How’s The State of Democracy Doing This Fourth of July? 1

How’s The State of Democracy Doing This Fourth of July?


Jonathan Capehart and his panel of experts discuss the current state of our democracy as the Supreme Court upholds voting restrictions in Arizona. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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How’s The State of Democracy Doing This Fourth of July?


    1. They only represent those who fall for their lies. And don’t care for the rest of their constituents.

    2. Corporate interests and powerful donors like the Koch brothers are their “real” constituents. They’ve successfully deluded a lot of everyday Americans that they care about them, while keeping them angry about immigration, guns and abortion.

    3. @Bryon Popplewell A huge lie perpetuated by Democrats is that voting laws only affect people of colored. Voting laws affect all people equally.

  1. American democracy is on its death bed, the only way to revive it is to expand the Supreme Court and pass the voting rights act.

    1. @Michelle Bobier-Groves Been 9 since 1869 worked that long and now the playing field needs FIXING…. right.

    2. @Zennbubba Are they subject to impeachment? I know it wont happen. Just asking. Wait, if we can get 66 senators?

    3. @A Fridge Too Far And creating hoops to jump through is what Republicans do knowing that money overcomes obstacles in many ways. They also know that local elections with not many votes, can have a major impact on the state and federal elections. which is why they are so focused on chipping away little by little.

  2. As a Canadian I have been BFF with the USA for my entire life. but that is changing. I am scared of you folks now.

    1. @Connie Kimble i was born here also and after seeing the left ya its pretty frightening to see the level of insanity

    2. @Devo educate yourself on virus “variants/mutations” – it’s not that hard to understand.

    3. @Satana Yachovit yeah, they mutate all the time. You will be stuck at home all the time. They will keep you scared.

    4. @sonnyblack0870 If you visit a zoo, you want the dangerous animals in cages and the bunnies out for the kids to pet. Right now there are too many dangerous animals (GQP) for anyone who isn’t one to be safe. Staying out of this zoo until the animals are fixed in the head is only common sense

  3. We should be worried that one of our two major political parties believes that any behavior and tactic used to attain and maintain power is immune to the rule of law. They have clearly proven this to be true by their constant denials of the obvious truth that they have betrayed America’s foundational principles. I am terrified of what they will do if they take back power in future elections.

    1. have you tried clicking your heals together and saying there’s no place like home? just curious.

    2. @peremptory expression for sure, it’s still not Kansas. Does it work for you? Curious…

    1. @Robert Anthony the system needs to be fixed? Young college students always feel that way throughout the ages. No one is coming to fix it BTW. I felt your passion 40 years ago and NOTHING has changed. Get over it and have a happy life. Socal ex liberal

  4. Remember that Putin still has the Pee Pee tapes on the republicans and their email>>>> WAKE UP people Putin controls the GOP!!!!

    1. @frutbum p What were you saying about propaganda machine?
      Now you’re talking about Marxism, communism, CCP psyops……
      Grow up, the pair of you.

    2. @Rob Arkell Then you’re a part of it. Of course you’ll attack it and everything else in America. When you can’t see it you don’t know it’s there.

    3. @frutbum p It amuses me that you choose to copy every one else and immediately jump to the “don’t be a sheeple” comment.
      No irony detected at all, huh?

    4. @Rob Arkell Did you vote for the blank stare or the stutter? Good thing he has his hat “I’m Joe Biden”

    1. @Eric Holdsworth 2 million people will cross the southern border this year. When I ask liberals if they find that importing 2 million future votes across the border to be unethical or underhanded they dont have any response.

