and Molotov cocktails were thrown into the building by the right wingers.
      Police said that many of the victims had choked to death before burning up. The majority of the victims were found lying dead on the floors but some had jumped from windows; those who jumped and survived were surrounded and beaten by right-wingers, including members of the football team.The videos and photos showed Ukrainian riot police standing there doing nothing to stop or prevent the violence.As the building burned some of the pro-Kiev activists said on Twitter that “Colorado beetles are being roasted up in Odessa,” using a derogatory term for the St. George’s ribbons worn by many of the anti-Kiev government demonstrators.The aim is to completely clear Odessa of pro-Russians,” said Dmitry Rogovsky, another Right Sector activist whose hand was injured during the fighting.

    2. Sadly, Trudeau will never receive that type of love and respect due to his tyranny. But at the least the freedom convoy succeeded in forcing the removal of many covid restrictions.

  8. He is the greatest president of this era. I feel so inspired by him and now I am such a big fan. I pray for his safety and for the victory of the Ukrainians 😊✊

  9. I remember his goodbye speech to the EU when he thought he would die that night. I got up the next morning and searched for an update after that. And here he still is! God don’t let him fall now! 👏👏👏🙏

    1. @Philip Erdman No he’s not an ‘actor’.This is coming straight from the heart when there’s nothing left.He has the making of a great man.Maybe he is becoming someone you would secretly like to be so you’re jealous.

    2. @Philip Erdman Wrong a$$hole. He’s in harms way, and has been since the beginning of the war. He’s not ‘just’ a comedian, he’s actually the ‘Fool’ in the tarot deck. The ‘Fool’ in a Shakespeare play. This ‘Fool’ is actually the only person who really knows what’s going on, and is the smartest person in the play. He speaks the truth and shows courage to stand up to the despotic ruler, but the despot is too stupid to pay any attention to him.

  10. He singlehandlely became everything Putin wanted to ever become in the eyes of the world, a brave, sober, strong leader, on the side of the people, worthy of the trust of his entire country.

    1. @James Chalkwig Or, you know, like FDR did when he gave his speech declaring war on Japan after Pearl Harbor. Hitler was a mindless fool, if he had let his generals fight the war Germany probably would have won, as terrifying as that is. Zelensky, on the other hand is working with what he has; he has a country that supports him, he is showing that he will stay with him, that he will fight with them, that he is not too foolish to seek aid from those who share Russia as a common foe.

      His country is at war with a superior military force (theoretically), he is maintaining morale, asking them to live through the hard times so that there can be freedom. Hitler and Zelensky could not be further apart.

    2. @A. King Agreed. As Kasparov said, Putin is not a playing *chess,* but rather *poker.*

      A large part of poker is the bluff, and deciding if someone is bluffing or not. So for the world, it’s all about, “Is he bluffing on nuclear war or not?”



    1. “If Biden had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.”
      — Ukraine President Zelensky 🇺🇦

  12. This man is defying a superpower with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. His braveness and courage as a leader is what keeping Ukraine’s freedom and democracy. He’s a hero to his people. 🇺🇦

    1. @Philip Erdman aha…i see. Another heroic keyboard warrior!! Very brave,Philip…very brave!!😆😁🤣🤣

    2. @Ibn Hal And would a wheel have been a square,we would all spill our coffees driving our car….🙄🤔🤨Whats your point??🥳💁🧐

    3. I say that seriously. I’m legit worried for Zelensky’s life. If he falls, it could hugely enhance Russia’s chance of succeeding.

  13. I admired this man tremendously. He’s a strong leader. Ukrainian are very blessed to have him as a leader. Praying for your country.

    1. You guys are the same people who hold Zelenksy as a war hero(because the media painted him so) while he was actually hiding in his bunker and calling nato for help, claiming mass war crimes, while Ukrainian citizens are the ones who are fighting. What a stooge.

    2. “If Biden had started sanctions months ago, there would not have been war.”
      — Ukraine President Zelensky 🇺🇦

  14. Volodymyr Zelensky is a hero of our specie, there is no other that could have said what he has said, done what he has done and led the way he leads.
    The Ukrainian people should be very proud of their leader, I am not even Ukrainian and I am proud of him.
    Slava Ukraini from Norway!

    1. No…Zelensky is an egotistical idiot who is leading his people to their graves and making them refugees

    2. Proud of him for taking his country into a war they cant win…..I call that stupid. Easy for someone to say one should be proud when one’s family or one’s life is not at risk.

    1. like awww inspiring, awww how cute they think they can win lol, give up and save their lives is the best option for ukraine

    2. @Tackleqb I think there are only 2 countries that has been directly and officially attacked by USA. Iraq and Afghanistan. Both are mistakes. America should have left Iraq alone to Saddam Hussein and Afghanistan to the Soviets.

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