    2. @Just Me no more like the left is purposefully trying to pit races against each other. Its a simple divide and conquer tactic and it seems to be working quite well

    3. It is official now. The Roberts court is a Jim Crow/voter suppression court. It’s un-American. The right to vote is the bedrock of our democracy. What the Republicans are doing is disgusting. They can wave the flag all they want but they are not ‘Champions of Democracy’ or ‘Patriots’. I am primarily speaking to the GOP leadership and their supporters because like anything else it is not all. I thought that we found a few principled Republicans – the ones that stood up against overturning the election, but now many of them have joined the voter suppression/rigging efforts that have ramped up into high gear. The supreme court has now weighed in and side with the suppression efforts. Anytime you put up ‘road blocks’, you are giving advantage to the wealthy as they have the money to overcome them. Money makes a difference in many ways. The Arizona laws that were upheld by the court targeted the Native Americans as #1 they can make it confusing as to where their polling place is. That is ‘Jim Crow Classic’. This IS a violation of the 15th amendment and the excuse that it effects all the same is ridiculous.

      On a personal side note. I had a neighbor and friend who passed away in 2013 at the age of 97. His highly valued service to the country during WW2 was to locate sites to drill for much needed oil. He had a younger brother that was a Sargent in the Army and fought in the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. In his later years he volunteered and worked the polls. He also worked the census in 1990 and 2000. He was a Republican. Whenever politics came up the 1st question he always asked was “Did you vote?” He was a true ‘Patriot’


    2. After walking 3 or 4 miles down a dusty road from their homes on a reservation that have addresses the USPS does not acknowledge, because of sovereign status. They can’t get a “valid ID” to show so they can vote in the first place because of their status.

  5. People forget that when the rights of one American are trampled upon, their own rights are being trampled on as well. It may not be obvious now, but no one is immune to the changes that providence brings, & tomorrow you may find yourself amongst those who’s rights are under attack.
    Today you are say white & middle class, but what if something unforseen happens tonight that changes your life. You could find yourself permanently disabled & now, you are amongst those whose right to vote is under attack. It isn’t just people of color whose rights as an American are being stripped away. It’s the poor, the disabled, the elderly. And guess what, that last one, if you live long enough, you will find yourself in that last group eventually.
    Our democracy is under attack from one of our main political parties. I don’t know about you, but I am not willing to allow corrupt politicians to strip away what my family fought to protect. America’s democracy!

    1. @frutbum p I agree with you. It can’t be chalked up to his residual stutter. He actually lost his place on the teleprompter several times and it took a second or two for him to find it again. But in the end, what other choice was there? I suspect that he had Goldman Sachs 💰 plus that of other Wall Street financial institutions. Multinational Corporations form the policies of most countries in the world. All they need is money and power hungry politicians who can plausibly shill for them

  6. Loving your country means holding it accountable.

    Like a parent to a child, tough-love and discipline build character.

    1. Issue is, most GQP cultists are the children and they voted parents out, but keep blaming them anyway.

    2. @Ash Roskell its a constitutional republic the founding fathers were dead against democracy quite vocally so

    3. Holding it accountable for what? The lies MSM has shoveled down your throat are not reality. If don’t like it, you’re free to leave. PERIOD.

    4. @Aaron You’re the parent who says “My little Johnny can do no wrong”.

  7. Who let these people (and I use that term loosely) tour the Capitol building while tours were
    suspended due to the pandemic?🤔🤔🤔
    The GOP house and Senate are complicit. Why else are they against the truth about what happened on January 6th?

  8. the technology to quickly create a vaccine started more than ten years ago.
    anyone saying “too quick” is same as railing against guttenburg printing press.

    1. Ya but this is propaganda news facts arent welcome they want dems to sound like the great saviours with the only cure available even if thats not true

  9. Oh no, people have to use voter I’d to vote. It’s not like every other country in the world already uses voter I’d.

  10. This passed by my feet so I thought I’d give it a glance to see what the other side is watching. Good Lord all this channel wants to do is divide America. I can understand that people were angry. People are angry on both sides that’s why neighborhoods were burnt down for the past 2 years. But I have seen lots of videos from January 6. And it sure does look like things were kind of set up for this to happen. Just saying that’s what it looks like after you review all the news.

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